Reviews for The Xavier Mansion Diaries
The Reserved Reader chapter 7 . 6/24/2011
Oh my, this was hilarious! I could not stop laughing. I loved all your allusions and you brought up some very interesting questions. Thanks!
El Burrito chapter 7 . 6/28/2006
Wow! This is fantastic! This is one of the funniest things I've EVER read.
Amy chapter 7 . 6/5/2006
Had me laughing the ENTIRE time - truly well done! Nice to see humor done in such a skillful way! Thanks!
OriginalCeenote chapter 1 . 5/19/2006
Don't think I reviewed this one yet, but it was brilliant. Bridget Jones Diary is one of my favorite stories of all time anyway, just for the narrative alone, let alone all the things that happen to the heroine, but it was great seeing the X-Men giving their accounts of the same thing happening. Anyone even saying "tapioca" out loud makes me giggle, I don't know why...Logan and Scott ending up in the linen closet was inspired.

PLEASE write another version of this, or add more chapters. Perhaps derive one from X3?
Ruby631 chapter 7 . 8/8/2004
V. funny! cant wait for more!
Rosie opportunemoment chapter 7 . 5/5/2004
He. Very nice. 'Still not gay.' Heh. And to think I'd never before noticed how exactly like Connor John is...
Tornado Ali chapter 7 . 1/26/2004
This is hilarious...I'm serious, you must hear it all the time, but it's great. You sohuld write more. Please?
LastScorpion chapter 5 . 12/1/2003
This story has me laughing so hard I can't breathe! It's just wonderful! Too many funny lines to count, but my favorite is "Am going to *kill* Bobby Drake, preferably with something slow and painful like the last season of "Buffy"." You're some sort of genius!
DarkDragon7118261 chapter 7 . 11/15/2003
Acharnae chapter 1 . 10/25/2003

Right. To elaborate on that: Diaries are terribly in since the Very Secret Diaries, and few of the ones I read can compete. This one most definitly can. There is hardly a line and not one entry which doesn't have me chuckling, grinning or cackling.

Won't bother to quote all my favorite lines, since I would end up quoting the whole thing, but I started laughing at the "blond boy group reject" and went on right to "Can't possibly be opposed to me raiding his pockets, though."

Thanks a lot!

*Another one for the fav list*
Polar Bear chapter 7 . 9/27/2003
Laughed so hard the first time through that I got hiccups AND a headache from oxygen deprivation. May never get tired of this. Thankyou. Immensly. Needed a good laugh like you would not believe.
Fred God of chapter 1 . 9/13/2003
Hee-hee. good. execpt for the fact that i'll be laughing for couple of days and trying to explain tasty candian and red haired trollop
Nienna Rose chapter 7 . 9/6/2003
LOL! Good job.
Jeanne1 chapter 7 . 9/5/2003
Oh my God! The Bobby one was fantastic, but the Wolverine one had my screaming with laughter all the way through! I also liked the American pie reference at the end ;)

Please can you make Magneto next?
SusieQ8 chapter 3 . 7/12/2003
OMG, this is the funniest thing I have read in a while. Am rationing the chapters so as not to wear myself out laughing. Thanks for posting them!
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