Reviews for To Survive
Logic11B chapter 1 . 4/15
I agree with Fake. Calinstel's literary genius is best put on display in book 2; *To Survive: Obedience*

Watching Shepard’s transition from Alliance N7 & Council SPECTRE, into the pathetic cuckold soy-boy we see for the entirety of Obedience, was more than a bit inspiring.

Making all female Quarians immature & emotionally retarded was a great way to make Kal nearly Shepard level POS as well. I loved watching Calinstel transform the once proud, honorable, and decent Marine into a suit-rat that digs into people's trash bins without shame while neglecting all duty. When Kal isn't double checking scratch-off lotto tickets Tali makes Shepard pay him 50oz of platinum to be forged into jewelry for the retarded peg leg Lana. Simply Genius.

However it had been Calinstel's world building and redesign of all things Quarian that's had the largest impact on our lives, being the foundation to much of our favorite Xeno-smut. Whether our Low-T m!Shep is coaxing out "Ohh Keelahhhh's" on FF like a gentleman, engaging in incest with his twin on Ao3, or we're reading stories about how Cerberus accidentally attaches 12" of cock to said twin, Jane.. who then fucks the entire SR2 crew...on Hentai-Found, its always the author's nod to Calinstel calming us that the latest smut hunt is over.

If I was forced to find anything negative with Calinstel's work I'd probably fail. It kinda sucks that Tali, my favorite alien who I wanna bang is massively over sampled as a stranded hooker banging passage across the galaxy more than everyone else combined(3)...
FakeName chapter 20 . 12/29/2019
Hope u can get the rest uploaded soon man. I heard about this story and it all makes sense i couldn't dig anything up on it until now. Thanks.
Berenjena chapter 1 . 12/13/2019
I just find out about this story and how good people say it is but discover the author erased it long ago , thanks for giving me this chance to read it myself, I hope you can get the whole story back
Ben Walker1 chapter 20 . 9/10/2019
so good to see this story again, hoping you can get the rest up asap, the site I used to use to read this after its removal recently stopped letting me read itwas a Russian translation site that I auto translated back to english) I'm now stuck having read up to chapter 34 with no way to finish