Reviews for Conflicting Ideals
Lazy Servant chapter 62 . 6h
Thanks for the chapter.
I feel how is building up.
NewMystery356 chapter 62 . 12h
Love the intense dialogue at the start; a society propped up by lies can only ever fall over. Toga’s retrospective was also fun to read, as was Eri’s strides toward recovery; Shirou’s unease notwithstanding. BAKUGOU of all people admitting he’s an “opening act” shows how much progress he’s made, and that Gatling Gun DEFINITELY steals the show; especially if Momo can continually Create ammo without breaking the strand~
nathan.tan.whcl chapter 62 . 16h
Short but nice
Guest chapter 62 . 6/8
Oh dear Midoriya…

Oh no no no Toga needs to hold her train of thoughts don’t even think about them oh mighty Rin is so crazy great and she can read other’s mind!

Oh dearest Eri! Love her so much! move aside Shirou for Eri power up kitchen! Oops Eri sweetest heart please don’t break many kitchen utensils. Shirou’s heart can’t take this.

Bakugo team is interesting. I hope the wait for next isn’t too long. Keep going I like this chapter. Thanks!
devildust chapter 62 . 6/8
midoriya disgusts me here.
oh no it's gonna make it harder for us to get licenses! we have to fuck over the guy who trained us!
Suzululu4moe chapter 62 . 6/8
Wonder how much cash yaomomo had withdrawn before her funds go cut.
Maglad chapter 62 . 6/8
Uhm. I hope Shirou runs into them soon because there's a saying in criminology. "When you criminalize people, they act like criminals."
If they're going to get into trouble with the law anyway, people naturally decide 'fuck it, we're criminals now' and the heroes chasing the students down like that is criminalizing them. What were they doing? They were legally buying food, yet they were treated like criminals.
It may get to the point they'll smash and grab whatever they need since that's faster and they'd get into trouble anyway, and then they will have committed an actual (if minor) crime. And unless you magically wave it away, even a tiny crime will instantly destroy any chance at being 'heroes' in the future. You can't have a rap sheet and be a cop, and I assume heroes have similar restrictions.
Fyr RedNight chapter 62 . 6/8
Great work on this chapter!

I feel like Izuku has really grown, he's willing to do the hard thing even if it means going against the one person he is looking up to. It takes a lot of strength. Of course the same can be said for the rest of 1-A.

Toga's views on Rin are hilarious. Shows how much impacts our resident Jewelcraft Magus has on those who see act.

Eri is so sweet, and fearsome! She managed to get into Shirou's territory that is the kitchen, not a small feat.

Bakugo and the girls are ready to see things through, and it's beautiful to see.

I very much look forward to the next update!
Dimihd chapter 62 . 6/8
Great. Bakugou is finally where he should be. Hypocritical heroes will be brought down to earth and then rejected by the public. Here begins the path of the hunter for heroes. It would be desirable that at some point this trio received the attention of Tohsaka and they were offered a place in the group.
Guest chapter 62 . 6/8
But if it was truly peace there would be no heroes
PasiveNox chapter 62 . 6/8
Great chapter wonderful
E chapter 2 . 5/31
I want this to be good because it's long, but it already feels weird. Your Shirou comes off as very preachy. I never really got that impression from any canonical version of him, so I really can't tell what timeline he's supposed to be from. If he keeps acting like Mister Miyagi, I'm out. Even the jaded but wise EMIYA didn't espouse this bargain brand knowledge; it just seems like an excuse to make him seem wise when what he's saying isn't particularly profound.
Not-Quite-Old Man chapter 61 . 5/27
I just kinda marathon'd this story and I love it. I also love the direction Bakugo and the girls went in as well. His drive to be the 'best' is still part of him but he changed directions and that's actually pretty interesting given that some stories just outright try to neuter his desire to be the best. Midoriya's direction is also pretty interesting because he isn't really as isolated in this version. The girls is what surprised me the most though because usually they're left in the cold story wise. In this, they take a front seat and it's pretty interesting. I'm curious how all the others will react to this though, especially with how they have all changed.
Yog-sothsoth chapter 35 . 5/27
Go Rin, Go!
Yog-sothsoth chapter 34 . 5/27
Finally! Some actual problems and tension
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