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Guest chapter 13 . 6/30
I’ve INHALED this story in just two days. Loved it so much. You are really, really talented. I hope there will be an update soon! :)
Restricted Section chapter 13 . 2/27
I still check periodically for an update. I love your writing style and stories!
CrimsonLunarEclipse chapter 13 . 10/17/2023
I’m so relieved to see that Joker’s cruel words towards Taylor about her artwork in an earlier chapter haven’t dissuaded her from drawing. I know his words still haunt her, but it shows such strength of character that she is still creating such beautiful art. And of course the Joker can’t stand when he isn’t the focus of Taylor’s attention. *eye roll*

Edit: Taylor later admitting her art has always been a love letter to him. I wonder if that is truly the case, or if she believes that it is. I like to believe that art would have always been a part of Taylor, regardless of whether the Joker came into her life or not.

During the parade scene, I was curious if the section with the gymnasts, with Taylor watching them in awe and thinking she could never do something like that, was a brief nod to Harley Quinn? Also, Taylor wondering what it would be like to start over under a different set of circumstances, wondering if her name could be Chelsea. Is that a nod to the Chelsea Smile? The Joker has molded her existence so meticulously that even her subconscious can’t escape his influence?

I know that the motorcycle scene wasn’t a nod to Heath, but it still warmed my heart to imagine him cruising down a winding road.

All that I can think of regarding the charcoals staining her fingers is the smears of makeup on the Joker’s.

My heart hurts for Taylor with all the abuse she suffered in the foster care system. Ugh, I just want to hold this sweet girl. And she has no memory of the cigarette burn her mother inflicted on her. I feel like you mentioned on Tumblr that Taylor will learn the truth about her mother? Or the way she dies? I can’t remember.

This part absolutely broke meMaybe that’s the problem, she thinks. Maybe she was just born unlovable. Maybe when God made her, he forgot to put the light inside of her, accidentally left it dark instead, and now there’s thisthis impenetrable void.”

I guess this review is mostly about the nods you wrote, both intended and unintended! I do love the inclusion of 10 Things I Hate About You and Heath himself! There’s a part of me right now that hopes Heath in some way knew how handsome he is. Not in an egotistical way of course, because thats’s not who Heath is. More I just hope he never had those kinds of doubts that can creep into one’s head.

Ahhh! That ending! Joker shoving poor Taylor out of the car, and in the pouring rain no less! Ressling breaking into the room, saying he’ll explain everything on the way! And the initials B.G. I’m racking my brain trying to think of Batman/DC characters with those characters other than Barbara Gordon. In Nolan’s universe, that would be Gordon’s wife. Possibly his daughter, but I kind of doubt it since her character isn’t even given a name in the cast list. Ugh, my brain is struggling to remember character aliases, both heroes and villains!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what you’re going to do with Gotham’s universe in this story! I am on the edge of my seat! Thank you for your beautiful writing, as always! You always make me feel as though I’m watching Taylor and the Joker in person instead of imagining them.

