Reviews for Percy Jackson and the Lost God
Zariah chapter 3 . 10/19
Please update soon this story is so good.
Celestiana chapter 40 . 10/6
I’m honestly kinda sad that Percy swapped back to being a boy. Will Persephone Jackson be a reoccurring thing? Pleaseeee. Way early on you talked about soul assimilation between Adamos and Percy, so can he like, pick up Adamos’ gender swap tendencies? I absolutely adored Persephone’s personality. I dunno if the slight personality change was intentional but gods did I live it aha
y chapter 1 . 10/1
I really loved this book... please update..
PBS lover1212 chapter 42 . 9/28
When are you gonna post a new chapter?
YP chapter 42 . 9/25
When are you going to update?
Guest chapter 1 . 9/19
agmmagm chapter 42 . 9/20
God bless them and thx for the chapter
Zariah chapter 42 . 9/15
happyraincloud1 chapter 15 . 9/16
I wasn’t sure how to take how much of a kleptomaniac Adamos is. But after Medusa, the gryphon, and now the lotus casino, I’m just going to roll with it and enjoy the ride. Your story is a lot of fun to read
Shadowslayer10 chapter 27 . 9/10
Uncharted 3 reference , NICE
Zariah chapter 42 . 9/3
Can we get an update soon?
Zariah chapter 42 . 8/22
Can we get an update soon pretty please.
jimmy.oz chapter 7 . 8/22
Kind of curious if he is so powerful how did he get captured and punished like he did. it is pretty cool though how he did the stuff with having kids since i was curious how he would have a relationship with artemis if he had so many kids already. but apparently doing that way doesn't count.
jimmy.oz chapter 4 . 8/22
Hopefully nothing happens to his mom this time with the blessing and all then again it isn't like she fully died and was just taken to the underworld.
yoganksri chapter 42 . 8/20
please update soon. its a good story
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