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nightmaster000 chapter 28 . 2/11
Oh I don't even know where to begin with this absolutely perfect epilogue, as it not only wrapped up things for Hail Crom perfectly. But also really set the stage and planted the seeds for various future plots as well.

I think perhaps hands down one of my top favorite parts of this chapter was Sebben speech, and all the scenes shown during it. As it was not only a really great speech with all the scenes meshing great with each line, but was another great taste of the RWBY aspect of things.

I can guess that volume 3 and 7 ending speeches inspired it, but that aside really did love Sebben entire speech start to finish. It actually makes me hope we'll see something like that that pop up again later on in the GrimmFall universe.

Next it seems Sammael's plan and Kriegar's mission went perfectly the goals achieved as well. This will certainly cause trouble for the Grey Agency in lost assets in Project YoRHa and the Bray Corporation.

That is unless his adopted daughter Anastasia is interested on continuing that alliance on the Bray Corporation end, but I don't see that happening considering she seems on good terms with Sebben.

Also it was great seeing that smug jackass Clovis get what's coming to him, though considering he likely knows a number of things and he's become a liability. I'm thinking there's a chance that he might have more than prison to worry about, as I can easily picture the Grey Agency having Clovis assassinated to silence him to prevent him from leaking any information even if he is unaware of anything vital.

Also we learn that Sammael predicted Crom's defeat right down to a T, as he explained to Kriegar why he was so sure of this outcome and once again displaying why's he's one of it not the top mastermind and big bad of the GrimmFall universe.

I did quite enjoy that little scene such as the touch of Crom's chess piece turning to dust, great symbolism there with him being removed from the board permanently, and Sammael's line was perfect.

Next we see June, Jasmine, and Monroe get ready to leave Orchid Bay for Avalon, but quickly realize as the giant roots die there's no need. I've already mentioned how things haven't been going well for June track record wise lately, but this really seems to act as a slap in the face for her in particular.

As in a way it acts as evidence or proof that even though she inherited the Te Xuan Ze position and all the responsibilities that come with it, as well as the price such as originally being confied to Orchid Bay and lying to everyone close to her with a hand full of exceptions.

That despite all that the Te Xuan Ze mantle might not be really needed because Earth has a lot of other heroes to take up the fight. Which is a really bitter pill to swallow to say the least from June's perspective, and a cruel joke.

So yeah this really hits June hard emotionally and I can tell this will be a great developing plot from her angle. As she likely has quite a bit of resentment from the downsides of Te Xuan Ze and perhaps technically never even being given a choice in this duty.

This combined with the fact that other heroes exist in the world just as powerful and skilled if not more so than her. But at the same time more freedom with than her and actually been able to share the truth with their close comrades and friends, just twists the knife.

Next good to see the affects of the Harvesters power breaking all around the world meaning that those turned to gold by Van Rook are now free and about again. And take it from Dani being turned into gold is way overrated and not something you want to experience.

Which leads to some touching reunions though Clover is certainly lucky Erika wasn't there~ Also i'm sure that they'll all want to know what they missed, and guessing the Gems in particular will want to check in on how things are going with the Cluster considering they were gold for a while.

Back on Avalon we things wrapped up quite well, with Raven learning Dani has no memory of her life before coming to this dimension which includes what happen in the lab, and deciding it'd be best to approach her a later time.

Rolf meets Yeshmiyek in the flesh for the first time who gives her praise to Rolf making it clear he's done his ancestors and friends proud. While also saying that the Shepard Cane is his to keep by right, as he'll likely need in the conflicts ahead.

It will be interesting to see what the Shepard Cane and Rolf wielding will be capable of, as Rolf gains more experience with it's magic. One thing for sure this Son of the Shepard just got a lot more powerful, and Fenrir wherever he's hiding best be prepared for when they cross path's again.

Next Oberon is as arrogant as ever, and quite lacking in gratitude to say the least. But at least Rory was able to convince him to let Banshee off easy and not bestow torture or worse upon her. Also it seems Banshee has no problem with the punishement given and is looking forward to what awaits her next.

