Reviews for Four Walking Disasters
Vortozan chapter 85 . 5/20
What the actually flying fuck. This shit was AWESOME! I loved every character in this story, I laughed so hard SO MUCH. Never have I fan-girled over characters developing and meeting up as hard as this before in my life and I doubt I ever will manage to again. No way I find a story that makes me lose my mind and laugh as hard as this one did.
Like really!? That “I am sworn to carry your burdens” line from Lydia made me spasm in my chair from fangirling so much that it lasted a minute and I almost cried from relief and happiness.
Your cat thief was the most sincere being in the universe and I just wanna give her a hug from everything she’s gone through.
Hjar went from a almost literal wild animal to someone with enough vision to make peace between two peoples who are hell bent on genocide for the other.
The assassin who fell in love with her target story line, was so well executed and full of intriguing developments that I was biting at the bit. Like she betrayed her family, her family betrayed her, she stopped a billion assassination attempts, fell in love, fought all the ghosts and Potomia was redeemed like WTF.
Then we have Xander… a manipulative asshat who slowly and very realistically changed his ways, made all the right choices and by God was his relationships and shenanigans with the Deadra the funniest shit ever. Poor Meridia (I think that’s her name) getting ignored all the time that she literally started begging to be used before their first dragon fight, that was my favourite part of this story so fucking funny.
This story was all over the place with so many different views and arch’s everywhere, yet you put it together so masterfully that your writing level must be like at 110 somehow. Kindly accept my everlasting respect, prayer and well wishes for your future biblical God-Sent Author powers and have a amazing life, afterlife and your next 200 lives after that you mad man!
Thank You for the Read! Times infinity… fuck, all that still doesn’t express how good this story is
- Vortz
DrWandel chapter 85 . 3/26
Wow, a great end to a real long, sophisticated and nicely written story - thank you for writing and sharing with us!
Guest chapter 85 . 3/13
Loved the story. It brought great delight to my Saturday evenings. Cheers mate.
DemonSword09 chapter 85 . 3/15
Masterclass. Probably one of my favotite stories on this website, sad to see it go, would read the fuck out of a sequel.
wdog44 chapter 85 . 3/14
Amazing story! Been here for years at this point and am so happy, and a little sad, to see it end! Fantastic work!
thewolfgod99 chapter 85 . 3/14
Oh, dear, Xander is kinda dense...

And attractive to daedric princesses?
TichePotato chapter 84 . 3/13
I don't quite have a lengthy review to give. I'll leave my commentary on the story to "I like the ascii scene breaks, abd everything inbetween them." For story recommendation, maximsk's Currents of Time series has been one I've revisited a few times over the last five or so years. It's very grand in scale, and, like yours, delves into the metaphysics and weirdness of legendary events in a way few others do.

Overall though, I've very much enjoyed this story. I almost don't want to see it end, but as you said, where could it go? Ficlets. I want ficlets. L'laarzen journeying about Tamriel, cutting hair and getting involved in court gossip. Hzar dealing with annoying (glorious) logistical problems, Dulurza and Elisif dealing with court politics and logistical problems. Xander balancing having a harem with running the College and creating new laws of magic every other week.

Short, irreverent, fun ficlets. Gimme.
Freduardo chapter 85 . 3/12
Really great story, love the OC's and thanks for the Serana bit
maximsk chapter 85 . 3/12
"Visits-Sovngarde-every-other-Tuesday"? For shame. It's called Tirdas. :D

Writing the last piece of feedback on a story is always tough. I want to reply to what you've done in this (very substantial) chapter, but I also want to give some kind of closing comment on the story as a whole. So, no more delaying. Chapter first.

I really had some reservations about the characterization of the Dragonborn in your story, but you pulled through wonderfully in the end. Siegmund Thalvarth. I wonder who came up with "Thalvarth"! His reconciliation with Lydia was pretty much what I expected it to be, but that's not a disappointment. They have a good thing going. Lydia's connection to the Dragonborn is kind of low-hanging fruit for authors, in some ways, but you did a good job of turning DB's flat characterization into a twist on that time-worn connection.

The subsequent scene with the dragons all getting together was less predictable. Resurrecting Paarthurnax? Pretty standard. Imposing a new order on the remaining dragons? Interesting, especially since he's not forcing them to listen to Paarthurnax. Going around and raising the other dragons in general? How about that! (By the way: One of the very first things the Dragonborn did in my own fanfic was pet a dragon on the snout. Seeing Siegmund's thoughts on it here was very amusing.)

