Reviews for Diligence of the Shield Hero
KingJGamer chapter 123 . 13h
Wait... Fist of the North Star?
KingJGamer chapter 115 . 14h
I get the feeling that if Glass hasn't already, she's going to awaken the Lust series when she sees Kizuna again, and regret how her first night with Kizuna went because it went a bit... wilder that intended and too far in her not horny mindset
PrittyMan chapter 1 . 16h
Oh, i made a mistake in the last review srry. it's my first time comenting on this platform and i dont really know how it works that well. I meant that no one would normally notice that detail. my bad, and sorry if this counts as spam, i dont know if i can remove or edit a review.
PrittyMan chapter 1 . 16h
Hi! i was giving this fic another read (because i just love this story) and found a tiny detail. It isn't anything important i believe, but maybe you might want to know!

In chapter 49 of Hope (i think) when all three parties of the heroes wete having the breakfast Naofumi prepared, Aksel said he didn't like seafood but ate it anyways, but later on chapter 60 of Diligence he said he was allergic and avoided it.

As i said, i think it's just a detail that doesn't really matter that much and normally anyone would really notice, maybe i'm just interpreting wrong the situation. But i hope i can be of help anyways!

Again, i love this fic and i hope you can keep writing a lot more of it!
Drcaus chapter 123 . 23h
Cardinal Heroes and Vassal Heroes are immune to a slave crest and brainwashing
Guest chapter 123 . 5/24
As Katana Hero Raphtalia base stats and Growth should be much higher.. but I'm she regards to her original level... it would be a massive jump in power... however she's going to be even more training considering that Katana is much different... Vessal heroes are immune to Slaves seals and Control type curses and more benefits
Guest chapter 123 . 5/24
I love Dou-Lon and his my favourite character, also what is with, he is lucky, too lucky and an idea for a hero clip is that there is a betting ring around the heroes and there party's on who will fall in love with who.
Keep up the great and awesome work.
Guest chapter 123 . 5/23
I thought Dou-Lon would be the Katana Hero, but I don't know enough about Rising of the shield hero to make that judgement.
Nightshadegirl chapter 123 . 5/24
sounds like everyone is going to be meeting up soon. in total agreement when it came to the latest episoder.
K0tar chapter 123 . 5/24
I have to wonder if Itsuki would get anything related to bow fishing if he were to absorb a fishing rod.
Ander Arias chapter 123 . 5/24
Yeah, I figured out that you wouldn't take kindly to that change the anime made, especially since Naofumi has no need to find Raphtalia, there's no reason to create Raph-chan. Unless they get separated at a later point.

It was only a matter of time before the sexual tension would lead to actual sex. I found Maya's rant at Itsuki rather hilarious, and even more after Filo got wind of it. Though, who taught her about reproduction? Given that Naofumi never dared to bring the topic to Raphtalia, he wouldn't teach the much younger Filo about that.

Huh, wasn't expecting Raphtalia to get a weapon from another world. Though, gotta say, I'm glad that Raphtalia no longer has the slave seal. It made her relationship with Naofumi an uncomfortable edge.
RJWritingInk chapter 123 . 5/23
Bruh, I feel your pain about the anime. I actually stopped watching because this new season got nothing on the first one.

That aside, when Naofumi and Raphtalia meet up again, they are going to be just like Aksel and Maya. I just hope they don’t get pregnant.

Also, Filo was going to learn swear words sooner or later. It’s a part of life
FShield96 chapter 123 . 5/23
The Raphtalia thing in the anime had me really confused.
All I can think about is that they want to omit the L'Arc group and focus on Ethnobalt, the Vassal Katana and what happened to Filo.
As for Raph-Chan, I'll say that either Naofumi and/or Raphtalia will be curious about getting one or they'll get her as a compensation if and when Raphtalia loses the slave crest when she becomes the Katana Hero.
Jarius Black chapter 123 . 5/23
FINALLY! Somebody else gets it, my Family did not understand why I randomly started yelling at the screen when we watched the episode the other day. I don't want to spoil it for them, so I had to be careful, but the direction they are going looks to take away Rafu-Chan, and this I will not stand for. Not to mention what you said, the character growth that Raphtalia gets during this arc as well as Naofumi because of her being gone will be ruined due to this...the creative team better have a damn good reason for changing what they did.
BelfortKieran chapter 123 . 5/23
Aha! I knew that was totally wrong on the anime. But thanks for confirming it. What is this thing about second seasons pummeling down the quality with changes like this,?

Oof. Welp, so this finally has happened, huh? I was looking foward to it too. Also, Alsel and Maya are wholesome even when being naughty. Lol
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