Also I picked up on some interesting chemistry between Rory and Molly/Banshee once again, a interesting couple to be in my opinion. :)

Next we get to see what happens to the still living Harvesters, Demona it seems is locked up tight in special prison courtesy of the Manhattan Clan and Xanatos. Question is will she stay locked up, or will a jailbreak happen later on?

Which speaking of jailbreaks it seems Van Rook and Shego got early ones thanks to Drakken and Adrenna Lyn.

Also interesting to note that Shego and Adremna Lyn apparently have history of some kind, or worked together in the past. Which is understandable since she's already on Drakken's contact list.

But what's really interesting to note is the confirmation that Shego and Van Rook retain all their memories of their time as Harvesters. Something which is really having a toll or effect of some kind, especially Shego in particular. Which you have to wonder how will what happen to her affect her later on?

Same question goes to Kim who while now safe was kidnapped and almost sacrificed to a insane evil god, that would shake up anyone.

Macbeth we see that life is taking a very good turn for him, not only more powerful and at peace but also now getting another chance at love in this Emma Wright.

Though we also see that even though the storm is over new troubles are starting, which leads to some hitting particular close to home with the Slime Elemental and Cul-De-Sac kids. As their informed Ed's mother was addmitted to a asylum and Sarah is missing, and to add to the mess they'll soon figure out Jimmy is missing as well.

Who in seeking to grow stronger has ran away with his new best friend DemiDevimon, and this can only mean trouble to say the least. As something tells me this bat hasn't changed if anything being eaten by his former boss has likely giving him a grudge to grind, and a newfound desire to grow strong which he shares with Jimmy.

We also see Dani coming into quite a bit of money thanks to her earlier discovery of Red Glass, and losing a humiliating/embarrassing/amusing bet with her or the Sanban sisters. Hmm sooner or later I do wonder if Dani's status with their family will ever be fully addressed, and she might be offered adoption into the Sanbans.

But we see that not even a week later that Dani will have some new problems to deal with, as it's quite clear that history is repeating itself. As just like Danny before her Dani's Ice Core is awakening and causing her some rather severe/dangerous problems if she doesn't learn to control it.

There's also Kani's to consider as we learn the price in him taking up the Sam-R-I mantle again, as he must now either fully take up the mantle again, or find a successor to it while acting once again as Sam-R-I temporarily.

At least Raiden seems a bit more considerate than Nabu, and didn't immediately jump to the body jacking option.

One has to wonder how this will turn out in who will be considered for the Sam-R-I mantle, and who might be ultimately chosen. That is if Kani doesn't choose to once again resume his duties/position of Sam-R-I instead.

Hmm if Kani ever takes a trip to San Fransokyo for one reason or another, I could potentially see some members of BH6 considered as possible successors. Eh but only time will tell in who will become the next Sam-R-I.

I also enjoyed that amusing touch of Kani freaking out Dani with his opinion of the Rainbow Monkey Corporation. Though considering what the CEO Mr. Mogul was like in KND canon, he might not be far off the mark with his viewpoint. As I could Rainbow Monkey's existing as a actual species of Cryptids, and Mr. Mogul another business partner of Argost exploiting them.

Back on track we also see that a unwelcome face from Dani's past Vlad is starting reform and take on a new state of being. Vlad being back in action can only mean trouble, he might have lost his ghost powers but the abilities of a Lapis Lazuli Gem are nothing to scoff at especially with Vlad being the one in possession of it.

I do wonder how Vlad will react to his new Gem status, while he will be likely upset/angry at losing his Ghost Powers he at least didn't come out of the deal with nothing. As he's not exactly powerless and he's got virtual immortality as long as his gem isn't shattered.

Hmm though to be fair he might have already had that trait, though who really knows. As whether or not Halfa's have a form of immortality wasn't exactly addressed and is unknown.

Next we see what happen with poor Skulker who it seems thanks to his small stature was overlooked when everyone was freed from Crom's lamp. It's clear that everything that has happen to him since coming to the GrimmFall dimension recent events in particular have taken it's toll on him.

