Reviews for Scenes That Should Have Been - Teatime Conciliation
UnkownSoul chapter 2 . 2h
Well, this was interesting and once more I agree with your points!
Guest chapter 2 . 18h
I thought this story was about the post NT22R? I don't think this whole thing is necessary.
whwsms chapter 2 . 17h
IN-teresting ... for all we know, you might have saved Kamachi some work there, unless by some remote chance he already has a storyline like this drafted out but not yet published.

But still, it's a good reminder that Magic Gods are not true gods in that sense (picked that up myself from the To Aru Wiki), plus it's also interesting to remember (as later volumes revealed) everything didn't go bye-bye at the close of NT8, when Othinus (supposedly) destroyed the world.

Good Job.
UnkownSoul chapter 1 . 9/1
I already said it in a review on your Hydromancer story: You really nail these characters down very well, even Shokuhou.
And I agree with you, NT has so many open questions that were just left on the side of the road. I'm glad for this fic of yours.
Majin Othinus chapter 1 . 8/8
I'm in the same mind as you with regards to series' many plotpoints that have fallen to the wayside. Whatever happened to the #6 Level 5 participating in some sort of underground death game, what about the fake #6 and his Kansai accent? What is Ollerus going to do with regards to becoming a Magic God? Whatever happened to Freya? Discovering more about Touma's past and those he knew pre-amnesia would have been VERY interesting.

I also think that Kamachi has made some inconsistencies whith regards to how Othinus acts around Touma. She was openly flirting with her 'Understander' during the Elements invasion, but she just sort of stops? Touma is her one and only 'Understander', I would think that she would try a little more in getting close to him...

Anyways, I for one would enjoy reading more TAMNI fics from you in the near future.
Mad Random Writer chapter 1 . 8/4
I thank you for sharing this.

A scene between Misaki/Misaka and a Misaki/Touma was needed for the emotinal closure of the volume, and Kamachi denied us.

Touma will probably lose the cool dragon power, till much later or maybe ever. I am sad.
KurobaraIto chapter 1 . 7/28
Honestly, I like it. The conversation captured the awkward situation they were in. I hope you will continue writing in Toaru section because I really like your take.
whwsms chapter 1 . 7/27
Well, it could be argued that there are a number of scenes or scenarios mentioned in NT 22R aside from the one depicted here that are, at present, left to the readers' imagination. As you indicated, perhaps Kamachi might touch on them either in the new series coming in 2020, or maybe he'll churn out another side-story or two to do that.

Still, for the purpose of character development (something which rarely, if at all, happens overnight), it was an IN-teresting read. I see no indication of "Complete", so I'm thinking you're debating whether this is a one-shot, or whether another chapter or more may follow - guess that's up to you.