Reviews for After Dark
Aidyl James chapter 39 . 5/9
I am trying to understand Andrea's reaction. Maybe she was shocked because deep in her heart she wished it was her. Or maybe she feels if Ann can marry her secretary then Miranda could or should marry her.
IamElaine chapter 39 . 4/28
Wake up Andy! Hahahahaha
General Mac chapter 39 . 4/28
she didn't see that coming, thanks love it stay safe and well.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/28
Great Chapter! I can't wait for the next update!
Lara Aki chapter 39 . 4/27
ahhhh I though she would finally get It kkkkk can't wait for next update
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 39 . 4/27
Ohh! Sarah saying "... We keep everything quite private. You'd know how that goes, right?"
Andy c'mon what important secret you're missing is your own personal relationship. lol everyone they know knew about it.
But our Miranda's Girl is catching up a lil bit slowly even though her reaction is a defense mechanism of denial and still in her denial lalaland. lol

if I didn't loved Ann and Sarah before I will definitely love them now. But hell now I want to know more about them.
They need to have a dinner at the Town House please.

Love this update.. isn't obvious that I've been raving at it twice lol.
Cmdr.DorkyBadass chapter 39 . 4/27
When I read about this wee bit of notification on my phone after I woke up that put a smile on my face! Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon to you, Emma!
*grinning madly and starts to read*

Irving is getting desperate with his awaiting doom and his acting up because he is starting to feel cornered.
Love Minerva's reaction she's calm while Andy is mighty pissed..
I don't know what's wrong with Nigel but he does feel awkward that his 2 friends are living happy family but yet completely unaware of their relationship.

Roy's little remark about kids and what they ever want for them and asking about the twins. This is so domestic..

Andy's reaction on Sarah and Ann's relationship is hilarious.. she's getting protective but as she said no secretary and boss eats together and doesn't have a relationship.. Miranda knowing and that they are married and it wasn't a secret at all. Andy feeling discombobulated at everything that day.
That was funny her snapping at Nigel too.
I know what's brewing Andy will soon realize her relationship with Miranda and her feelings. lol
but we have to wait for next Month for that to happen.
*now I'm sad again" just kidding

Glad you're alright after your vaccination!
bsofthewest chapter 39 . 4/27
Oh, somethng's brewing, all right! I love the updates. This tale is marvelous! I can never have too much mirandy.
Poppinswannabe chapter 39 . 4/27
I could have warned you about the second dose friend. But I’m glad you got it and are doing ok now.
I love the idea of Andy finding out some Gossip from Miranda. Lol! I hope they can figure out what’s going on with Nigel. They need him around for sure!

Great job as always and I can’t wait for more!
Thanks for writing!
Le Conteur du Diable chapter 38 . 4/15
*refreshes storyHey... so that update? I don’t want to get sassy or anything, but... let’s rev this engine back up!
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 38 . 4/4
So much trust... it looks like Andy’s little family is growing... I also love that she has such strong women looking out for her... it’s nice to see women in power sticking together and helping each other out...
Guest chapter 38 . 3/31
They seem like the best of friends at this point I am curious to see how you take them to the next level. But I am loving this story!
Ravenbull chapter 38 . 3/26
So good.
smatt123 chapter 38 . 3/26
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is literally my favourite fic! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Your writing is amazing
General Mac chapter 38 . 3/26
Brilliant thanks love it, stay safe and well.
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