Also, here is an excerpt of dialogue from when I was reading the story out loud tonight.

(Dragons start hissing at DB)
Friend: “They’re like cats!”
(Soul starts swirling towards DB)
Me: “They’re like cats, reacting to the vacuum cleaner!”

I think Quaranir may have had his dignity given the Meridia treatment from long-term exposure to Xander. The revelation that he's pretty much just another kid at school is ... maybe not shocking, given how things went, but still moderately silly. In fact, he gave me some pretty big Xander energy throughout that scene. Well, good for him! Maybe he can drop by the College again sometime. Chat about old times. Try to reassemble the Staff of Magnus using a pile of Elder Scrolls to reach back in time to the moment it was destroyed. You know, whatever needs doing.

I wasn't sure what would happen with Julius in the end. I guess everyone has committed so many crimes throughout this story — Emperor Titus, anyone? — that they don't have a leg to stand on for prosecuting Julius for trying to end the world. (Stealing an Eye of the Falmer alone should give him an infinite bounty for the value of what he stole.) He's basically impossible to hold in a proper prison anyway, and it's not like he got his magic taken away Ozai-style. Kinda cute that they're gonna have an actual debate about it. Seems unlikely that Julius will win that debate. Seems more like he just had the wrong people to talk to about those ideas, because he felt he couldn't afford to mention them to anyone outside the conspiracy besides Oct.

Also also, here's another excerpt from my reading out loud tonight.

Me, reading Oct: “I’m pregnant.”
Friend: “Ooooh.”
Me: “And Cicero is the father!”
Friend: “Oh no!”
Me: “We should write a fanfic about it.”
Friend: “You know Cicero only has eyes for the Night Mother.”
Me: “They have to do it all in front of the coffin. While it’s open.”
Friend, in frighteningly good Cicero voice: “I like when Mother watches!”

Arngeir's bit with Ulfric was fascinating. I think this is the first fic I've heard of where Arngeir concedes that Ulfric may have had a point all along. What would Jurgen Windcaller say about that? — I suppose on some level, the Greybeards never really lost their purpose, since even in-game, they're not prohibited from helping the Dovahkiin save the world. Far from it, in fact. It just depends on whether you draw the line between "fighting mortals vs. fighting Alduin," or "getting involved in political conflicts vs. saving the cosmos from magical dismantling." Interesting scene, might've had more material there to explore, understandable that you didn't.

You're lucky I'm not a rabid fan of the Companions, by the way. I can just hear all the fanboys of Aela the Huntress shrieking at the top of their lungs at that tiny, blatantly fourth-wall-leaning scribble of a cameo. How dare. :P

Speaking of hot characters: Xander thinks Dulurza is the hottest? I see he is into musclegirls as well as catgirls. And he gets a harem at the end. A harem made of every female non-Disaster character who's ever looked at him, basically. I should have known the obvious anime protagonist in your Skyrim fanfic was secretly an anime protagonist all along.

Meanwhile, the Dragonborn goes off to play Dawnguard. Just wait till he attempts to play Hearthfire and accidentally adopts a dragon instead of a child.

Alright. That's all I can think of to say for the chapter. What to say about the entire story? It's not easy to summarize nearly 500,000 words of text.

I said in my first review that Four Walking Disasters was the best Skyrim fanfic I've ever read on this website. Since then, I haven't actually read many other new Skyrim fanfics, so that's easily true. But I have a feeling I could've been following every new release and I'd still prefer what you made.

One of the things that strikes me the most about your story is your willingness to let intractable problems remain that way. Potema's possession of Elisif, the political divide in the Reach, even Skyrim's Civil War — these are all conflicts that did not end with a decisive defeat for anyone, and in the latter case has not entirely ended at all. At times, I've gotten impatient with that. Especially with Potema, there were points at which I just wanted to scream at the characters for trying and failing and trying and failing over and over like they were chasing their tails. But I think it also speaks to a certain maturity you have as a storyteller, being willing to let your characters deal with problems they can't just conquer their way through. It gave your Disasters a lot of chances to shine.

Your treatment of the NPCs, likewise, was largely very thoughtful. I think there were a lot of instances where the narrative maybe got too irreverent for its own good, quite apart from the obvious fourth-wall-leaning stuff like Aela had today. (I've already cited the Daedra there, but I also had some difficulty imagining Michael Hogan's tough but savvy Tullius saying some of his lines, for example.) But while you may have struggled under the weight of so many different voices, you did a good job of selling me on the idea of all these people really having their own feelings and wants. That can be a monumental task when you're juggling truly so many characters in the background, or indeed, the foreground in many chapters.