As his unconscious form washes ashore of some beach, but luck might finally be on his side as a possible savior has appeared. But the questions remain who is this girl, and just where will this latest twist take Skulker in his continued journey that is the GrimmFall dimension of GF-007.

Finally we see Phil Sebben get a very surprising and unexpected phone call from X the Eliminator, who is stuck in the mirror dimension while his other two cloneselves are in the shuddes Puppet Dimension, having a tea party of all things with Hoss Delgado.

All thanks to Charlemagne and getting on his bad side, but X has no regrets it seems if anything were seeing a new rivalry form between X and Carlos evil clone.

Anyway Phil is able to pick up some very important information from X usually rambling in certain pet snake of Sammael's being lose on Alfheim. As you can only wonder who their referring too, but anyone connected with Sammael is bound to be dangerous and bad news, especially for Team Ragnarok. Or should that be Team Relic now?

Plus as Phil's worries point out we can only wonder and worry at what Sammael ever the chessmaster is planning with this particular move, and what his intent on Alfheim is.

But we also get the most shocking revelation this chapter in Colonel Sander LIVES! And he was a double agent all along! Hehe seriously a very amusing touch and Chekhov's Gunman twist in my opinion.

So all together a wonderful and perfect epilogue to the epic movie arc that was Hail Crom, and i'm so pumped to see what will happen next in the universe of GrmmFall. :)
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 28 . 2/10
Awesome story duded! Need to catch up in shikelion and ragnarok due to busy life, but awesome story and how Rolf now possess his ancestral cane and offered to take Ed into care which is awesome, but best keep his little dragon from eating lots of fish... or chasing chickens for fun.

Well, guess the villains escaped as usual, but what ever happened to Skulker now he’s without his armour? Did they capture him to sent back to GrimmFall?

And considering some elements of Destiny like Bray and SIVA, I say things may not go well unless they could somehow change some if it. Maybe Kiva has knowledge of earth’s future historical events if she knows some details that be of help like say Earth was isolated for a number of centuries before the Glorft invasion during the age of wars against other factions like the Cabal, the Vex or the Hive, the guardians protecting Earth and the traveller. Maybe the coalition were originally colonies that survived the collapse to reclaim their home world: not just Mobians, fun us and human descendants united but align with the awoken, Exo and Jovians to drive off the alien invaders.

But now jimmy is partnered up with DemiDevimon? Wondered if he’s working with Myotismon or differ from the first series? But hate to think how this will turn Jimmy to the dark side, even if he’s a little obsessive of hero worshipping is still an innocent kid.

So wonder if Doyle be sticking around with REYN and the two heroes to help out? And wondered did he’ll ever find out his sister’s alive if able to remember her like in the canon cause you mentioned about it and was a little lost of track with so many series speeding up like gravity falls. Bet Steven be curious to know all sorts of dragons like his first encounter of the two they brought from New Berk.

But what became of Rex, did they returned to their own reality to report back on van kleiss’s whereabouts?

And poor, poor dani... Kiki can be such a demon! And what became if her suddenly frozen cold all of a sudden? And what the hell was X talking about? Game thrones? Now I need to catch up! Especially I have to watch out for him after the mech being deliver-oops! Forgot I ever wrote that! Uh, there is ni giant robot! My mistake! Eh, eh eh eh. Right. Better sign off!

But he’s right, it really went down especially on the final season, thanks a lot you idiots for ruining it! And I hope the Disney finally make right by firing the idiot in charge elf lucasfilms! She’s ruining Star Wars and knows nothing about it!
D.N.Works chapter 28 . 2/10
Well that's pretty good. We see lots of things fall into place. And some things happening that might just affect the next arc. Like Sammael plan going without a hitch causing panic as always. Dani is back, yet it seems her 'father' is finally waking up. As for what's happening with her, well, maybe something bad is happening to her body and only her dad can help. If so, that'll be crazy.

Then we see the Peach Kids with sadly Ed hearing what happened and Jimmy going on his own quest. Now that will be neat to see.

And Sebben with X, hah. Even he can't handle him.

