Reviews for 1100-Closed Doors
Aviantei chapter 1 . 8/27/2019
First up, allow me to congratulate you on finishing up another year of T-Sauce! It’s been an honor writing with you. (Also I hope your ring and pencil kit make it back to you in the mail okay. They should be arriving soon.)

As with your other KH pieces you’ve done this year, I appreciate seeing your ideas on alternate scenarios that could happen. Also Kairi airtime! Naminé also helping! These girls deserve some time in the spotlight, so I’m glad you touched in on them in a post KHII world.

(I also had this really poorly planned joke in my head about how the “Don't Think Twice” in the ending theme isn’t about overcoming hesitation, but instead saying don’t think too hard about the ending, so I’ll just leave that here. Sorry not sorry?)

In any event, I do like the fact that the “close” is a refusal to close something away, as also a sort of rejection of the canon close to this trilogy. Nice and meta here.

Also, I’m not saying you HAVE to write Kairi Hearts. Just that based on you talking about some ideas and what you’ve worked with this T-Sauce, it seems to me like you WANT to write Kairi Hearts. And if you do, I’m totally down for it, and you have my support. I’m also interested in this Gunslinger Girl idea that apparently wasn’t suitable for the one shot format. Hm...

Just...Hybrid first, yeah?

In closing of my own (badumtish), thanks for helping us have a fabulous year six of T-Sauce. It wouldn’t be possible without you. Until the next project—

Stay saucey,
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 1 . 8/26/2019
Huh, this one actually works pretty well as a read for someone who doesn’t know much about KH! I didn’t fjnd it too confusing and I was as always drawn in by some of the... uh, philosophical I guess topics you raise. Such as, is it best to forget if the alternative is a lifetime of grief? Does hardship make us stronger? A great story to close with; good job :)