Reviews for Peter Parker, Guardian of the Galaxy
Spider-Man fan chapter 25 . 10/8/2019
I love this story even though I think it would be better to see how Peter would have reacted with the five year gap.
Spider-Man fan chapter 24 . 10/6/2019
Awsome. I also love the song "Fight as One"
wolveseclipse0033 chapter 23 . 10/5/2019
can we please get peter x shuri
Nkiller chapter 20 . 10/1/2019
Space motherfucker do you have it? Use it
Spider-Galaxy chapter 17 . 9/27/2019
Would Peter get dusted no matter what in this story?
BadReader chapter 6 . 9/26/2019
This fic has no purpose to being written. It is a copy and paste of the movies with a few extra placements of the name 'Peter'. It doesn't even pretend to blend him in a Spectator, just steals the lines of other characters instead.

Very bad fic. Skip.
Iron groot chapter 15 . 9/25/2019
Make Peter interact with Steve and groot
Spider-Groot chapter 15 . 9/25/2019
Peter needs to live
Spider-Galaxy chapter 15 . 9/24/2019
This is awsome. I can not wait for the next part
Spider-Groot chapter 14 . 9/23/2019
Peter needs to live
Spider-galaxy chapter 14 . 9/22/2019
Peter needs to live
wolveseclipse0033 chapter 14 . 9/22/2019
instead of seeing peter die i rather him live and experience earth in the mist of everyones death
Spider-Ham chapter 13 . 9/21/2019
Predzilla chapter 13 . 9/20/2019
Spidergalaxy chapter 13 . 9/20/2019
Nidaviler he needs so he can go to Earth with Thor Rocket and Groot. He also needs to see Groot get dusted
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