We see Shego and Van Rook escape with such ease thanks to Drakken. Yet what happened to our little puppet boy and ghost blob? You never explain their fates.
merendinoemiliano chapter 28 . 2/10
I can compare this to volume 3 and volume 7's finale( the latter which I hope you enjoyed as much me) for the speech and the villains' new move for dividing his enemies. Is by all means a beatiful job, setting well the future events good and bad for nearly every charachter involved. Jimmy is definitly going to be in a much darker situation than I tought, especially if Demi Devimon is Myotismon itself. The comedy part wasn't also lacking and I can't wait to see how the group will train to fight new menaces. For the new SAM-R-I my best bet would be, if not Sanban's daughters, one of Ashi's sisters or someone who has yet to appear. If I may, I'd advice for someone who as of is a complete nobody, or Leonardo, or some other anime charachters. Personal opinion of only flaw of this movie: we saw Kim and Ron fight only once for a very brief time while other charachters that could help a lot didn't appear. But I'm well aware how hard is giving space to everyone. Good work, Maximus.
nightmaster000 chapter 27 . 2/9
Oh yeah, finally got the chance to check out your latest update, and once again you impress and amaze with a EPIC CHAPTER!

Seriously this was the perfect climax with great interactions and awesome fights, with a very unexpected dark twist ending with Crom choosing death over imprisonment.

I mean I think I speak for all the readers when I say I did not see Crom killing or should I say eating himself coming, I mean wow just wow. But LOVE IT! I'm also quite curious how everyone will react in the aftermath since I think this is the first time for a large number of them that a enemy choose to kill themselves, and wonder how they might handle it in the aftermath despite how evil/horrible Crom was.

Now than love each of the Harvesters fights the action was perfect and was played perfectly in each one.

Seeing Star, Marco, and Dani with a little assist from Glossy take down Van Rook with some good old fashion lightning, much to Van Rook relief who it seems might prefer being poor and having his mind his own to being rich and brainwashed.

Also speaking of Glossaryck he was one of my favorite touches of this chapter, I didn't expect his and Marco arrival to the scene but they were a excellent addition. Seriously Glossaryck's dialouge with Crom was one of my top highlights fav's of this chapter, outside out of all the actions from the awesome climax.

Also enjoyed Star learning about the Gargoyles and her horrified reaction to learning the history of the turmoil and loss the Gargoyle species suffered and the very idea of them being smashed/killed for just defending their home.

Krunks fight with the Harvester of Nature Pinocchio came to a epic end as he shattered the Harvest Pickaxe and Pinocchio himself into pieces, and just loved the twisted puppets final words as well. Really great last words and added some more emotion depth to the scene too.

Also it seems Pinocchio was the first major casualty this chapter, though have to wonders if this is truly the last we and the world has seen of this flesh eating puppet, or if might make a comeback later on somehow? I could potentially see his remains being fished out by some party/faction, and that leading to his resurrection later on.

Next Raven got a rematch with Shego one that was more in her favor thanks to both the back up arriving in the form of Team SEKR, and the environment of the magical conduit that is Avalon. Raven was able to use Avalon to boost and restore her power, and that combined with Team SEKR help was able to defeat and free Shego.

Though I will admit curious if her abilities and power now fully restored back to what they were before meeting and getting drained by Sammael will be for good, or if the boost from Avalon will turn out to only be temporary.

Finally the last Harvester Demona fittingly met her defeat at the hand of Macbeth, who really showed how different and more powerful he is in that little bout. Because not only is he more a peace with himself as noted by Arthur, but he easily handled the powered up Demona that he made her look like a amateur in combat.

If the Harvesters retain their memories of their time as Harvesters, than I can safely Demona is going to be even more furious later on. Because while their final dance won't be happening today, if that little clash is anything to go by when it does happen Macbeth will be the victor. So certainly could see Demona looking for some kinda edge after all of this.

Finally we come to the big boss himself Crom and what can I say you really lived up to the climatic finally clash for him so perfectly. One of my favorite parts was when he was repeatedly hit and he want you dare strike a god ever time, a wonderful amusing touch in my opinion.

