Reviews for Salt-Breaker
Stormzy chapter 21 . 12/11
Holy shit I love this fanfic so fucking much please update
FavFan chapter 21 . 11/30
This story is freakin amazing! I love every single chapter. It's so interesting I have yet to find any other story like it.
Guest chapter 21 . 11/23
Please don't turn this into a Percabeth fic. I hate that pairing.

That aside, a suggestion:
While Percy is busy trying to reform the Drowned God faith into something a wee bit more civilized, Thalia gets brought here too, and starts to revitalize the faith of the Storm God and molding it into her image.
The two later meet as friends, baffling their respective followers - who realize their faiths are two sides of the same coin, and they shouldn't kill each other over theological differences. (Will be hard since Ironborn fear the Storm God with a passion.)
reddog24485 chapter 21 . 11/20
Love it. Very few noticeable mistakes. Good flow and pacing, Nothing really that I could critique. I hope you update soon, and bring in Annabeth, or maybe Leo. The Chaos he could bring to bare would be hilarious.
Jordan2356 chapter 20 . 11/6
please update son this is the best percy jackson and the olympians story iv ever read
IAmOutOfIdeas chapter 21 . 11/5
Can’t wait for the next chapter. I’m really enjoying this story. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it before
NOXEOS chapter 21 . 10/31
Please continue this... it has potential... list all your plot holes on a piece of paper and then work through them with each chapter... I am living your concept... till next chap. Cheers
exillion chapter 6 . 10/31
When's the next chapter?
Psionic108 chapter 21 . 10/26
Phew! That was cool read.

Percy and his infighting with his own self and his Planetos counterpart is getting interesting by the second.

Is it correct to assume that he is becoming more divine and the more people called him Perseus Lodos, the more the idea of a Ironborn Perseus is pushed into Percy's psyche?

Man keep writing this good stuff because I can't seem to get enough of it :D

Hope you have an awesome week :)
Psionic108 chapter 20 . 10/26
Great story man!
Keep it up. Read all the way from the 1st chapter till here nonstop. You write some good stuff
EdgyBro chapter 21 . 10/23
I think that Percy should have warned them about names having power. Its one of the first things he learn at camp. Hope to read more from you.
EdgyBro chapter 16 . 10/23
Holy shit, nice payback. I always assumed that Pyke castle is still standing because of old magic in its foundation, which prevent the sea erosion from sending the castle from tumbling down. But the living kraken enchantment is very interesting.
EdgyBro chapter 12 . 10/23
I like how Percy dealt with the 3 eyed raven. Though his godly instincts and identity (or identities?) had been troubling him as of late.
EdgyBro chapter 10 . 10/23
Seems like Percy is being affected by the faith of the Drown God, hopefully this won't change his mindset. I wished that the effect will be beneficial to Percy as he seems to be filling the Drown God's position. Hope to read more of this.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/20
Hi, see, yeah. Bit of an issue here.

They're barely reacting.

Here this guy is, pulling off literal divine feats of power utterly beyond them...

And they barely do anything. Like it's just a thing that happens and is already over so, why bother reacting?

Except they've never seen anything like this. Uneducated superstitious ironborn just had their ship flipped and themselves pulled through the water, and set aright, by his will.

And afterwards? Nothing. This should be massive.

His casual displays of power? Huge and boggling to their minds, not 'oh, neat, my kid nephew does that too' or 'thanks, that was mildly useful'.
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