Reviews for Harry Black Book 2: The Rising Darkness
James Marx chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
Great chapter and even greater story. My only hope for book 3 is that you can avoid killing off Sirius and the main group. And I'm still wondering how and when you'll deal with the horcruxes especially the one in harry. A way it was done in a couple of other stories that I've read is harry gets his scar removed and it takes care of it. Or he has help from either the goblins or the unspeakable. Just some suggestions. All I do know is that you are a great author and if you need help with ideas or anything else just send me a message and I'll help you out in anyway I can.
Hank1967 chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
I see Moody is channeling the Emperor Palpitine... Excellent! Beautifully done chapter! Loved all of the details surrounding Harry's grief. Very realistically done. Although it was heartbreaking seeing that Daphne couldn't comfort him, Moody's words were exactly what Harry needed. Also glad to see that Harry hasn't broken things off with Daphne. She's part of his strength and he's going to need her. Great job! Can't wait to see what's next!
Shadow chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
J’ai adorer vivement la suite et j’adore ton maugrey j’espère qu’il pourra se débarrasser de lhorcuxe de Harry pendant l’été. Curieux de savoir quelles vont être les plans de dumby pour Harry maintenant et ce qui se passera en cinquième année avec ombrage
LadyKirsten chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
I like how you've ended book 2. I again, that canon just didn't reflect the seriousness of the situation. I am still following. But please, add a "chapter" with the link for book 3 when you have it done, so we can find it? Pretty please and thank you
Guest chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
It was beautiful, congratulations eagerly waiting for next part of your story
beatshield chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
Great ending
diegosennin chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
what happened to susan
sabbath9997 chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
Thank you for all your wonderful job!

Please send me a PM when you’ll publish the next book :)

McNooby chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
That was really good, excited to see what happens further.
Thank you for writing this piece.
BoB teh Snail chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
Perfect amount of gloominess and cheer!
josht1987 chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
This was great! Please make a post here when you start book 3, please!
highlander348 chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
Great ending chapter! I had some questions if you have the time though please.
When happened to Claire? Where was she? Will Susan be making an appearance again? I would love to see Michael and Susan repair their at friendship at least. Thanks!
Averlovi chapter 33 . 3/22/2020
As long as you dont kill/rape/whatever horrid thing Daphne I think I can take it. That would break Harry.
draconin chapter 33 . 3/21/2020
This is a great series. Original and different. I'm very impressed and waiting for more. :-)
Asmodeus Stahl chapter 33 . 3/21/2020
Great job overall with both the chapter and the book as a whole! I'm looking forward to reading Book 3 when it comes out!

- Asmodeus
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