Reviews for The Primal Instinct
hauntedpumpkin56 chapter 16 . 10/20
Very good chapter. Loved Simon’s mother scene. Very typical Jewish mother. Loved it. Please continue
Guest chapter 16 . 10/17
So happy for an update, now I’m fretting over Jace hope to get another update soon
haidogirl1406 chapter 16 . 10/18
Damn those cliffhanger!
sylentmuse chapter 15 . 9/19
I'mNotYourAngel chapter 15 . 9/19
yes! finally! love me some parabatai smut, but even more, Jace being more open about his feelings and being able to enjoy all his lovers without guilt mm... perfection. precious baby deserves all the love.
SingForMeMyBelovedOnes chapter 14 . 9/17
I absolutely love this story! I especially enjoy the strong BDSM themes. I would really like more of that. Breathplay? Blindfold? Remote control toys? Jace is absolutely adorable. And big foursome at the end with everybody focusing on Jace?
Guest chapter 13 . 8/3
I suppose I can wait! (Long suffering sigh ) but the other one shots are worth the wait!
It-sallgeektome14 chapter 14 . 7/24
trust me, the wait is worth it
Guest chapter 14 . 7/18
This fic is just so engaging and i absolutely love it, and i absolutely love the way you write. Its perfection.
sylentmuse chapter 14 . 7/18
yes that would make it worth the wait. *wink wink*
always look forward to your updates and stories. thank you
Kelkitchin chapter 13 . 7/13
I love all your ShadowHunters stories. Skilled writer!
Midnite Girl chapter 13 . 7/2
Steadily getting into this multi pairing and am glad that you're not going to make Jace choose one pairing over the other He deserves all the loving in the world he can get.
sylentmuse chapter 13 . 6/21
I always get excited when I get a notification update for this story
SeddieShipper333 chapter 12 . 6/3
I really loved all of Jace's flirting with a flustered Simon in this chapter, and Raph just encouraging it. So cute and hot :P
I assume the 'endgame' is for Jace to stay in a relationship with all four of them but you've made me curious to see what kind of obstacles are coming their way before they can all come to that agreement. I'm predicting Jace is eventually going to get upset and overwhelmed even though the focus of this chapter is pretty much how content he is with the situation right now. So perhaps some sort of major event is eventually coming that is going to turn those tables. Hmm!
We'll see. I'm excited.
SeddieShipper333 chapter 11 . 5/16
So I've just finished catching up with this story and I'm really loving it. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about it when I read the description and I think I only ended up choosing to read it over one of your other stories due to it having Malace in it. You are such a genius at taking unique pairings, AUs, or kinks and making them feel so easy and natural. Such an amazing talent honestly.
I really enjoy the amount of one-on-one time that Jace has with all 4 of the alphas in this story (maybe less so Simon but we get to hear plenty of Simon's pinning). It's fun to see the different connections he has with each of the alphas. With Simon it's this cute nerdy adoration and with Raph it's this calm and collected comfort that Jace needs because while all the alphas may be comforting, I think Raph is special in the sense that Jace doesn't have to worry about Raph fussing (as Jace would call it). With Magnus they have their sub/Dom stuff which is hot and then dear Alec of course gets all the cuddles and love as the parabatai.
I love the amount of Jalec in this story. Jalec is my favourite pairing of all, although with your writing my favourite pairing is actually Malace since you write Jace as a submissive, Magnus balances that nicely.
(Speaking of sub Jace, his love for strawberries in this chapter was very adorable. And the fact that Magnus knew he loved strawberries and hates ducks... Oh how cute and cheeky of that warlock ;D )
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