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merendinoemiliano chapter 19 . 12/29/2019
I was curious if Sammael(magnificient bastard) would make a move and his scene didn't disappoint me, while the Dream and Rory's part held a lot of mystic atmosphere. Can't wait for nexts chapters, meanwhile enjoy the new year's party.
EndeavorT chapter 19 . 12/29/2019
Thank you for using my ideas involving YoRHa and Clovis Bray and also expanding on it. Sammael isn’t letting the Bray corporation get off easy.
nightmaster000 chapter 19 . 12/29/2019
Another brilliant chapter, and once again you really are on a fantastic roll with the updates, and i'm loving it! :)

We see Sammael make his first appearance in the story, and learn his response to Crom's actions and threat. I really did love his entire meeting with Krieger, and his subtle approach he's taking with things in the matter of Crom.

He's wasting no time in taking advantage of Crom's presence in the equation, to advance his own agenda, while at the same time making sure the rogue element Crom is taking care of. It really is such a excellent touch with him wanting the heroes and hunters to deal with Crom, as it serve as good test to help make sure that their strong enough to deal with other future threat and rogue elements like Bill Cipher that pose a threat to Sammael.

But I think my favorite part of Sammael this chapter was how he made his goal and intent clear for there to be no in between or shades of grey, just two clear side his and those aligned with him, and the heroes and hunters that oppose him.

Him making it clear that all rogue elements, other factions, solo agents, or even the new generation of youth will either be eliminated or assimilated. It's pretty clear that eventually everyone will have to pick a side sooner or later, and it's going to be fun to see which side of the board the various characters fall on.

Which reminds once again love that little chess symbolism and the GrimmFall character being the pieces popping up again. I don't know why but just really do enjoy that little touch.

Also won't lie part of me wonders if Sammael will be the only other major player making a move of some kind and taking advantage of the chaos being caused Crom.

But back on track with Krieger this is the first big field mission we see him receiving in the GrimmFall verse, and may I say Sammael is really showing his cunning in. This is a perfect way to not only take advantage of the Crom situation and sow the seeds for more chaos by revealing Project YoRHa to the public.

I'm actually hoping Krieger will succeed in this mission, as it will be fun to see that Clovis jerk get some karmic payback.

Hmm once learning of the YoRHa android, part of me can't help but picture a scenario of Gelorum and the Racing Drones (After possibly getting some repairs from White Diamonds blast if needed.) stirring up trouble considering the part a inactive Racing Drone played in the projects origins.

Yeah I get the feeling that Clovis if Krieger's mission proves successful than his days will be numbered, if not by the hands of one of his former "allies", than by the actions of the Racing Drones. Because I get the feeling Gelorum is going to be pissed if/when she learns about the project.

Also quite enjoyed Krieger's history file, and it was interesting to learn the Krieger we know may not be the original Krieger. Anyway it will be interesting to see how Krieger's mission proceeds when he arrives to GrimmFall and meets up with I and Am.

Now back on track we see a number of characters on the move to the response of Crom's threat. Such as before hand mentioned Project YoRHa with the Grey Agency, and Agent 2B has been given a SIVA grenade for a plot to take control of Crom.

(Sarcastically) Gee I don't see how THAT could backfire horribly on them. Really you think after GrimmFall park fiasco Epsilon would have learned something but guess not. As I really doubt that SIVA would on either Sammael or Crom, the best end result I see is just making yourself a target of one very angry powerful entity.

Also Epsilon proves his cruel side, (As well as providing further proof that the Drew and Doc Saturday really need to be more careful in their choices of friends.) by apparently telling 2B about the will but than it turns out the data chip that will let her control the SIVA nanites will also wipe her memory of this.

Hmm at least that's what he told Clovis, for all we know that might have been lie as you never know in this business especially with spies like him. There's also the scenario that 2B won't put in that plug in for whatever reason, or that memory erasure will be prevented or reversed later somehow.

We also see a rescue and recon mission on the Gargoyles end being launched towards Avalon, here's hoping that luck will be on there side as they head straight to the heart of now enemy territory.

While at the same time Merlin, Jake, and Claire visit Sebben in regards to Crom's threat, and the hopes of putting together a army to stop him.

We see Rolf receiving a vision and being contacted by Yeshmiyek, who told him that in order to defeat Crom Rolf must ask, who is Rolf?

