Reviews for GrimmFall: Hail Crom
nightmaster000 chapter 25 . 1/27
This is AWESOME! I mean truly a spectacular chapter all around, and it makes me so pumped for what's going to happen next, as things really seem to be kicking off now.

Starting off just plain loved how you wrote Macbeth this chapter as he unlocked his Seven Chakra's of Aura. I really think you stayed true to both his character and the struggles that he went through in his life.

Also a very great touch with the Seven Chakra's from Avatar last Airbender or rather the Seven Chakra's of Aura as their known in the GrimmFall Earth. Macbeth succeeded where Aang failed and now is not only more at peace with himself than he's been in a thousand years, but is also more powerful than ever and ready to join the fight against Crom. I can't wait to see what Macbeth 2.0 is capable of.

I also can only guess that his next fight with Demona will come sooner than he expects, as he's likely to encounter and clash with her in the battle against Crom. As next Crom himself she's the most dangerous enemy he can face on Crom's side of this little war, since she's the only person that can kill him.

Next great seeing how another faction of villains are reacting to Crom's presence and action in the the League of Super Criminals. Safe to say none of them are happy one bit with recent events, and it seems Billiam is ironically safer in his new jail cell right now than as a free man.

Because now that they know what caused Crom to be freed, and that Billiam's was the one to blame, well safe to say Billiam has earned the ire of quite a few notable people. As exampled with that scene with Eggman, which I loved by the way. So yeah would not want to Billiam right now.

Also very interesting info learned in GrimmFall verse possessing another KND touch, with a artic prison existing in the North Pole. As well as it being the current residence of Billiam Milliam and likely the Pack too after the events of Golden Castle.

Another piece of important information revealed or rather confirmed is the League of Super Criminals and the Fallen not only having alliance, but Satyra as well is also apart of it. All three groups working together on some sort of major plan or plans of kind.

We already knew that the League of Super Criminals was working with Sammael, but till now I think we had only gotten hints with no true confirmation that Satyra was aligned with Sammael. Such as Abby hinting/saying that Satyra worked with Sammael in past chapters.

We also get a treat in seeing the other Leaders revealed for the first time, with only Black Hat remaining a mystery in the shadows with his description undescribed. Though with that name I think i've got a pretty good shall we villainous guess on who he is.

But as for the other three great to see my guess for Red Eye's identity was spot on, in him being the one time antagonist from the Dexter's Lab episode Photo Finish. ( Though noticed a slight error in his description where both his eye patch and red implant are said to be in his right eye. )

As for the two Leaders of the League of Super Criminals, i'll admit drawing a blank on their identities right now as their descriptions ain't really ranging any bells to be honest. But do still look forward to finding out who they are exactly and what their stories are. Same goes to all the League of Super Criminal members and leaders. :)

Anyway we see the League trying to decide on a course of action in response to Crom's threat. As well as them deciding to contact Sammael so they don't unintentionally interfere or cause problems for Sammael's own response to Crom, with Eggman volunteering to be the one to talk with him. I won't lie curious to see how that conversation might possibly turn out.

Finally we get some more history from Rory detailing the events of how Crom was first defeated by not just Cu Chullain but Rolf's own ancestor Patrick Shepard, at the cost of his own life. So it seems that the Shepard family had better luck in the end against Crom than first thought.

Now Rolf has been offered a chance to rejoin the fight with the Cane of his ancestor blessed with the magic and power needed to help defeat him. But I can't help but wonder if Rolf like his ancestor before him will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat Crom, as his ancestor Patrick imprisoned Crom at the cost of his own life.

So it's always possible that Rolf might be forced to pay the same cost, we've seen plenty of soldiers and innocents slain by Crom already. As such I can't help but wonder who else might potentially possibly lose their lives in this high stakes conflict.

But back on track they've got the Shepard now they need the twelve disciples, and it will fun to who they will turn out to be. Just as it will be great to see who will join the war/battle against Crom in GrimmFall city, i'm guessing June along with Coop will likely be joining the fight as well.
merendinoemiliano chapter 25 . 1/27
Amazing job, Lord, perfect portrayal about McBeth's anguish ( now i challenge every actor to say his name brings misfortune), the villains were very entertaining and badass battles all around, some of the main reasons I love this series. Best of luck with next chapters!
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 25 . 1/26
Awesome chapter and love the part with Macbeth facing all his problems and confronting them, now seems the story is almost to a close with everyone fighting Crom and find his base! So will he have his final confrontation with Demona?

