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GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 22 . 1/13
Like to see how skulker and Dani react seeing each other again and now Raven would meet her, all the gathered outsiders will be meeting each other again. Oh, boy hate to be in Kim’s shoes now, better watch herself and not be controlled by Crom... now more monster then human.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 21 . 1/13
Great chapter and enjoyed how Bravo tried to make up lines for what his ‘battle’ was like, especially of lines from the episode hahah

Now wonder if Skulker will remember Dani and what they wanted with the girls they captured.
EndeavorT chapter 22 . 1/12
Good thing Danny and Jazz technically count as Dani’s older siblings otherwise Crom would’ve needed one more sacrifice.
merendinoemiliano chapter 22 . 1/12
Absolutely epic
D.N.Works chapter 22 . 1/12
ouch for Crom, he lost his sacrifices. Good thing for the girls Arthur and his allies came, as while they're frozen their now safe-ish. Though I feel bad for Dani, as she's now probably going to recall more things of her past or something else as she looked rather shocked that she's not a first born. In any case, looks like Kim Possible is next, and while she's good, against a God?-good thing she has allies.

Also, what happened to Skulker after Crom threw him?
merendinoemiliano chapter 21 . 1/9
Another impressive chapter, both on the introspectional and action side, trough I think with more knowledge of Shego's powers team SEKR and Raven could now defeat her(glad to see by the way Raven is taking more of her scottish companion), but i guess the more powerful Crom becomes, the same goes for his Harvester. Seeing Sebben demolish also that hypocrite of Clovise was pricelless, can't wait to see 2B's new adventures. Just one mistake, chold when Kuki is kidnapped. Good work.
EndeavorT chapter 21 . 1/9
Good chapter I especially liked that verbal spar between Sebben and Clovis Bray. You made a few errors in the chapter, when Skulker entered the scene you called him the Harvester of Bloor instead of Blood, when Amethyst said “thought he got eater,” you put that in instead of the word eaten, and you called Commander White a him instead of a her.
nightmaster000 chapter 21 . 1/9
Another brilliant chapter. :) As we start things off with the first three maidens for Crom sacrificial ritual have been chosen/captured.

Maiden number one is Star Butterfly, and it seems my guess was spot on there. It looks like Star is about to get a brutal look and reality check at how dangerous the GrimmFall Earth can be at it's worse. As well as get her first look at REAL evil in Crom, as she's only dealt with Ludo at this point and well enough said.

Also it seems that poor naive Star is seriously underestimating the Grimm and their danger, she has no idea that the Grimm are nothing like the monster "problem" on Mewni. Anyway I kinda of wonder how the MHC and Stars parents might move to do in response to Star's kidnapping.

One last thing we learned on Star's segment of the chapters, is that it seems in that certain canon events that do still happen in the GrimmFall verse, might happen in a different order than canon. Since the Cheer Up Star episode in canon happen before the Fortune Cookies episode and Toffee entered the picture.

Small matter not related to the chapter overall, but might be important to realize/know down the line.

Now next maiden number 2 is none other than the daughter of Trigon the Terrible Raven! Speaking of which LOVE the added background/lore you added to the Teen Titans Raven history.

Anyway we see how things are going back on the Scottish homefront at Blake Castle, and it's clear that the nasty weather is indeed taking it toll. But just it seems things can't get any worse the Harvester of Night Shego returns, and this leads to a short, deadly, but awesome fight.

Where Shego makes off with a frozen Raven much to Scotty's anger, if there's one way to piss of this Scotsman it's harming those he calls comrade or friend.

Another highlight of this chapter is Raven reluctance/dislike of killing being brought up again, and how that act is sometimes considered more necessary or acceptable by the protectors of this Earth, than the ones from her own.

Next the third maiden is none other than our favorite half ghost girl Dani Phantom! Who ends up being taken by Skulker, and we ended up learning something important about the Harvesters in that part of the chapter. It's clear now that even though their now under Crom's power they still retain their true memories, which is interesting to know and could be a important factor later on.

So that's the first three maidens, question is who will the fourth Maiden be? Not to mention how much time will Crom enemies have to act before he starts the ritual?

