Reviews for One Last Game
MagicAngelo chapter 1 . 8/7/2019
Hello, hello, Namo! Decided to leave a little review here since I’ve just finished reading this.

I’m definitely not procrastinating on reading your main story by reviewing this one here.

Before I get to the ONE thing that irks me and the many things that amazes me, I want to get my general thoughts out of the way: this one-shot doesn’t exactly have high stakes going on here, which I don’t doubt that some people may not like, but I personally enjoyed the tranquil vibes this story gives off. Nice, slow, and it shows insight on Aria’s and Kamon’s thoughts on the former moving away.

Okay, onto the specifics! As I mentioned before, there was just one thing that bothered me: mainly, the way Aria offhandedly mentioned that she managed to carry her dad (a Gallade, might I add) to safety from a bunch of agitated Combees, which I’m assuming is their home or at the very least, a nearby shelter. Putting aside the fact that a riolu managed to carry a Gallade at all (the latter being about 2.3x her height), Aria also somehow managed to outrun the combees at the same time, which... I find a little hard to believe. Granted, she’s a fighting-type, but c’mon.

Admittedly that was just a nitpick on my part, since it only occured as an afterthought. Now onto the good bits.

I love the dynamic between Aria and Kamon (impressive given that those two characters are from two completely different people), and I adore the little banter between the two, although my favourite moments has to be the moment when Kamon made fun of their dad behind his back (he can’t seem to catch a break, huh?). The two “games” they have together in this story — the one at the start and the one after dinner — really complemented each other, with Kamon being able to land a hit on Aria during the second one. I found that moment to be particularly satisfying :)

And for my favourite quote:
[Aria laughed, though nobody but her would hear it. She returned the wave as well as she could, turned ahead, and marched.
The Riolu disappeared into the horizon's rising sun.]

It isn’t an actual quote, but I did think that it was a nice way to wrap up the one shot. It left a sense of finality for me, which is a little silly considering that it’s just a short story not even related to your main one, but I digress.

All in all, it was a fun one-shot that left a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, you should write more of this ;) Keep up the good work, Namo!