Almost forgot to mention the lyrics you chose…”Long after you’re dead and gone.” Makes me wonder if the Joker will die in this story? Either literally or metaphorically if Taylor breaks away from him. Just a thought I had!
Liv chapter 13 . 9/22/2023
I adore your stories and I look forward to them so much! Thank you for continuing your work!
oscycbtdelspwhattllgwbsabstt-f chapter 1 . 8/25/2023
you've turned the joker into a child molester. I just dont understand why taylor needs to be put in all of these extremely sexual situations, to show that the joker is evil. there are SO MANY other ways to display his masochism, without having her gangraped, making out with the joker, fingered by tetch, touched by the joker or giving him boners. i think the worst thing ive ever read was when the joker was forcing 4 year old taylor to kill at the end of clockwork, and he had a boner. It seems like you get off on writing about a child being put into these predatory situations and its sickening to read. your literally creating child porn. the definition of child porn is not limited to recordings of real children, it also includes ai created images, and literature. i would really like to hear your justification for all this, as i can tell by the way you write that your not stupid and take alot of time and care when considering how to write your stories. like how do you not feel guilty that your giving pedophiles material they can get off to !?
jokerchic101 chapter 13 . 8/11/2023
Love this story! Been following it for a while now and love the chatacter progression! Cant wait for another chapter
The Anguished One chapter 13 . 6/11/2023
Yet another tragedy. Taylor given more than she dared hope for, unable to see just why her reward is anything but good. Now even this fake happiness, this illusion of normality, has come to an end. Yet another dose of pain too, but I'm sure Mr. J will smooth that over until Taylor thinks it's her own fault.
hispersephone-hernightmare8 chapter 13 . 5/7/2023
spoilersI felt the full spectrum of emotions in this update, I absorbed every word and I was so so nervous about when the honeymoon phase was over and how it would end. The intense birthday gift scene was expertly done, the subtle way the Joker already was going against Taylor's boundaries "one more for Daddy" and they haven't even fully been intimate yet! Perfectly sums up their dynamic and its nerve wracking to imagine how much more that might happen. The flirting between them was so freaking cute! When he won her the plushie I actually laughed, his ego is crazy! I was nervous for the guy attending the stand lol. My heart broke for Taylor when you described her nightmares, the visuals were so gut wrenchingly sad. I have to ask, was there a subtle hint to Ian when they're swimming together in the water and Taylor feels like she half remembers doing it before? That scene was so adorable, and baffling to imagine the Joker playfighting with a girl in the ocean lol. Now. That ending. The stomach punch it gave was immense, I felt my stomach drop as if I was Taylor, I can't imagine how scary that must've been , how hurt she must have felt when he kicked her out of that car after doting on her for so long. After such an intimate thing they had just done, no less. Her heart must have shattered, the change was so fast! I am absolutely DYING to know what made everything get so serious, and Ressling coming back made me squeal. I missed him and I hadn't even realized, which never happens for me with OC's so that's a testament to how talented your writing is! I loved him being so concerned about her, and I am waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. This was engrossing and amazing chapter from beginning to end and I appreciate all the work and effort and creativity you put into it! This story is by far my favorite fanfiction of all time and you're a beautiful writer!
WinterEveOrchid chapter 13 . 5/4/2023
no way taylor got the joker to see 10 things i hate about you, that's hilarious! The tenderness really got to me this time, as well as the callousness, you're way too good at writing fucked up situations. Lovely chapter as usual, it was a lot and I can't wait to read more.
Gemstar24 chapter 13 . 5/3/2023
I’ve finished reading and digested now for a day. Just… wow. Every chapter just builds intensity. I’ve never read anything like this before. Your writing skills are phenomenal. Your creativity is superb.

The juxtaposition between sweet, kind, innocent Taylor and mean, dark and let’s just say evil Mr J are shown so well. I mean, picturing Taylor in a red, white, and blue shirt walking around with cotton candy and a stuffed whale all the while hanging on the Joker’s arm is just surreal.

I’m sad that our vacation to AC is over and I’m honestly so sad for Taylor and this new trial she has to face. The ending to this was so fantastic. I can’t stop thinking about it. My heart broke for her.

Thank you for the update! They are always worth the wait!
The Anguished One chapter 12 . 5/3/2023
A tragedy of a chapter. All of Taylor's trauma is like a festering wound that the Joker just keeps prodding back open, wanting it to spread and infect more and more, and the worst part is Taylor's conditioned to crave that pain as she's convinced it's intimacy, that the pain is in fact kindness. What's it say when Ressling is about as close to a hope spot for Taylor here?
CrimsonLunarEclipse chapter 12 . 1/28/2023
Such an interesting revelation that Taylor has dyslexia! It breaks my heart that because she had been abused and neglected all her life, she hadn’t been diagnosed. And that she thinks something’s wrong with her or that she’s stupid is even more devastating. Poor baby doesn’t understand that she has dyslexia and that it’s completely normal! The Joker not telling her is infuriating, but of course not surprising.

Love the little flashback of Taylor calling her bathing suit a baby suit! Too adorable! I had actually forgotten about that scene from Clockwork, so it was lovely to be reminded of that.

I also love the scene with Taylor, the little boy, and his mother. Thank goodness the Joker didn’t interfere, though that would have garnered a lot of unwanted attention. I’m thankful that for once Taylor had a positive interaction with someone, and I hope she will hold onto that moment. There are genuinely kind people in the world who won’t take advantage of or exploit her, and I hope she’ll remember that. I very much want Taylor to make it out from under the Joker’s thumb by the end of Burn.

I have already mentioned this, but I am very excited to learn more about that meeting with Black Mask, Red Hood, and Deadshot! And to know what is going to happen with Ressling coming up!
Gemstar24 chapter 12 . 1/6/2023
Ok I’m ready. Thank you for this chapter! I love going back and forth between their POVs. They really couldn’t be more different and you do such a good job giving each of them their own tone and voice. When we are viewing through Taylor it’s almost too easy to forget what an awful POS J is because of how she views him but you take us right back into his head and it is just depraved.

I have really enjoyed the imagery you’ve painted with the hotel and the beach and the boardwalk. I’m such a visual reader that I love descriptive writing. When you mentioned the neon lights reflecting off the pool water as Taylor floated at night, chef’s kiss, all really feels like we are in the calm before the storm. I’m so glad that Taylor has had such a nice time but I just know that her life is about to change for the absolute worse.

