Reviews for Diligence of the Shield Hero
dariuscrawford482 chapter 66 . 4/10
Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 is coming
Visual Bliss chapter 57 . 4/1
Shit I would have just left before the demi humans arrived and watched them destroy melromarc
Visual Bliss chapter 53 . 4/1
This isn't as good as I thought it was when I read it the first time
Alliumz chapter 92 . 3/27
Alliumz chapter 91 . 3/27
Naofumi man- tbh yeah, If I was in his party I would leave like eclair. But man dude-Regresing character development-?
Alliumz chapter 68 . 3/26
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I fricking feel so bad for Itsuki- I'm crying rn because of this chapter. Rlly well written though
Duncan0Idaho chapter 67 . 3/6
Honestly, this chapter made me drop the fic.

I was expecting a new twist, like say, Naofumi getting a shield of bonds that would in turn encourage him to foster friendships. Not slaves.

Even if he's the kindest most well meaning slave owner in the face of the planet, the fact remains he's reducing people to objects. To less than human status.

So, a shield of friendship, a shield of bonds, a shield that followed that pattern and offered bigger bonuses to naofumi and his party would have been great to see. It also serves as a second narrative layer: Naofumi has officially conquered one of his demons. Mistrust and Paranoia.

He has managed to get to the point where he can trust people freely and forge healthy relationships again. Thus the shield reflects the growth of the user.

Too bad this is not the path you, the author has decided on. Before this it was a good RotSH fanfic.

Oh well, best of luck in your further endeavors.
VinTEB chapter 100 . 2/28
Eclair sighed. Silently thanking her bakako for being as predictable as always.

"her bakako"

Guest chapter 138 . 2/18
I hope you are able to start writing this again soon. I'm really looking forward to when Atla is introduced. She was one of my favorite characters in the book, and I can't wait to see your take on her!

Best Wishes
natewins1500 chapter 43 . 2/15
I hope your kidding about being fifty chapters later that would be funny
Guest chapter 138 . 1/29
Hey, I hope you continue this allen! This is by far the best fanfic of shield hero I have ever seen! Much love brother
Amit Barabi chapter 70 . 1/24
I try to imagine how strong Dou-Lon would have been had Fitoria been the one to delevel him.
Theodore Linardakos chapter 138 . 1/20
what's the point reading it? it follows canon and canon is crap...
Amit Barabi chapter 56 . 1/18
Is there a way to remove reviews from one's story? I hope I can figure it out one day. I have two reviewers who clearly didn't read my story and decided to bully me.
Maidenless chapter 7 . 1/17
I'm glad i decided to reread this fic it's amazing and Naofumi and Raphtalia's interactions are just adorable!
I'd believe it if this were an original story how well it's been written! :)
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