On another subject enjoyed seeing a bit of the aftermath from earlier in the story with the Sanban family, with the girls now knowing their father is Sam-R-I.

Next interesting to see Team REYN, Artemis, Conner, Steven, Amethyst, Johnny, Rossweisse all appear at Global Justice HQ, apparently brought there because of the developing situation/threat of Crom.

I think this serves as another emphasis on how serious Crom's threat is being taken, and how it seems it is practically all hands on deck in response to Crom and his forces. At this rate we should see quite a climatic clash between Crom, his Harvesters, Bodach Army, with all those protectors brought together by this threat.

But it also serves as a reminder that a lot of heroes, hunters, etc have their attention on Crom, there's likely other forces taking advantage of the unintended distraction Crom is providing them.

We've already seen Sammael make one move by sending Krieger on that mission, but whose to say that will be his only move during all this? Not to mention other threats like Cipher who's likely making all the time Crom is unintentionally buying him, before more heroes interfere in his own plans work in his favor. And that's if Bill like Sammael isn't planning on taking advantage of the entire situation in some shape or form.

Finally the chapter ends with that wonderful scene between Phil Ken Sebben and the jackass Clovis Bray, seriously just two thumb's up right there. :) I mean I loved every word Sebben sent Clovis way, as he really let that smug fool have it and put him in his place. Loved it! :)
D.N.Works chapter 21 . 1/9
Oh man, Star, Dani, and Raven all taken, yet who's the fourth? Then we have Team Reyn, Artemis, Super boy, Steve, Jonny, and maybe others about to get in the fight against a God, with round 2 with Van Rook. And something tells me it won't be easy this time for them. And finally Sebben putting Clovis in his face. Yes he can't see all future threats like Crom, yes he needs those machines to help, and yes he can't handle everything by himself. However, at least he can admit to those faults and also hates that the robots are forced into something despite what the Will originally said.

Also, I just realized something. Sammael says he watches the world thus knows tons of things, but he never did SAY how he knew about the Will. Did he?
nightmaster000 chapter 20 . 1/4
Another great chapter, and really could feel the fear in the air particularly in the last part of chapter. It's clear that Crom's name is becoming known and feared once agains, and he's likely loving every minute of it.

Speaking of Crom it sees he wants to kick off Eternal Night in a special big way with four virgin maiden sacrifices, and he's sent his Harvesters to bring him such maidens. Quite a diabolical twist, and I love it! I do wonder who these four unlucky maidens be that will serve as sacrifices for Crom to start Eternal Night be?

Hmm considering the requirements that Crom gave, i'm going to place a bet on at least one of them will be Star Butterfly, but can't even begin to guess the identity of the other three.

You'd think June but the requirement of First Born Daughter would probably disqualify, since while she's the first daughter of the Lee family she isn't the first born.

Eh whoever the four maidens chosen to be sacrifices for Crom's Eternal Night ritual turn out to be, it will be quite fun to learn their identities.

On the other parts of the chapter we see the Justice Friends gathering allies together, as they go over the situation and try to make a plan of attack. Also it's quite apparent that mr. popular Clovis isn't everyone seems to dislike this guy, and you can't blame them either.

Finally Krieger arrived in GrimmFall and randevu with I and Am, and their going incognito in style it seems as they plan and wait for their moment to strike.
Guest chapter 20 . 1/4
It's possible that one of the virgin maidens could be Star Butterfly.
merendinoemiliano chapter 20 . 1/4
Hi, Maximus, great job as always, calmer than previous events of course, but the anxiety Crom build with his previous attacks is even more tangible than before and i'm glad to see more heroes around, hoping to see all of them having a good fight, possible also for Scrooge. Good work.
I looked up cl Via bay and leads to destiny, is that where it's from?
D.N.Works chapter 20 . 1/3
Seems Sammaels men are on the move, which doesn't bode well for anybody. Oh boy, Crom, the Invisible Hand, what else is going to come? And who will be these Maidens? So many questions, so few answers. Can't wait when you reveal them all in the upcoming chapters.
Titanic X chapter 20 . 1/3
Oh boy... Here we go. Hope that reference to Shinkalion Rising comes in soon. :3
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