Reviews for Warlord Ascending
Welkin chapter 1 . 1/17/2022
You certainly made Vilgax more palatable than I expected. This has assuredly given more perspective on things. I found that, he's a consequence of war and conquest and never have grown out of it since to his losses of family. Seeking finality through action and lost has lost the micro perspective of life that matters. This was a great read!
Danilodank100 chapter 1 . 7/29/2020
This story is so amazing I wish it were real and animated (with the original ben 10 animation). You really made vilgax seem like the destined unstoppable juggernaut he was supposed to be. (At least post the classic series.)
Strong-bot chapter 1 . 1/6/2020
this story's so great it makes me want to forget that time vilgax met george Washington.
Tactical Ochoa chapter 1 . 8/27/2019
You continue to impress me more and more with each addition to the Little Moments series that you make. This story added so much depth to Vilgax. Far more depth than what was done with him in the actual shows. I always found Kevin Levin to be far more worthy of being Ben's greatest adversary (and granted, I still hold that very sentiment). Kevin just seems as if he's more connected to Ben than Vilgax is and I honestly find that Vilgax has more of a connection with Max than with Ben due to his history with Max. Regardless though, this is such a welcomed improvement of Vilgax. By far the best take on Vilgax as a villain and character I've seen so far.

For example, I've always had an issue with how Alien Force portrayed Vilgax as being more sympathetic towards his own people on Vilgaxia and how said people view him in such a positive light despite everything that he's done. This story shows why. From what I recall, Alien Force didn't provide any reasoning behind why this is the case. Warlord Ascending, however, does. You were able to provide a proper reasoning behind why Vilgax cares about his people and why his people care about him. It made sense and it felt justified.

As you stated, this isn't about redeeming Vilgax. Vilgax is a warlord. A terrorist. A monster. A villain. He's killed billions during his genocidal crusade. While his mindset behind his crusade seemed understandable, it also felt flawed but in a way that further defines Vilgax as a character and villain. What happened to him and his people doesn't justify his actions. As you stated, this story is about understanding Vilgax better and you've very much succeeded in that.
VP69 chapter 1 . 8/25/2019
Well this was as amazing as expected and there are a lot of things I want to write.

Vilgax didn't do anything wrong until he left the planet to continue his rebellion, perhaps even later. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where he went too far, most likely because it was incremental over a large period of time and because it happened off screen if you will.

I completely agree with Vilgax on wanting to wipe out the Incursean, or at least completely destroy their empire and culture, which is basically the death of a people. The funny thing is that he was right that they would attack again if given a chance. The fact that he is indisposed by Ben is probably the reason why they could reorganize enough to ... what do you know, try and invade the earth in the future (I remember from your ben 10000 stories that that happens).

Vilgax was also right about the Galactic Enforcers. They are just powerless policing force who have to do what the bigger galactic governments tell them to.

And honestly after how you built up Vilgax in this story I'm confused as fuck how Ben could have possible beat him in combat. This guy was basically so OP that no one could beat him in single combat. He's super strong and though, can survive any environment, has around 200 years of fighting experience and is very intelligent. How the fuck did he lose to a 10 year old, even if he did have the omnitrix?
shadows59 chapter 1 . 8/25/2019
Vilgax was always supposed to be Ben's greatest enemy, but the show never did anything to tell his story. It was just happy leaving him as a bruiser with just hints of the mind that figured out the secrets of the Omnitrix without ever seeing it.

It was excusable for the first series, but after all the sequels and reboots I always wanted to know why he was the most feared man in the galaxy. You have done the job that canon should have and done it better than any of the show writers ever could have. You made Vilgax real in a way the show never did, and you did it without redeeming him or explaining away his crimes. You showed the mind that canon just hinted at, the being that's always prepared and always planning. Everyone is the hero in his own story, and that is especially true of old Squidface.

Like all the best villains, you've made Vilgax a twisted mirror of the hero and a warning.

Plus the world building that you've done with the galaxy. One day I really hope you do a story that explores all the things that you just hinted at here like you have with magic and Atlantis in the Sorceress and the Knight.

Excellent work!