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Majerus chapter 29 . 1/6
"Shall we go get married again, Mama Krum?" He offered her his hand.

She grasped his hand in her own, twisting her fingers with his. "I think we should Tatko Krum."
I loved that she used his cultural name for papa, this was a sweet story that ended in a wonderful way, Thanks!
Of course my epilogue idea is no shocker: give us some clue that Harry Potter didn't simply endure Annika and that they were actually happy together. Or not. They don't have a kid because Harry's magic reacts to the fact that he simply doesn't love the woman that the government forced upon him. Once the birth rate is steadily rising, the Ministry ends the marriage law and Annika finally admits she isn't happy (and Hermione wheedles the same truth out of Harry) and he ends up divorced... for a year or so. And THEN he meets someone that he can share those genuinely loving looks and kisses that make people whoop for joy instead of bland pecks and tolerating one another as he did with Annika.
Ok, /rant, sorry for that. As I've said before, the story really did follow a fun and entertaining path and I enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing!
Majerus chapter 28 . 1/6
Huzzah, success at last! I'm sad that the story will be ending, yet you've told the tale and brought most of the couples to a happy new beginning.
Majerus chapter 27 . 1/6
You may kiss the bride." In keeping with their mischievous mood, the Weasley twins wolf-whistled at the demure peck the couple shared.
*frowns* Still doesn't seem like Harry is with someone he loves, more like someone he accepts because he has to get married and she was the best out of three. Not exactly making me hopeful for his happiness. Yes, it's Hermione's story and her POV, but I still don't like that Harry is basically relegated to enduring a marriage of necessity because the damned government demands it.
Majerus chapter 26 . 1/6
This was such a wild chapter that it about made my head spin, but it was entertaining as heck! It also further solidified that bygones truly are bygones with not one mention of Draco acting like a ferret or the Weasley's treating him like one for form's sake.
Majerus chapter 25 . 1/6
"Has anyone ever told you how brilliant you are?"

"Often, really," they laughed, "but I insist on using my powers for good."

"Lucky for us, really." Ginny giggled
She resumed humming as she made her way through the Ministry towards the auror's offices. She couldn't help herself, she felt almost giddy on some level. She reasoned that was her inner child excited to be getting revenge on a bully at long last.
I've read a few dark/grey!Hermione stories and you do a nice job of skirting the edge of that concept - not that what she did was wrong in any way, but the calculated takedown and her subsequent happy humming as she went about it was both entertaining and reminiscent of those darker tales.
Majerus chapter 24 . 1/6
I guess I'm a bit confused with the background on Cassius and Mallory. I assume that she knows that he's gay? What is her story? I tried to go back and hunt through previous chapters, but I didn't see her name often, and nothing that gave the details that explain what is going on with them.
That said things are going pretty well if a bit fluffy.
Majerus chapter 23 . 1/6
There's lots to laugh about although it's a crap-ton of wedding talk ;0)
Annika at least showed a little affection and humor, so that's a positive sign for Harry. I am still really enjoying all the character interaction, it just feels happy and upbeat, certainly no complaints here!
Majerus chapter 20 . 1/6
I'm really enjoying the characters and how they interact. I keep waiting for something 'bad' to come along, simultaneously hoping that nothing will happen. I guess the only thing looming is how Harry's fiance will turn out. The story began with him having crap luck, Hermione doing some of her mojo to give him the mate of his dreams, and then you did that twisty-smack thing with the marriage law. He hasn't been a big part of the story, but his attitude seems subdued and he has been resigned at best regarding his bride-to-be. That seems like a far cry from 'mate of his dreams'.

"A honeymoon to get married again?" Ginny questioned.

"Sure, why not." Hermione laughed.
I'm going to propose... this idea :D
Majerus chapter 20 . 12/22/2021
He insisted on taking Ginny and her parents out to dining. "It was so posh and Hermione later. "I mean, we could afford to now, but none of us would have suggested it."
I don't usually point out little SPaG issues, it is a Complete story after all, but the above doesn't make any sense.

It was a good surprise :)
Majerus chapter 19 . 12/22/2021
"I let Annika know she always has a room available to her. She and her siblings are getting themselves sorted. She's the first to get engaged."

"Was she excited?"

"She told me of everyone she's met in England, I was the most forthcoming and truthful. None of our dates felt like business meetings. She liked that."

"I hope you guys are happy."

"Me, too."
I do hope you are going to ratchet up his happiness level here... I mean, you could bump his enthusiasm by a factor of ten and he'd barely rate "not dissatisfied". Even Ron was smiling just days into meeting with Daphne, but Harry sounds like he'll be happy to continue to tolerate his bride-to-be and Annika all but said Harry was the least disagreeable choice... Yippie fuck.
Majerus chapter 17 . 12/22/2021
Nothing to see here, just grinning like a loon.
Majerus chapter 15 . 12/22/2021
Last chapter Viktor told Hermione:
bleh, not good enough. Next time, update the old chapter with an End A/N and then post the new chapter with a quick note that you have included the translations. New readers won't have to be disappointed and WiP readers will happily hit the back button.

*grins* A very enjoyable Weasley Family Banishing :D
Majerus chapter 14 . 12/22/2021
I own nothing, not even my sanity at this point.
Favorite Saying:
Of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind the most... I think?

I was a bit put off at her defending Malfoy for about half a second. As long as it took for me to acknowledge that anything that proved that her ultimatum had been called - and by someone breaching trust, something she holds sacrosanct - and it made perfect sense.

STINKER! You can't just drop BULGARIAN FLIRTING into your fic and walk away without a translation! And I'm not stupid enough to trust any of the free translation sites to give me anything more than 30% of the correct words. Bulgarian is known for being hard to get the inflections and word combinations correct. Stinker!

"You are important to me, Harry is important to you. Many old families live together for generations."
It's impossible to dislike Krum unless he's the DE sympathizer version. Yours is a wonderful blend of the Old World and the eager young paramour. I don't swoon, but I'm a bit swoony.
I'd probably be more so if I was fluent in Bulgarian...
Majerus chapter 13 . 12/22/2021
"Wait," George stopped, "we were going to turn Charlie's skin silver to celebrate."
"Hmmm, it might cause more stress if you didn't do something," Ginny considered. "Do it."
Fred hugged Hermione, while George danced Ginny around the yard. "Best sisters ever, Forge."
"Indeed, Gred."
Not only did this make me laugh because it was so true, but the way that Ginny and Hermione - and later the whole clan - interact also adds to my admiration for your character building. I enjoyed your first fic as a fairly straightforward buildup and finish, but I'm enjoying this one much more for the broad appeal from so many little side arcs and character interactions.
I'm trying to hold off judging the fic as a whole, but as I mentioned in closing remarks on 'Milk Carton', you are really doing a great job of fulfilling both story tags, Romance and Humor.
Majerus chapter 11 . 12/22/2021
Why would Harry and Ron be doing the labor for cleansing the ritual space when she made the owners do all the work on her first job... specifically because it was important that their labor be a part of their ritual space.

And, Harry, you have a date."
"But I don't want to go," He whined.
"No one asked, or cares, what you want," she told him primly.
"Isn't that the damn truth," he muttered. "Come on." He stood, offering her his hand. "Let's go home."
This made me smile fondly, especially given the ordeal of Malfoy Manor fresh in mind, for her to have a 'home' to go to. Family, like Home, is where the heart is.
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