Reviews for The Venom Peddler
wiebenor chapter 56 . 8/24
having read this the whole way through, i can easily say that this is a really great and immersive story... that said, there's something else i can easily say... IT FEELS LIKE IT'S MISSING A SEQUEL!.!.!. SERIOUSLY, it feels like the whole order and ongoing war just suddenly ends, right after Dumbledore basically planning to use harry as a war weapon, no matter the fact that the prophecy has been fulfilled and harry will NOT be doing any helping in the war, or so he swears to himself, unless it's absolutely necessary of course... of course, judging from your ending he forgot to mention that to Dumbledore, but still...

i honestly think that stuff could make the basis of a good sequel, even if it's just based around the fact that Dumbledore is certifiably NUTS, and is tilting at windmills like Don Quixote

this is definitely SUPER GOOD ENOUGH to recommend, and as such i have no qualms about both favoriting and following this story...

pconner307 chapter 56 . 8/23
does basilisk have his own venom to milk?
pconner307 chapter 5 . 8/21
did lasik hurt at all or uncomfortable?
Mechconstrictor chapter 55 . 8/20
It was a ok story up until this chapter. The past ten or so had hints but this one is what did it for me. This is one of the reasons I tend to not read stories unless there is either a clear pairing or it's expressed no pairing at all.
AiymaSnikies chapter 56 . 8/9
OK so the story was all right until about the middle and then it started to get weird and confusing
Anon chapter 43 . 7/29
Interesting story, for the most part. I do find some of the author’s notes a bit odd, bordering on hypocritical. Complaining about plot holes in the books, for instance — really?
johnny99 chapter 56 . 7/29
First, thanks for writing as you had some interesting ideas, plot lines, and character development for Harry, at least early on. Second, it’s clear you recognized the larger problem you had part way through, namely that at the pace you were going, this would be hundreds of chapters long. While I understand your solution, you executed in such a way that you lost momentum and plot threads. Not sure if you are still writing, but definitely something to learn from. Finally, and most importantly, there appeared to be no real point to the story, not to mention no antagonist. Completely ignoring Tom, horcruxes, and the prophesy turned this into a biography of Harry Potter’s early years. Interesting, but not really gripping in a fundamental way. Even a confrontation with Tom would have been useful to wrap things up.

Thanks for writing!
Rebell 01 chapter 56 . 7/24
Interesting story.
Gina chapter 26 . 6/20
If you know how to put a body together (healer), you'll know how to take it apart (warrior, torturer)
Guest chapter 56 . 6/11
You know… I wish I could say this story was good. It certainly started out okay. But then your dumbass literally said “fuck everything about Harry Potter.” This is barely even a Harry Potter fix lmao. You tried to make your OC cool and suave only to have him come off as cringe and really boring. Your chapter word count is atrocious and you can’t pace a story for shit. My Immortal, a fic that’s so bad that the whole world knows about it, is much better than this sorry excuse of a story.
JimSilver chapter 56 . 5/30
Cool, this was a really great story. Well done!
geenakmom chapter 56 . 5/24
Really enjoyed your story!
skyeza chapter 56 . 5/15
Hi, I loved this story. LOVED it. It’s not common for me to like all three of the trio in most fanfics, I tend to dislike one or another’s attitude but I found all three were fleshed out well. I really hope that you will continue on with a sequel I’d loved to see what happens next.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 56 . 5/6
This was an interesting story.

From the mid-40 something chapter on, it's practically a different story than all the chapters before. Harry's still the main character, and what he's done before is kind of a buildup, but it reads completely differently.
Also, despite the title and the fact that Harry decided very early on that selling venom was a thing he was going to do you've actually spent (I think) LESS than 2 full paragraphs mentioning him actually selling any venom in all of the 56 chapters. :/
fleah2 chapter 38 . 5/1
loved that you skipped the tournament.
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