Finally we see Rory reincarnation of Cu Chullain arriving at the site of Crom's former prisoner, and apparently collecting magical weapon the Shepard's cane and the magic of each tablet. All of which will be needed for the battle ahead.

So Twelve chosen, a Shepard to guide them, and a hero to aid them. Well the Shepard is likely obviously Rolf, and the hero to aid them will likely be heroes, but as for the Twelve chosen who each of them will be remains to be seen.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 18 . 12/29/2019
Did roof challenegd a god to a... Musical challenge? Never saw that coming but man, that was. Funny battle.
D.N.Works chapter 19 . 12/29/2019
Oh, now we see the aftermath of Crom's appearance. For Sammael he actually admits that for all his own power, Crom can usurp him if given to much time on earth and I guess it makes sense he doesn't want competition. His plan for Clovis being especially devious to get rid of him as a Rouge Player and even forcing those like Sebben to keep their moths shut or face consequences. On the bright side, at least the YoHara androids will get their freedom, though the plan to control Crom...can't wait to see how that fails.

Then we see Sebben, King Arthur, Jim, Gragoyles, and all others making their move with Rory ready to come to aid. Oh this will be awesome.
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 17 . 12/29/2019
sorry for the lateness but man I loved Rolf in this chapter, he is hilarious! and love how you come up with the names he gives to people. And seems his country knows of Crom, guess the evil god will be stuff he makes really freaks everyone out, maybe show how he shrinks a person's head.

wonder how Agunimon would ever warn the Foodians about his style of cooking, but wise not to go deep never know how that will turn out hehe. I wonder if he is friends or has connections to Holger from Detentionair, those two would easily bond well I can imagine.

Ed... really has a strange way of knowing whats wrong... that milk... gross.

Can imagine Eddy and Stan get along well how they scam people so much and get chased by angry mob. But man he's gotta learn to control his temper if he continues this way and already has a wanted poster?

technos? is that for dollar in GrimmFall? So Raiden from Mortal Kombat? COOL! Now waiting for the tales of many in the chicago arc but don't give away spoilers to that!

What a relief for Wally, he almost about to taste something really gross, and Ed likes it? No doubt Max Tennyson would enjoy it since he eats gross stuff.

Also had an idea ever watched or heard of the disney cartoon's Mighty Duck's from the 90s. they could be mentioned and can picture their race maybe branched off from Mobians long ago from the Age of Forgotten and discover their heritage.
merendinoemiliano chapter 18 . 12/29/2019
One of your best battles so far, dude, It unifies perfectly elements of Cartoon Network and RWBY showing what both sides are capable of doing. Can't wait for more, good work.
nightmaster000 chapter 18 . 12/28/2019
All around brilliantly epic chapter. Really enjoyed how our heroes first encounter with Crom played out, especially on Rolf's end.

The challenge of that's my horse was a excellent touch of their old country and shout out to Ed Edd n Eddy canon, but sadly while Rolf gave a good fight Crom proved the victor of the challenge.

Which lead one heck of a majorly awesome one sided beat down, that our heroes we're sadly on the receiving end of. I think if their we're any doubts remaining about Crom's threat and power left, they've been put to rest once and for all as Crom firmly established himself as a one heck of a major powerhouse.

One thing that I actually quite liked about this chapter was that you it didn't shy away from death, as we saw Crom claim a lot of lives among the soldiers and officers trying to stop him. It made for a perfect touch and keeps true to GrimmFall darker and more dangerous nature, and those deaths aren't likely to be forgotten either.

As that little scene with Fizz snapping at Monty was good, as it shows Fizz is beyond furious at the deaths of so many good man and women at Crom's hands, and likely wants justice for them.

Also quite liked the touch of the emphasis put on those severally injured because of their own attempts to bring down Crom.

Anyway back on track the one sided clash with Crom was great, as was Crom making his statement and threat to the world, and he's wasting no time backing up his threat. As we see at the end of the chapter with what's happening with the Sun.

