Reviews for Percy Jackson and the Lost God
Ahont chapter 41 . 7/2
RIP the brother gods, though they deserve it. Also, Judgement is best girl.
InsertRandomUncreativeNameHere chapter 14 . 7/2
In conclusion...everything that ever has happened, is happening, or will happen is Adamos' fault. But it always gets blamed on someone else.
InsertRandomUncreativeNameHere chapter 9 . 7/2
Are the fireballs an intentional reference to Kingdom Hearts? Firaga and triple firaga?
Matt chapter 41 . 6/30
Nice. Also in my opinion The Brothers are to blame for everything, I mean they said they were Ozma’s friends but instead of consoling Salem after Ozma’s death they just told her to get over hi with the subtlety of a dinosaur that farts live fireworks and only sings what he says in hard rock, then after Salem brings an army they kill all humans on Remnant, then they revive Ozma and curse him with eternal life.
Warlord009 chapter 41 . 7/1
Finallyyy a new chapter, it always feels like an eternity waiting for updates but the high quality makes up for it! The only question I have is do Omakes have any significance? Like will be missing anything important if I decided to skip them? Anyways good chapter as always
Ice 88 chapter 41 . 6/30
YES, this will be a bumpy ride bit well worth. Bless you for the makings of this great story. No complaints from me.

I cant help but feel proud of how far this story has come since 2019. Also congrats on making it to chapter 40.
TheGirlofManyFloods chapter 41 . 6/30
How is Tiamat the sister of Eris?
Why does Adamos hate Romans?
How will Adamos react when Percy meets the Romans?
And what is your updating schedule?
TheGirlofManyFloods chapter 37 . 6/30
Why does Adamos hate the Romans and what happens When Percy ends up meeting the Romans at the Roman camp?
Frostboi88 chapter 41 . 6/29
This is basically how I figured their first meets was gonna go.

Enter player 2!
I really liked the Novel adamos told Percy about. Hopefully this doesn't end the same. :(
MSKN chapter 41 . 6/29
Great Chapter. I am looking forward to how the relation btw Thalia and Percy progress. The part about the novel was hilarious.
coolboy 123 chapter 41 . 6/26
Pliz make more I'm addicted to this fic!
Jason Wu chapter 41 . 6/26
Now I'm imagining Gabriel going crazy as an omake due to Adamos not showing up to work since he's inside his younger brother.

It'll be hilarious as hell when Luke finds out the twelve year old that he failed to poison and the one that broke his nose is closer to Thalia than he is
Robin the Ylissian Grandmaster chapter 41 . 6/28
Oh Hell yes a Helltaker crossover
MuppetMann chapter 41 . 6/27
A legend returns!
love the chapter and hope to see more (preferably not after like a 2 month wait but life happens so idm)
Is Percy going to have a live interest in this? I'm not sure if you've mentioned this but I've forgotten, cheers.
TheGirlofManyFloods chapter 4 . 6/27
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