Reviews for Loving Them
lillianolivia.white chapter 21 . 21h
Great chapter. Edward handles this so well.
moonwinks chapter 21 . 12/5
I wonder what it would be like if Edward married all of them. He is truly “Loving Them” - each one of them for their own merits and unique personality. I imagine them having a big house with each alter having her own room. :) That would be cool.

Strange that Edward seems to be slipping into different “characters” to correspond to Bella’s alters. Fully understandable but the whole thing worries me...that he will lose his integrated self as a way to cope with Bella’s fluctuating mindset. It seems like “Bella” is slipping away. It also appears that she has become somewhat of a burden for Edward. His mother really did a number on Bella...just like Renee did. Hateful, mean, underhanded, and abusive. Bella was abused by her mother and she retreated and split to protect herself. Perhaps Rosalie is developing into another version of herself...truly in charge and tough as nails but approachable to help Bella deal with the “in-laws”.

This is such a complex are amazing.
Ms.Birdde chapter 21 . 12/5
Is Edward no longer talking to the doctor? Has he forgot about it because that would’ve really helped him this chapter
KDMCAM chapter 21 . 12/4
His PMS! That is a perfect way to describe it! I'm all caught up...i'm so sad and so addicted to this story!
KDMCAM chapter 20 . 12/4
I'm shocked how rose acted! I think even more than edward.
KDMCAM chapter 19 . 12/4
Oh no does she come onto Kate?
KDMCAM chapter 18 . 12/4
I did not expect his parents to get worse. Wow!
grandmachix chapter 21 . 12/4
Something is not quite right. Bella is changing somewhat. Edward is changing to fit the alters. I wonder if Bella may be feeling a little jealousy?
KDMCAM chapter 17 . 12/4
Oh my goodness. Poor tanya.
karen4honor chapter 21 . 12/4
Did Rose decide to just roll with it?
KDMCAM chapter 16 . 12/4
Good thinking edward
KDMCAM chapter 15 . 12/4
I figured rose would do this.
KDMCAM chapter 14 . 12/4
I'm laughing outloud. I wonder if he could spank bree?
KDMCAM chapter 13 . 12/4
Who is coming next?
KDMCAM chapter 12 . 12/4
Wow way to take a baby step with rose.
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