Reviews for You Know, I Nearly Broke Down and…
kreekey chapter 1 . 3/1
I'm smiling like an idiot right now because this was just gosh-darned adorable and heartwarming and a little bit thought-provoking.

The dialogue was top-notch! John's especially. I envy how you captured his wit. Their back and forths are great, they really do sound like old friends.

As I read I got to a sentence which made me think "That's so good, I've got to mention that in my review"... and then I kept thinking it with almost every subsequent paragraph! Every reference gave me a stupid fuzzy feeling inside. Namedropping all those people for the committees and minions is one of my favorite things I've read. I'm repeating myself, but I loved it.

Thinking about John just having a good time in the afterlife, reconciling with himself, and still managing to help his old bud... indescribably such a nice effect. And I like that he's still adamant that Yoko is a greatly talented artist, Paul is still that best mate that he can tease, you've got to be peaceful and inclusive and a little poetic...

Speaking of his line at the end! Classic, clever! Somehow you made the concept of Paul having to say goodbye to John once again a little endearing.

If I say much more I'll be rambling. Thank you for writing this!