Reviews for Return of the Flash
Guest chapter 15 . 9/25/2023
News of orichimaru is a little more important than some stupid rules in a test. Iruka proves he’s a moron with that stupid shit.
thegrison chapter 2 . 9/24/2023
Good yet a few things are off. Fyi your mindscape is not something you can control without years of practice. Since it is a subonscious thing. It is how you feel, see the world and how you are with things. Narutos was a boiler room not sewers.
zx20000006 chapter 22 . 9/21/2023
Since when does the hokage or council have the authority to force a clan member much less a clan head into a political marriage doesn’t this violate village bylaws. They could certainly present the offer to naruto and try to pressure him through different means but ultimately the choice is Naruto’s to make.
Brian West chapter 19 . 9/13/2023
My mind was blown. I loved this chapter! I especially enjoyed the Hokages being together. Then Naruto who beats Neji, beats Gaara/Shikoku, frees both Hokage from being controlled, scares off Orochimaru then asks Hiruzen if he can be churning.
Brian West chapter 16 . 9/13/2023
Well this was interesting. I am surprised by no toads but I can understand why. It’s a fresh take to see Naruto summon different animals. Please keep up the good work.
Brian West chapter 15 . 9/13/2023
I love this story so far. I like Naruto actually using a variety of powers to win. I also like how close to canon this is . Too many stories veer way to far into left field to enjoy. It seems Sakura is losing her crush on Sasuke. I am still hoping for Anko x Naruto.
Brian West chapter 14 . 9/12/2023
I love stories that have Naruto be more capable. Not godlike just having trained seriously and a wider selection of powers . I believe this is the first story that had Naruto actually using Hirashin. I also enjoy the fact that there is barely any bashing. I just wish this was Anko x Naruto sigh. Oh well. Thanks for a great story and keep up the good work.
Brian West chapter 12 . 9/12/2023
You do good work. It’s not your fault that some set up is required now and then. Besides, it’s nice to digest what happened recently and enjoy a few laughs now and then. I seriously wish that you would consider Anko x Naruto. Please? Even have Anko share with Temari? So I am curious as to what our favorite emo king is going to do. Will he desert or will he be able to find some decency inside himself to stay?
Brian West chapter 10 . 9/12/2023
When I write reviews, my purpose is to provide my feedback and give some suggestions. No malice is intended. So that’s why I was asking about Anko x Naruto. I really like Anko’s character and it is my opinion that she is the best girl for Naruto. I do see why Temari is chosen because she being the sister of Gaara knows what a tailed beast host goes through would also be able to understand Naruto. By the way, thanks for not choosing Sakura for the romance.
Brian West chapter 4 . 9/12/2023
I love your story so far. Please please bring Anko and Naruto together. I have read the Naruto x Temari bit but I love Anko. In my eyes she is the best partner for Naruto. Yes I do admire Temari as well but Anko is a much better fit. Maybe next story? As for the reasons, Both Anko and Naruto are outcasts. Both know the pain of being alone and hated. Both are passionate, fun loving and impulsive people. Both are named after food. So please please remember Anko. Thanks.
Guest chapter 31 . 9/9/2023
This is a amazing fanfiction and I hope to see more of your work on fanfiction from Vinny a fan
gamingbeast001002 chapter 31 . 9/6/2023
it was a wonderful story overall and i think this pairing is wonderful (Naruto x Temari).
i just hope you finish the shippuden arc too.
AceIsAwesome chapter 10 . 9/3/2023
I love this story! Your style of writing really captures all my favorite aspects of all the characters, and I really like how you portray everyone. One question however, wouldn’t Kakashi have known Naruto was training with Anko? Anyways. keep up the good ideas/work and don’t let anyone tell you that your story isn’t awesome!
YeagerMeister31 chapter 26 . 9/4/2023
Well I have to say Minato was bold with his plans, another nice lime Naruto/Temari is a great pairing both are great Shinobi for there villages, I can't wait for more.
YeagerMeister31 chapter 24 . 9/4/2023
That was quite an amusing chapter not surprised Ino and the others got involved and shopping kind of surprised there was no mention of clothes shopping with him being the Clan head to the Uzumaki & Namikaze clans he should have special clothing like Kimono's and stuff like that.

The NaruTema lime was nice also.

I liked the ending with Kumo & Iwa finding out although I have to mention wouldn't A have known about more Uzumaki's as Kushina was kidnapped by Kumo and saved by Minato. I have a suspicion that Kurotsuchi will try something stupid.
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