And wish a Doc can be a bit more open minded, the world is fully of strange things not even science can understand it! And how will he try explaining it to Oberon if he confronts him on the subject... best not to ask that actually.

If I were Billiam, I wouldn’t wanna leave the prison with loads of villains wanting a piece of him for getting them into this mess right now.

And who is the one with the staff that approaches Rolf?
D.N.Works chapter 25 . 1/26
This just got more and more interesting. Learning about these seven paths of Aura-Naruto I bet, and how the Gragoyles are ready to help with Macbeth getting a new power up. Not to mention that King Arthur will be seen showing his style, yeah! Then we have poor Drew taken, and while she may not like Van Rook for his crimes, its clear that even she doesn't like how he's been turned into that. We also see Eggman again ready alongside other crooks to make their move with evil vs evil. Then we see both Crom and Major Glory giving their respective speeches. Both want victory and what they desire, to stop the other. Let's see who wins.
Titanic X chapter 25 . 1/26
Okay... This is getting good! :D
nightmaster000 chapter 24 . 1/21
Excellent chapter, as we see Team Possible get dragged into the Crom craziness. I find it quite interesting that Kim doesn't consider herself a Huntress, and tries to avoid missions involving not just Grimm but other threats she considers above her pay grade, and leave to other heroes or Global Justice.

But it seems that this is one battle Kim will get involved in whether she likes it or not, as she's been taken to be Crom fourth and final maiden sacrifice.

Shego's attack and capturing her was played great, as that little clash showed excellent emphasis at how much more powerful and skilled Shego's become thanks to the power granted to her by Crom. As well as how she's been altered mentally in how she does things, as Drakken himself notices.

I wonder how Kim will handle her first good look at a big Omega threat level league villain Crom, and try to get out of this mess. Also can't help but think ahead and wonder how the events of Hail Crom will affect Kim if she makes it out of this alive.

Hmm perhaps this will end up giving her a push to start getting involved in higher level missions Grimm related or otherwise, perhaps feeling she can't ignoreto pull her weight even more and help against the threats to her home.

We know that Wade has been investigating another Omega threat in Bill Cipher, trying to learn more about the entity that contacted him, so who knows if she manages to live through being selected as a Maiden sacrifice Team Possible might get involved in the Gravity Falls plot as well.

But getting back onto track one thing I really loved about this chapter was how you portrayed and wrote Drakken, really think you did a splendid job with his viewpoint and current position in the GrimmFall verse.

I actually quite felt for him with his reputation as it is in the criminal underworld, because of his nemesis that stops his plans being a teenager girl by the name of Kim Possible. But I agree with Drakken in his view of Kim's potential, and the other villains of the world not realizing it.

As Drakken himself is not a failure and has quite a bit of untapped potential to be top villain and possibly even high ranked threat for the GrimmFall verse. I mean just take a look at the robot he developed and used this chapter, that alone speaks of his skills and why he shouldn't be underestimated.

Also off topic got quite a laugh out of that little line about Sebben and Drakken not wanting to take him on~

On the latter of his current position in GrimmFall, his section of the chapter also proved quite informative. As we now know that Drakken and Shego aren't aligned with any other group or faction like the League of Super Criminals or Sammael. Which eliminates Drakken as one of my guesses of the identity of Green Thumb, but oh well.

Though I think this crisis has forced Drakken to possible see that while he doesn't want to align with or join another group like the League of Super Criminals, he does need more allies with the heroes, rivals, and new emerging threats like Crom in the picture.

So I could see Drakken either making plans to form his own group and/or seek out allies rather than join a established faction, or end up seeking out a proper faction that's more to his taste to join or align with. Only time will tell there I guess.

But speaking of allies it seems that Drakken has decided to seek out the Daredevil Huntress Adrenna Lynn for help in this crisis and saving Shego, and from the description given about her she'd probably be pumped to face this level of danger huh.

All together wonderful chapter on the Kim Possible end of things, and it will be great to see what part Drakken, Kim, and Adrenna Lynn will play in this upcoming conflict.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 24 . 1/20
Wow, so Drakken is calling the daredevil crazy herself? ... He must be desperate then we thought. But now Drew is on the next target list? Oh, crap that's not-

*phone ringing*

Uhh, hold on a sec, hello? hold, hang on can't understand a word your saying through a sound of... Teeth chattering?