Most of all, you've had a talent for making me want more. It's not just the characters who died somewhere along the way, like Sinding, Titus Mede II, or /especially/ Faolan. Every time we cut away from a character, I've found myself looking forward to seeing what they'll be up to next. Whether it's Hjar riding a cursed waterslide out of Understone Keep, or Xander sagging under the weight of carrying the entire team with his magic. I always want to see where these people's adventures are going to take them.

And it's still true now at the end. I still want more. I don't mind feeling bittersweet about it — I'd rather come off at the end of this saying "Aw, already?" than "Whew, finally!" Those tend to be the only two options when something like this story comes to a close. You did a great job on Four Walking Disasters. I don't know anything about Dishonored, but if that's where you're going next, I'll try my best to follow.

OK. I think that's about it.


I lied. One more thing. Not as a reviewer of your work, but as a person talking to another: Please stay in touch with me, if we can make it happen. It's rare to meet someone like you. I just hope I can offer to you anything that holds a candle to the reliable doses of joy and laughter you've offered me over the past year and ten months.
Cyan Quartz chapter 85 . 3/12
Wow. What a great fanfic! You RARELY ever see such a good OC fic, not because they don't exist! But they just have a hard time attracting readers. I've read a few to the end in all the years I've been here.

I'm glad there was more to the Epilogue, last chapter was great but we really needed this extra time to wind down. I'm not sure if you're saving any leftover ideas or unseen scenes for one shots, but either way this story was fantastic as written.

As for any recommendations I could make, there was another Elder Scrolls fic that got me back into the fandom, leading me here. It's funny, it's got action, some really cool themes, it's got adventure but it knows when to rest and when to get going again. The writer did their research to the max, and I'm genuinely hooked waiting for the next upload.

Thing is, it's a crossover with Naruto. AND I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING! But you'd be surprised at the number of quality fics you miss out on not checking the Crossover section once in a while. It's called Blood Ties, by Igornerd if you wanna check it out. The dragon born in this one is one of my favorites so far, though yours got to me too!

Anyways, I loved the story so far, and it's ok if you didn't want to include the Companions because they've been done to death at this point anyways. Even just the quests, by players like me. Kinda like Helgen for me.
WinternallyScreaming chapter 85 . 3/12
What a good time we've had of this story :) I've been glad to stick around for it. Thank you for the huge amount of time and work you've put into this!
MalumAnima chapter 85 . 3/12
What a ride this story has been, it started out as just a fun little self aware comedy story and gradually grew into one of my favorite stories that I’ve read, this site and off.

The characters are spectacular and the highs and lows they went through hurt, excited, and sometimes infuriated me!— which just means more props to you for how well you wrote them. It’s all just fantastic.

Lot more I could say about this chapter just by itself with all the awesome nods to the rest of the story or just in-game memes (or Best Girl saying the thing WOOHOO!) but then this would be a stupid long written thing spanning paragraphs and I ain’t gonna be that guy!

Long review short: an amazing read from start to finish and I look forward to anything and everything that you come up with next!
Bob of the A chapter 85 . 3/12
Well, I'm sad that it's over. This is one of my favorite stories on this site, period- and I've been active on here for at least a dozen years.

The fantastic four here are definitely the best OCs I've ever seen.

And finally... Thank you so much for writing this! As I said, I'm sad that it's over, but I'm so, so glad that I got to enjoy the ride!

Best of luck in any future projects!
Cold White Album chapter 85 . 3/12
I can’t say I’ve been here the longest nor am I the most dedicated, but what I can say is that it’s been a sincere pleasure to read this fic front to back multiple, appreciate something new every time and still be here to for the finally.

I loved every minute of it.

But most of all thank you for writing it.
Jaymezians chapter 84 . 3/12
I came to this story from White Eyes. I thought to myself, "Wow, that was one hell of a story. I wonder if this author has any other stories I'd be interested in."

Sure enough, here you are. I cannot tell you how glad I am to finally see a decent Skyrim Fanfic (I'm in the same boat, they're all crap).

I'm actually going to watch or play Dishonored just so I can read your fanfiction. So I'll be back and thank you for this wonderful story.
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