Reviews for The Venom Peddler
RebeccaRoy chapter 1 . 7/8/2019
Wow, great start, I like stories where this is going.
Shenandoah76209 chapter 3 . 7/8/2019
Oh my...well Harry you're certainly on the right track. I am curious if Dumbledore will figure out what he's doing and start lecturing him on the joys of family.
Kallanit chapter 3 . 7/8/2019
I'm curious... how does Harry know he only needs to sleep at the Dursleys? This wasn't something he knew in canon — at this point, I don't think he even knew about the blood wards. I don't have a problem with Harry knowing (if I wanted everything to be strictly as per canon, I wouldn't be reading fanfic!) but it would be good to know how he learned about the blood wards. Perhaps he could visit Hermione before she goes on holiday (this was the summer she went to France) and he could tell her as that would give you the opportunity to explain anything you need to about the blood wards and Harry's knowledge of them.

This is the summer Sirius escapes, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle that, as people will probably be keeping a closer eye on Harry after Sirius escapes so it may not be as easy for him to get away from Privet Drive — although, I suppose if he asks Mr Goyle to put a notice-me-not charm on the backpack, Harry could just stay in the shed all summer with no one any the wiser.

I'm not sure about Harry hatching the basilisk eggs, but I'll wait and see where you take that aspect of the story. I'm sure at some point, we'll get to hear Harry's thought process as to why he decided to hatch a bunch of deadly snakes.

I'm looking forward to seeing what further changes Harry makes and how those changes affect his friends. I hope Hermione will be receptive and supportive. Ron... well, if Harry is already thinking about having to hide things from Ron so he won't have a fit — even if only his money — then it won't surprise me if this new, independent Harry chooses to end his friendship with Ron, whether it be due to a fight or Harry just deciding to let the friendship lapse somehow.

I'm enjoying this story so far and would certainly like to keep following it, but I hope that you'll let us know sooner rather than later what pairings you're going to use, even though I imagine it might be quite a while before you have Harry become interested in any romantic relationships. I don't know what other readers feel about this issue, but I prefer not to get too invested in a story that has pairings I dislike. (For example, I'm happy with Harry, Hermione and Luna [the three people you've tagged for this story] being with almost anyone who's intelligent, supportive and won't try to limit them or put them down. I'm less enthusiastic about either a triad between those three or slash relationships for Harry or Hermione — I don't mind Luna in a slash relationship nearly as much. That certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't write either a triad or a slash relationship if you want to, just that I'd like to know what to expect so I can decide how invested I want to become in this story.)
Shenandoah76209 chapter 2 . 7/7/2019
Oh boy... Harry you need to be very careful. Don't trust the muggles.
DeathCrawler chapter 1 . 7/7/2019
seems interesting
Minna Vipera chapter 1 . 7/7/2019
Looks good! I’m looking forward to reading more of this
Shenandoah76209 chapter 1 . 7/6/2019
Oh boy...Harry... please be careful.
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