C-c-c... Uhh, con... Control Freak? Well this is a surprise we haven't heard from you in ages... Cold out there?

*shouts and mutters*

Oh, you were in the tropical beaches when suddenly it was snowing? Not a good time for you and the others. Well if you've been up to date the world is under threat by a mad God who worke up the wrong side of the bed. Anyway, love to chat but gotta go.

*hangs up and ignores the angry rant* boy, he's not a winter guy I guess, haha. Anyway sorry about that but great chapter so means theSaturdays and the secret scientists will make an appearance then?

How about maybe Scotty makes a call for the Vikings for help as they could be in good relations to each other. But love to see Motor Ed show up, wonder what the other villains feel about this. The brain guy would not be pleased no doubt that someone doing it better then him or Eggman.
merendinoemiliano chapter 24 . 1/20
Pretty well written chapter as much brief, can't wait for more.
D.N.Works chapter 24 . 1/20
Aww, I like how you portrayed Draken in this scene. A little weird, but pretty swell on their relationship. And his new machine is definitely powerful and full of potential, impressive. He might be seen as a joke to many, but his skill in tech outclases many. As for Van Rook, if I recall from the show the only person he actually cared for was Drew, even sacrificing himself for her. Who knows, maybe he'll do the same here. As for Kim and Ron, seems like she was wise to avoid Crom, to bad Shego didn't feel the same. Looks like things are getting more crazy due to Crom.
Guest chapter 23 . 1/16
I like to believe that the other gods never bothered to deal with Crom because they had more important things to do than deal with a self entitled god that ego got too big for his own good that his own worshippers got sick of him.
merendinoemiliano chapter 23 . 1/16
You know my stance on Demona, but I can't think of no one better to become the Harvester of Blood( except maybe Delgado, if he wasn't such an idiot). Epic chapter and fight overall, best of luck with next battles and other events, curious to see what McBeth will learn at Jade.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 23 . 1/15
Crap! Now Demonq is one of them! And poor Johnny, he’s gonna give them a pain in the ass they’ll never forget for what they did to his mama!
nightmaster000 chapter 23 . 1/15
Another brilliant chapter, as I actually feel sorry for poor Skulker as he joins Yeshmiyek and the Children of Oberon in the lantern. As his now former master Crom wastes no time in sending out the Harvesters Sickles to obtain his replacement, who happens to none other than vengeful Gargoyle Demona!

Which is both very bad and good, good because she lacks Skulker's Ghost abilities, bad because her combat experience and blood lust might exceed his greatly even when he was a Harvester, not to mention has proving to be much more cunning than Skulker. But all together she's the perfect dangerous replacement for Skulker and will make for a very dangerous Harvester of Blood indeed, plus this adds another personal layer of danger for Goliath and the others as well.

Not to mention removes Macbeth's safety net as well when he rejoins the fight, since Demona is the only one that can kill him.

While back on WHOOP we see Team REYN and all the others get brought up to speed about the Crom situation and threat, with Yara even revealing security footage of Van Rook becoming the Harvester of Riches.

As well as seeing Jerry informing our two dimensional displaced Conner and Artemis, that their experts in dimensional research are working on a way to return them home. Which gives them hope for a way home that doesn't give Sammael a chance at one of the Spiral Gems. Though it remains to be seen if Conner and Artemis will have any luck in this avenue or if this will be a bust.

Artemis also brings up the possibility of their friends and the Justice Leagues perhaps helping the GrimmFall Earth somehow if they manage to get in contact with them. But chances are Sammael and other notable players in this game like Klarion likely won't let this happen so easily if it comes down to it.

But back on track we see them taken by surprise as a certain Harvester of Riches launches a attack on WHOOP to capture Erika as the fourth and final maiden.

Apparently confirmation that she and Doyle have not gone all the way and she's fits the virgin maiden requirement. Well either that or Van Rook is making the same mistake that cost Skulker his Harvester position.

Anyway we see a short clash with our heroes giving their all in the attack, but ultimately all but two of them ending up being turned into solid gold by the Harvester of Riches. The only two that escaped this attac being Rossweisse and Johnny thanks to Rossweiss quick actions.