All together a brilliant chapter and as always pumped to see what will happen next. :)
D.N.Works chapter 18 . 12/28/2019
Looks like the heroes got their butt kicked hard, and makes sense with Crom who they know nothing about. And now they have a time limit before Crom kills more. Still, if they play smart they might just beat him with help like with Cu who should be arriving. Also, I wonder if Crom knows about the Elementals? In any case, can't wait to see what they do next.
Titanic X chapter 17 . 12/27/2019
Perhaps next chapter could include a reference to Shinkalion Rising! :) I loved this so far! :) Especially Eddy's reactions! XD
merendinoemiliano chapter 17 . 12/27/2019
Overall great chapter outside of some dialogue a bit messy(and Julie's absence, i think It was time the Elementals reunited), but all charachters are portrayed very well, can't wait to see how the Heroes Will organize against Crom's forces. Happy new year.
nightmaster000 chapter 17 . 12/26/2019
Awesome to see two updates on the same day from you. From what this chapter shows it seems that the current events of Hail Crom and the main GrimmFall story are almost synched up timeline wise, with Hail Crom just ahead by several days.

Also i'm guessing this means Van Rook will probably end up captured and imprisoned at the end of the Berk arc. Well either that or your planning to give chapter 6 of Hail Crom a bit of rewrite.

Now starting off really love the origins given Sam-R-I and the spirit Raiden with how it came to existence, really good stuff and excellent background.

Anyway wonderful chapter as we see the Justice Friend learn about and start to plan a course of action in response to the attacks done by Crom Harvesters.

I really enjoyed seeing some of the Legendary Warrior Digimon do some catching up, and made for some nice subtle references as well to other GrimmFall stories. Also the question raised by Abby if their are other Digimon or will be other Digimon showing up on Earth, is certainly a good one. But it's one that not even Omnimon knows the answer too, but it's certainly quite possible to his knowledge thanks to his clash with Myotismon in Chicago.

But since a certain bat has popped out of the computer and introduced himself to Jimmy recently, it's safe to say that there's a good chance other Digimon might pop up in one form or another on the GrimmFall Earth somehow.

Now really enjoyed Eddy's part this chapter, as despite him wasting no time in going back to scamming it's clear that something is going on with him and bothering. His angry rant at Nazz after getting ticked at her, proves that.

My guess he's going through some major emotional turmoil and wondering who he even is with the recent revelation towards his hybrid status, and his newly gained or rather reawakened abilities.

On a lighter note really laughed at the end of that part of the chapter when everyone started making excuse and fleeing to avoid having to eat the foot of Rolf's native land. But Wally wasn't so lucky but just when it looked like he was going to have to bite in and dig in, he was saved by the alarm.

Heck to be honest really quite enjoyed Rolf's role in particular through out this chapter. As we see him share what he knows pertaining to the legends of the Dark God Crom Cruach. Though it'd be wise for the others to be more open minded especially in the kinda of world they live in and the threats that call it home.

Anyway Crom is apparently making his way to GrimmFall City Hall, but while doing so has already sent a package ahead a music box. Which Rolf knows not only as a declaration of war, but also as the symbol of the rise of the bloody hand Crom Cruach. Also say what you want but it's clear that Rolf and Crom do come from a certainly interesting culture indeed.

But to sum up Rolf has flown the coop rushing off to confront the ancient enemy of his ancestors, who is still making his way to City Hall. On the latter i'll admit quite curious and eager to see how Crom intends to make his presence and intentions known to the world at large.

Also it's clear that we'll likely to see Crom in action again soon this time against the Justice Friends themselves, who are sadly likely about to learn why Crom is not a threat to take lightly.
D.N.Works chapter 17 . 12/26/2019
So Raiden is this world equivalent of Nabu from DC, sweet. And now the heroes have learned of Crom which isn't good. With Rolf leaving to the aid. Also, I see a problem with the timeline. So this particular is a bit after the escape of homework and the Darkland, yet Van Rook who's a Harvestor is there yet also at Berk... I'm confused now.
Guest chapter 16 . 10/26/2019
Will we see other gods from the other patheons like the Greeks, Norse, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, or Indian gods take notice of Crom's activities? Or see other gods at all?
merendinoemiliano chapter 16 . 10/23/2019
' Scottish, whereever they go, they ask for indipendance'. Beatiful job, Maximus, the beginning with Tom was perfectly in the style of Gargoyle, same as the other characthers, Crom in particular right mix of cruelty and humor animated villains should be. Can't wait to see what they will do, just one little mistake, when Crom speaks: he says ' they should have been a match for Crom's forces', you forgot the negative part. Can't wait for more.
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