Reviews for Of Men
Guest chapter 1 . 9/15/2019
Oh my heart. Such easy lazy desire here in so many ways—eowyn almost gently allowing another in the chase, Aragorn and Faramir both concerned for her, both of them so tumbled into a love that will last. Gorgeous. Thank you so very much..what a treat to see
AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed chapter 1 . 9/15/2019
This is my favorite ship of yours! I've reread Mist at least ten times.

As always, this was exquisite. I particularly liked Eowyn's role here. She may regret the past a bit, but she's able to move on and appreciate both her friendship with Aragorn and Faramir, but also new potential suitors. And there's is something in her acceptance of Aragorn's and Faramir's love that is like a balm, foretelling broader acceptance, perhaps.

As always I love the idea of Ithilien as a character, driving the refined city folk to their more wild desires and passions.

And it was lovely to see Aragorn and Faramir come together without the angst of Mist (though I LOVE the angst of Mist, this was just a pleasant alternative). Though there is the familiar tension of Aragorn belonging in the City (or at least to the City) and Faramir being happiest in Ithilien. That is inherent in the pairing, I think.

Thank you so much for writing this and giving us another glimpse into their world. No matter how it happens, I love this pairing so much I almost forget it isn't canon.