Reviews for The Venom Peddler
cameron1812 chapter 56 . 4/30
I have a hard time thinking of when I have enjoyed a story more. This was such a fun, brilliant read. Thank you! Enjoyed/devoured every single word!
Itack23 chapter 56 . 4/29
Thank you for this story!
I really enjoyed the beginning a great deal (all the way until the end of third year). Your ideas on the basilisks and the 'Venom Peddler' where truly marvelous and new (to me at least).
The rest of the story, I have mixed feelings, like a very good dish that's just to small... It would have amazing to follow him on part of his travel, finding new snakes, even just a bit.
And what happen after his graduation? What really happened to Voldy, the deatheaters, his friends...

Still, it's a story I'd recommend
Itack23 chapter 55 . 4/29
Hence, here were shattered all the long planned illusions of Dumbledore. And the next ones will probably got destroyed in the last chapter, I suppose
Itack23 chapter 54 . 4/29
Well, I have to say, Sirius and Remus really are thick af in this story
Itack23 chapter 51 . 4/28
Wow, that was some mean streak for his farewells with the Dursleys, but even that is quite tame after all they did to him
Itack23 chapter 50 . 4/28
Huh, that wardstone seems kinda OP xD
Itack23 chapter 49 . 4/28
Just how many snakes does he have now? xD
Itack23 chapter 48 . 4/28
What the hell happened to him? xD
And "a" jormungandr? Isn't it supposed to be unique, born from Loki?
Itack23 chapter 46 . 4/28
That was some impressive display of control, and interesting scale you gave us there
Itack23 chapter 45 . 4/28
Well, RIP Umbridge then! Didn't think that she'd actually go dying, just that she'd have a hard time
Itack23 chapter 43 . 4/28
Oooh everyone's arguing about Umbridge, even Malfoy... that's gonna be great!
Itack23 chapter 42 . 4/28
Umbridge is gonna get it hard, can't wait to read it xD
Itack23 chapter 41 . 4/28
For the last paragraph: like a boss! x)
Itack23 chapter 39 . 4/28
Haaa here we now have how he met Luna
Itack23 chapter 38 . 4/28
When I began the chapter, I thought I had missed a chapter xD
Several, in fact x)
But I want to know how he met Luna now! We didn't even see her before in the story!
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