Reviews for Pride and Prejudice and Beatles
Laina Lee chapter 1 . 8/23/2019
I liked this, but I think you could have done even more with it and been more over the top, such as, quoted more lyrics, described more clothes, hairstyles, quests for enlightenment and put more of the Beatles actual place history in England into it, etc. It could have also been fun to in some way make Elizabeth Bennet into a Yoko.

One thing that confused me a bit is that at first I thought the Richard referred to was Colonel Fitzwilliam as in fanfiction tradition he is Richard. I didn't understand that he was supposed to be Richard "Ringo" Bingley until near the end (and I would wager that a lot of people don't know Ringo is really a Richard so I think I would have just called him Ringo Bingley at the beginning).

It is too bad that crossovers aren't seen on the actual Pride and Prejudice page as I think more people would have seen it there if it was there instead of on the cross-overs page.
kissmekim chapter 1 . 7/9/2019
This was super fun! Other than the song quotes and their names, I'm not sure what identifies the guys as the fab four, but I really enjoyed the scene as a P and P one-shot. It's a plausible way to get Bingley and Darcy back to the Bennets.