Reviews for No Goddesses Need Apply
Marshman101 chapter 56 . 20h
This would make a great end to this story tbh, and I hope it is dungeon themed
DracoKing30 chapter 56 . 6/23
really love this story can't wait for new chapters
CaptainKriss S5-SIERRA-117 chapter 56 . 6/19
It would be funny if somehow kazuma have harem (alas y accident or something) Heck maybe Soviet yunyun join he roaster lol haha
Leasla7373 chapter 56 . 6/17
I love the story, especially Kazuma and Lalatina's relationship. That connection between two rejects who rise up to be better really feels deep and shows that they are not just perverts (although they still are and it's great).

Keep up the great work please.
Guest chapter 56 . 6/16
i hope you develop Kazuma and Darkness relationship
Jesus t chapter 56 . 6/14
When the next chapter comes out, I already want to read how this madness will end. Another thing, LONG LIVE THE BRIDE AND BRIDES!
the anime has already come to Darkness's rescue from her unwanted wedding, and here they are already engaged, whether intentionally or not.
theosay chapter 56 . 6/7
Brilliant as always. I can not wait for the chapter when the Devil Kings Generals interact with the gang.
SentinalSlice chapter 56 . 6/3
I’m definitely team Chris and Kazuma.
Sum9 chapter 56 . 6/2
Well written.

If Kazuma is going to break the mohs scale with his density about a maidens feelings he deserved this. I applaud your ability to weave a clever and comedic series of developments that's fresh and original but still feel like the OG author thought it up.

I have followed you since your early days with Naruto. My God I think that's 15 years. You remain among my favorite authors on this site and hobby sphere. Bravo once more and thanks for the entertainment
Ikaz chapter 51 . 6/1
At this point it would be so unsatisfying if we didn't get a darkness kazuma smut scene. M rating is worth it
DBoblivion chapter 56 . 6/1
Good chapter to finish the story on if this doesn't get another update
emilio3000 chapter 56 . 6/1
That was fantastic and flabbergasted read. Please sir may I have some more of this good stuff.
Hadeen chapter 56 . 5/31
Words fail me in explaining this story. This is a Kazuma who is easier to deal with than the loser from the anime and yet just as ridiculous. Protagonist dense with the super power of common sense.
Well written and I am enjoying the arcs of all the main cast.
chunnin33 chapter 56 . 5/31
He was trapped with no way out there hahahha
sickboy398 chapter 56 . 5/31
Darkness cam be devious when situation demands it
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