Johnny is of course beyond angry at what happen to his mother and friends, and the vicious attack he gives Van Rook in retaliation shows it. But ultimately Van Rook manages to escape with the solid gold Erika as his captive, leaving behind a now determined Johnny Bravo and Rossweisse.

As it looks like for once Johnny isn't playing around he's mad and he's going after Crom to save his mother and friends. But question is if Johnny is ready for his greatest challenge yet in Crom and his army?
D.N.Works chapter 23 . 1/15
I actually feel bad for our little ghost. Who knows, maybe when Crow is beaten hell join Dani as he's the key to her past. As for Van Rook, boy did he win big time. Looks like none of them could stop him. But seems now he made the mistake of upsetting Johnny.
nightmaster000 chapter 22 . 1/13
Got to tell you reading a new chapter from you is the kinda of pick me up I need after a rough weekend. :)

So it seems that Dani has lucked out on the sacrifice front, because despite her clone origins to Crom's senses she apparently counts as a third born after Jazz and Danny. Though with her lost memories the fact she apparently has two siblings out in the world somewhere throws her for a loop. As thanks to that spirit she doesn't know she's a clone or from another dimension.

Off chapter topic i'm looking forward later on when Dani realizes the cause of her lost memories is because Genki, Kani, and Splinter trying to remove the trauma from her encounter with Moloch. Good intentions or not the fact that two of the people she's come to trust took away her memories is really going to shake her and make emotional vulnerable as she questions if she can really trust them at all.

Back on chapter topic we see that Crom is none too happy with this twist at all, with Skulker apparently letting personal vendetta affect his work for Crom. Which ends up having Crom take away Skulker's newfound power as Harvester and Blood, and I suppose freeing from Crom's control. Though won't lie curious at what will happen to Skulker now.

Also this perhaps gives Crom's enemies a slight advantage with the Harvester of Blood currently removed from play, but that's if Crom isn't able to replace Skulker with a new Harvester. If he does question is who this second Harvester of Blood would be?

Now next love how the captured maidens sacrifices first meeting with Crom played out, as after Skulker is stripped of his position Dani takes advantage to start a escape attempt. Star it seems out of all them is the most cocky and not taking the situation as serious as the other two, granted the MHC might be powerful but she's letting past experiences with them color her opinion perhaps a bit too much here in regards to Crom threat level.

The give it their best blasts and shot but ultimately end up just annoying Crom and being frozen for their trouble as well. Which when Arthur and Macbeth enter the picture leading to another short but great clash there.

One that end with Macbeth being blasted out of Avalon and reduced to smoken burnt crisp, before regenerating back his flesh thanks to his cursed immortality. Though I can guess that Macbeth immortal or not felt every painful burning moment, so ouch to say the least but got to give him props for his pain level tolerance than.

Macbeth also ends up at the Jade Academy thanks to Avalon power, and fished out by Master Monk Guan, it seems that the Jade Academy is also moving in response to this threat.

Meanwhile back on Avalon the Gargoyles along with Arthur and Tom have managed to secure the still frozen Star, Raven, and Dani and retreat to the cave Arthur slumbered in for all those centuries. This will hopefully buy them some time to think of a good strategy.

As well possible plant some potential interesting character interactions for when the three maidens are freed. I'm guessing that Star might misunderstand things and think the Gargoyles are enemies and monsters when she's freed.

While Raven might probably try to get some answers from Dani concerning what happen at that lab after she was knocked out through Sammael draining her, answers which Dani herself won't have.

While on Crom's side of things he's set out to find two more maidens to complete the Sacrifice set, and Shego has put Kim's head on the chopping block. Hope the teen that can do anything is prepared, because she's about to encounter her biggest obstacle/threat she's faced yet.

I'm guessing the forth might potentially be Kuki, or at least she was suppose to be the maiden that Skulker was originally suppose to capture, but we know how that ended up. If not Kuki than question is who the forth maiden might be? We know that Van Rook Harvester of Riches hasn't returned yet from the maiden hunt unlike the other three after all, so he might still be after his own target.

Anyway all together wonderful work and chapter as always. :) Though one small error where Shego when she suggests Kim as a potential sacrifice she calls Crom Lord From instead of Lord Crom.
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