Reviews for Virtue of the Shield Hero
Nightshadegirl chapter 165 . 6/16
maybe a new language should be made for the hero's nation
mirellia's commoner clothes are so outdated... no wonder she needed melty's help
malty will burn for ending her brother's life and the demiboy's as well
i really hope melty doesn't make naofumi an archduke upon his return... i still can't get over that fact after learning it and it making them go into a... what was it... a political engagement
is s'yne falling for motoyasu? that is so unexpected
is that one shadow actually from the narutoverse?
Drcaus chapter 165 . 6/11
Motayasu x Syne interesing
kurolothgarian chapter 46 . 6/11
chapter 46 Omake:
Second Princess has a melt(y)Down.
dariuscrawford482 chapter 165 . 6/11
Motoyasu x Sy’ne interesting pairng
Amit Barabi chapter 165 . 6/11
It was an amazing chapter. I loved the character work and the insightful portion about forgiveness and forgetting.
dariuscrawford482 chapter 165 . 6/10
Motoyasu x S’yne pairing interesting
drm186 chapter 165 . 6/10
6 days before Father's Day, you drop a mom chapter, be it Melty needed this type of growth in order to move on.

are you really setting up the clown girl wth Motoyasu? Isn't she a bit young for him (i thought her age was 15)

the next match is going to be a clusterbeep, a death match neigher fighter wants
Nightshadegirl chapter 164 . 5/27
bet their will be a battle just to get out of zeltoble
Nightshadegirl chapter 163 . 5/27
interesting... highly doubt that murder pierrot has a thing for motoyasu though
limanskiiar chapter 162 . 5/25
Does Atla wake up to frame Motoyasu now? Will Ren be cured? What will be the first meeting between Motoyasu and S’yne? And what will be Sadeena reaction to the fact that she became an aunt? The main issues of this arch.
StoryPointA chapter 162 . 5/15
Fun chapter, always a joy to see karma going to those who have it coming.
Nightshadegirl chapter 162 . 5/15
yikes, i did not see that coming
Amit Barabi chapter 161 . 5/1
It was very touching. I have a soft spot for sick cats (tiger people, in this case) surviving because I lost my 19 years old cat, her 14 years old son, and another kitten.
In theory, if all four heroes used their most powerful healing spells (preferably with the staff's method) while one of them (I assume Naofumi is the most effective), applied this super elixir, could they heal Atla in one session?
Illya Emiya chapter 161 . 4/30
Omg can't wait for Aultcray to meet the twins. With how you had him pan out I feel he deserves to get his fam back ya know?
Nightshadegirl chapter 161 . 4/30
so glad atla and fohl are free
don't know why but i like nyakuolas's laugh, reminds me of Tsubasa Hanekawa from monogatari
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