This is such a difficult story to read in that we have fallen for Taylor and you love made her such a dynamic, deep and rounded character, but we have to watch her just get pummeled before she (hopefully) overcomes and thrives later in life.

Amazing job Haley! You know this is one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever read! I CANNOT wait for chapter 13!
napiersmirk chapter 12 . 1/5/2023
Ma’am, this is one of my favorite chapters for a lot of reasons!

First of all, you blessed us with such a long joker pov?! Like whaat. I don’t know what we did to deserve such a thing but THANK YOU!

Secondly, something I really, really appreciated was how different the tone was once we switched pov. It was so abrupt (I mean it in the most positive way), like a snap. Everything was so sweet, exciting and “easy” when Taylor was telling the story and then -once it was the joker’s turn- things got so dark and twisted all of a sudden.

He seems kind(er) in this chapter, and, yeah, maybe he is on the outside but it’s clear it’s all part of his plan. I mean, he /has/ to. Taylor just went through one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, he knows he can’t be too rough and mean to her at the moment. Thanks to his pov, we were still able to see all the dark thoughts running through his mind, which was such a good move because it showed how complicated this little game of his really is. There are so many layers and the deeper we go, the sicker the game gets. He is (you are!) a genius.

Ugh, I’m sorry but I have a feeling this is gonna be a long, long review!


I loved every single scene but the beach trip has now a special place in my heart! You made me the happiest for including the seashells prompt in the chapter! His reaction was amazing. I enjoyed seeing him so confused, eheheh. I also absolutely loved how the joker reacted when he noticed the kid had approached Taylor. What I liked even more was all the pet names Mr. J used throughout the whole chapter. I was screaming in my pillow.

Also, can we talk about how h0rny this man is 24/7? Okay, okay… I get it. He’s been waiting for a long time to finally have her. I get it. I do. But holy moooly, he really is a man starved. Tay is too, obviously. It’s pretty clear from the way she reacts to him basically only sitting next to her in the car. By the way, I found it very amusing that the first thing he thought after seeing the state of her panties was “Jesus”.

But yeah, one thing these past few chapters have in common is him repeating how he could have already easily taken her once and for all. How easy it would be for him to take advantage of her while she’s asleep and how she would welcome his aggression because she loves him. Well, unfortunately he isn’t wrong…
We‘ll just have to wait and see what happens when they finally get to that stage if their relationship.

This chapter really showed to which extent they are both so taken with each other. I loved when Mr. J mentioned how he felt surrounded by Taylor. How she was everywhere around him: in the bathroom because her scent was in the air after she took a shower and all the bottles lined up on the counter (all close and touching because she’s the sweetest girl alive and doesn’t want them to feel lonely - I LOVE her); in the bedroom because of the bags of clothes he bought her are were everywhere on the floor. These might only be little details but it was nice to see him feeling the way he was.

Another big thing in this chapter was Taylor struggling to deal with her childhood traumas. The way she got physically sick because he bought her clothes, my poor baby. The way she didn’t want him to think she’s ungrateful. That made me so sad, you have no idea. Tay, if you’re reading this, YOU DESERVE THE WORLD.

I hated seeing her cry after she was sick. How she worried about the motel towels and how scared he was that Mr. J was gonna break up with her. Oh my gosh. At lest he had the decency to cuddle up with her and cheer her up.

I was about to forget to mention the restaurant scene! Her dyslexia making it difficult for her to read the menu was such an important moment! Taylor was so embarrassed, poor beehbeh. It was both so sad and cute when she said “I’m not stupid”. But Mr. J’s reaction is what left me trembling on the floor. How serious, still and intense he was when she was trying her best to convince him she’s not stupid. And him only saying “I know” to her, like he wanted it to be very clear to her that he was NOT doubting her capabilities.

I don’t know why it struck me so much seeing him wonder about wether she knew she has dyslexia or not. It made me think about how much he’d want to be able to get inside her head and see what she thinks, how her brain works. This is something that also came out in the nightmare scene. Him desiring to be the origin of her terrors. It’s not the first time he’s said he would love to be the monster living inside her mind. He mentions how he misses not being the name she calls out in her sleep anymore. He is so evil. I think this was one of the things he was so envious about when Jervis drugged Taylor and trapped her in Wonderland.

The contrast between the image Taylor gives us of her Mr. J and the darkness the Joker is living in, is one of the things that made this chapter so good.

I am sure I’m forgetting to mention so many things but yeah, this is all I have for you at the moment Ma’am.

As always, you did an amazing job! Thank you for the update!
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