But they eventually pissed Crom off to the point he transformed into his gigantic true form, and man was it a horror to behold. Luckly the heroes stood their ground and also got some more needed help/back up in their own giant in the giant robot MEGAS.

Eventually it came to a great unexpected twist ending with Crom facing imprisonment again committed suicide by eating himself much to the horrified shock of the on lookers, which is bound to give a few of them nightmares later on.

All together a epic perfect climax, and everyone played a part. Well everyone it seems except for June and Jasmine, who it seems didn't manage to arrive in end for the final battle and likely might show up late to the party next chapter.

Which I wonder how June will react considering her track record so far since being able to leave Orchid Bay, and now actually coming in too late to help against Crom. Yeah I don't see June being happy with herself or at all to say the least.

I'm also really eager to see what will happen in the aftermath of the Crom crisis, such as how Krieger's mission and Sammael's little plan will turn out.

Not to mention other things such as Raven trying to potentially question Dani, since she's the first real link/clue on what happen in that lab after she was knocked out. Heck there's also Star presence to consider and the fact she owns a pair of dimensional scissors, if Raven, Erika who knows Connor and Artemis situation, or anyone learns this little tidbit could see them asking for her help.

That is if the dimensional scissors can be used as a method to return the dimensionally kidnapped/displaced to their home dimensions in the first place at all.

Also have to wonder what will happen to the knocked out former Harvesters now that Crom is defeated. I could see Drakken with a certainly Daredevil's assistance trying to pull a rescue mission to free Shego from the heroes captured care.

Seriously all together awesome chapter and climax, and looking forward to seeing what happen when the dust clears from Crom's defeat. :)
And that’s the end of crow! Awesome and epic! Loved it! Especially Megan’s making an appearance, always liked he buttons you added! Man, wait til he tells his to his buds and Jacob. Well not the first time coop fought giant snake monsters like the worms on the ring planet he... ‘saved’ in a manner of speaking (let’s hope it didn’t belong to cybertron). But hope Oberon doesn’t noticed the wreckage on Avalon.

Even G feels annoyed another giant robot was as big as him or trying to outshine his moment.

If I were Rook, I’d not be risk meeting the end of Erika’s sword or gun after using her for a sacrifice, even if he had no control of himself. Could wonder what type of women Doyle goes for lol

And funny conversation when everyone calls Glossaryk an imp, troll, or something but the gobl-oh! Shouldn’t say that should I lol

Well, so this means Erika could meet the Saturdays and find out about their connection to Doyle, this will be good.
merendinoemiliano chapter 27 . 2/7
Slightly simpler compared to previous battle, but still absolutely amazing, their teamworks are power are very well portrayed alongside the spectacular factor of the last magic involved, and I kinda hoped this time Crom would die for good. As much horrible he was, no one deserves an imprisomenent so long. Keep up the good work and see you soon, Maximus, i've great hopes for new sagas.
D.N.Works chapter 27 . 2/7
Yeah...a bit strange, but I agree with Crom. Better to die than be imprisoned for who knows how long. Still, I wonder if he'll reincarnate in the future, oh well, if he does then Lancer-I mean, Cu, will handle him with other future heroes. Then we have the Harvesters, I bet Drakken will take Shego, The Saturdays for Van Rook, Mackbeth for our gargoyle, and maybe for Pinocchio that Blue Fairy.
Pretty cool seeing the other heroes as well, but points goes to Megas. But of course we still have other chapters left, like the robots and the fallout for the government, that prick, Sebben, and others. Can't wait.
nightmaster000 chapter 26 . 2/3
Finally got enough time to check out your latest update, and I LOVED IT! Seriously just epic all around, and perfect choice in background music too.

It was great seeing various characters get spotlight in their defending GrimmFall, as well as see some GrimmFall citizens like the Regular Show characters and Birdman, as well heroes like the Blue Falcon join the fight. I'll admit kinda of surprised that we didn't see Kenny or Mysterion out there joining the fight.

Also speaking of Birdman it's great to see him taking flight once again and joining the battlefield to protect his home, once a hero always a hero I suppose.

