Reviews for Naruto: Relit
DaKaiserPotato chapter 43 . 10/21
Why must you tease us this way
Yamajiji chapter 4 . 10/18
Jesus. I have to say that I’m really hating this Naruto. He’s even more childish than cannon. I hope he shapes up.
Yamajiji chapter 3 . 10/18
I have to say, I’m liking this Kakashi a bit more, not to mention the fact that Naruto doesn’t love Sakura here (which I always found stupid).
Yamajiji chapter 2 . 10/18
So Kakashi is a hard ass here? This is pretty interesting. Glad to see Sasuke’s attitude backfire on him. If he’d discussed it with the team they would have passed.
WildNuvez chapter 42 . 10/13
I know you just created him for the purpose of blowing through the match and leading to Garra vs Rock Lee but holy crap was Budo unexpectedly a joy to read especially with how you ended the "fight", Hinsdale vs Neji while I don't think it was as interesting as the Sakura vs Ino fight, it did make me sympathize with Neji more than the manga did and I love Hinata's outburst towards the end of the fight
Scissorman1985 chapter 39 . 9/18
Dang, a Sakura/Ino fight that's actually compelling to read? That might actually be a first for this site.
NoNameUchiha chapter 39 . 9/17
Very well done fight! Not only in action, but also the meaning behind it.
Keep it up!
The Purple Elf chapter 39 . 9/17
I'm loving it so far! Although, it's confusing how a Yamanaka can use any sort of Elemental ninjutsu. You see, Yamanakas, Naras and Akimichis all have their kekkei genkais which require utmost concentration on, so they don't really need elemental ninjutsu because their kekkei genkais are powerful enough as is. But that was all on a whim, I could be wrong about the entire clan. Although I have checked Ino's wiki page and it says she specialises only in Yin and Yang chakra, nothing about elemental chakra. Well, it is a fanfiction, so yeah! You do you mate, you want to add something new? Sure! It's your story, your world :)
TheOmnificentOne chapter 12 . 9/15
I'm a bit confused about your rank system. Kakashi is S rank? and Zabuza fought him to a standstill? is he also s rank? and if so, how is this mission only considered a b rank?
TheOmnificentOne chapter 6 . 9/10
woah. a total overhaul of the sharingan. nice
SakuHeart chapter 38 . 9/8
That was a bad bitch moment! We love to see it!
Gaara's crazy, I like him.
Can't wait to read the fight.
SakuHeart chapter 37 . 9/2
That was a cool fight scene. I wonder if the differences in Tenten and Temari's fight will effect the storyline.
Naruto hates being the errand boy xD.
Gaara's attitude is so strange in this. I actually like it, it's not the simple "I hate everyone, move or I'll kill you" that so many characters have. It's why I like Sasuke in this too. Their personalities are layered, not just making them out to be angsty kids.
Thrillvice chapter 36 . 8/31
This is a work of art. Honestly writing wise I kinda like this more than the original! Everything's so fresh, there's constant movement. The characters are deep and I enjoy their relationships so much alongside the overarching story.
I've sat at the edge of my seat all day reading this and I'm stuck drooling waiting for more.

When I read Naruto fanfiction - this is exactly the type I want to read. Your writing puts me directly there and I want so much more of it. If you're a published author let me know, I'd buy every work you've put out if it's even a quarter of the quality you've got here so far.

I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next.
SakuHeart chapter 36 . 8/25
Great chapter.
I like how the fights are in a different order. Since Sasuke missed their fights, it's nice to see how he would have reacted to them.
When the out of bounds thing happened, I knew Naruto was going to do something like that with Akamaru. It was really smart.
Are you going to write the fights about Team Seven members only or everyone? If the match-ups are the same as canon, I'm guessing it's just Team Seven and you'll glaze through the other fights.
Can't wait for your next update.
Guest chapter 30 . 8/24
This has to be the first story I've read where Naruto is literally more useless and dumber than in canon.

Both Sakura and Sasuke have actually improved, not just in terms of characters, but also in terms of powers, especially Sakura, who now knows Earth Style even, Sasuke has more Fire jutsu.

Naruto is the only character here that has actually regressed from his canon self and is actually even more of a moron, his powers are also pretty much the same.

Also the first fic where Naruto has needed the help of Sakura to beat anyone while Sasuke is out there pulling his own weight.

Pathetic honestly. I don't want him to be overpowered or a vastly different character but what have you actually done to make him different from canon? Exaggerated his dumbassery by a mile for 'muh comedy'?
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