But seriously great epic action all around this chapter, and I think you've done a marvelous job with the heroes defense of GrimmFall.

We also see POINT arrive to the battlefield and attempt to assist Epsilon with his take control of Crom plan, which surprise surprise failed. I mean seriously who didn't see that coming, you'd think they'd realize it would backfire.

Or at least try some mystical means of control or a way that mix's both science and magic, it would still likely fail of course but at least the attempt would make more sense. Anyway all they've done is make the situation even more dangerous by pissing off Crom big time, as it's clear he's done playing around.

Crom being so furious is likely to be both a good thing and bad thing for heroes as the conflict on Avalon kicks off. Good because he might make mistakes they can take advantage of, bad because he's not playing around and will likely just go for the kill the more angry and bloodlusting he becomes.

While the war for GrimmFall is going on we see another party in Kriegar making his move in the shadows to obtain the data he's after, and we also learn a bit about Kriegar's history or rather the original Kriegar at any rate having had past connections with the Grey Agency. Which most certainly plays to present day Kriegar's advantage quite well.

I'm guessing Kriegar plans to upload everything Epsilon said along with all the other data, it serves as nice little bonus to Sammael's plan and helps dig Clovis, Grey Agency, and perhaps POINT grave even further.

Outside of the action really enjoyed the emotional wonderful scene with Rolf, as that wonderful inspirational speech and pep talk from Jim was exactly what Rolf needed to hear. As the Son of the Shepard spirit is reignited and is ready to do what his ancestor before him did, and send Crom back to the hole he crawled out of.

I think Jim really understands where Rolf was coming from, as their have been points in his Trollhunter career where his spirit were low and he doubted himself greatly.

Another thing I found interesting was Claire's viewpoint at the start, as it reveals that she still carries some doubt/mistrust towards Merlin. Which you can't blame her and it's quite interesting information, that might possibly come into play more later on in GrimmFall.

Finally we see not only June and her grandmother preparing to join the fight, her most dangerous battle yet, let's see how she does in the big leagues. Since thing's haven't been going that well for her track record wise since accepting the duty of facing greater threats that came from being free from the barrier.

As could be wrong but so far all the fights she's had since leaving Orchid Bay have ended in either defeat, capture, or having someone else interfere in the fight winning it for her. So yeah not the best track record, and if this continues I can see her spirit and faith taking a hit big time.

Finally we see the once king of Scotland Macbeth return to his homeland to rally help for Crom, and it's clear that Clan Blake along with Extor, Rino, and Keanu are all too happy to answer the call, and show Crom they will never bow to him.

Also it's interesting to see that even centuries later Macbeth still commands great respect and awe in Scotland at least among Clan Blake.
merendinoemiliano chapter 26 . 2/2
Absolutely amazing job, it really reminded me of Volume 3 with an even more badass note, can't wait to see Epsilon's job come biting him in the ass.
EndeavorT chapter 26 . 2/2
Nice I can’t wait to see what you do next and from the looks of it we’re getting to end.
Guest chapter 26 . 2/2
You misspelled operator 21O’s name you put a zero instead of an o in it.
D.N.Works chapter 26 . 2/2
This got real.
Did the Grey Men really thought they had the power to control an actual god? Really. They think science can work out everything!

Loved the battles and the when Macbeth arrived to Scotland was awesome, especially Keanu and Rino’s reactions, I can easily picture them with their faces stunned and both drop their bottom jaws down to the ground after finding out about this. Even POINT is taking part in it, but seems for once Crom made a valid point if heroes needing to be original, gods like him are above justice if they are trying to take over the world.

And now we begin to see who it is that’s destined to defeat him. If it’s another Thwts my horse, I’d be laughing to see it won by him in a battle! Or to use the fish as weapons alongside the staff of the Shepard’s!
Guest chapter 25 . 1/31
Since Crom's forces attacked Orcid Bay what if Loki's prison was weakened so he could send an astral projection to Crom so he can trick him by swearing false allegiance until he he will eventually betray Crom?
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