Reviews for Racing Redemption
Sarah chapter 34 . 3/29
Oh my gosh! That was so sad! Ratchet has to leave back to Cybertron and not come back? I would be crying about that, too. Oh my goodness.

So sweet of all of them to let them continue racing.

Thanks for the quick update!
Colossus Bridger chapter 34 . 3/30
Why did this made me cry?
littlepeyton1128 chapter 34 . 3/30
GuenZhenXuan2020 chapter 34 . 3/29
AMAZING JOB FOR THIS Chapter though, I LOVE IT and btw When Does Jack, Miko, Rafael and Rylee, And Knockout will Meet the RID2015 Cast, For The Next Story in the Future?
littlepeyton1128 chapter 33 . 3/27
Sarah chapter 33 . 3/18
Uh oh. The jig is up. Can't wait to see what happens next.

They were right, of course. NASCAR would suddenly become a lot more exciting if a teenage girl started doing really well at the sport. It would be like Joan of Arc except with a race car, haha.
GuenZhenXuan2020 chapter 33 . 3/18
AMAZING Chapter though, I LOVE IT!
G1ntsuk1 chapter 32 . 3/12
Hi :)
Can't wait to read about the meeting between Starscream and Thundercracker, I actually had to laugh when you introduced TC. He is sooo different here, in other ffs he is always so stern O.o
SugarAndIce chapter 32 . 3/10
It's so refreshing to find a fanfic that is not only engaging, but well written. It's such a fun story. From one writer to another, I encourage you to keep up the good work!
Sarah chapter 32 . 3/5
It's good that we're getting more background info on Rylee's parents and how her father actually died. Good details about how Knockout was originally apathetic, but also how he's not exactly torn apart about what his mining weapon did either. He's still learning to be good.

I would recommend that Rylee talk about the oil company's scandals first before she goes into how she doesn't like oil in the first place. Otherwise, it sounds odd.

I'm glad you're glad about the reviews!
GuenZhenXuan2020 chapter 32 . 3/4
AMAZING Chapter for This STORY though, I AM LOVING IT!
Sarah chapter 31 . 2/21
Glad that you're finally getting more reviews.

It's impressive that you're able to write so much in a short period of time.

The cab driver was super nice, and Knockout and Rylee have great chemistry!
Sunsetwater chapter 31 . 2/12
Wow, that cab driver is a very noble person. Firstly people may notice someone isn't okay but may not reach out and go on a bit of limb asking them how are they really. 2ndly he is aware a murder could happen and this is really real stuff that could happen and he really tried to make sure she would be safe. Sometimes the heros in life are unamed, faceless andeveryday people with awareness and a heart.

That red button is scary, I would be so scared to accidentally push it, or bump into something. It doesn't have a cover of some sort? Or like press twice to confirm?
Sunsetwater chapter 30 . 2/12
I guess maybe that's why Thundercracker seemed so scary and wild cardish to Rylee because he didn't hide what he was so she just saw the decepticon part along with everything else. And Miko, Raf and Jack were all relaxed around TC much more because they knew the truth. Subtle things. Whereas Rylee only saw good things about Knockout and when the bad came up he hid it. If you're cooking packet pasta and you leave long enough on the stove without making sure to deal with it when it starts rising it won't overflow. But if you just try deny the sauce is going to bubble over if you don't do anything, well no matter how hard you held that lid down it would be a bubbly boiling mess coming out every crevice.
Sunsetwater chapter 29 . 2/12
I like the IDW universe incorporation, and it's more realistic and it's a big universe. Earth has a focus but there is also other planets, peoples and vastness which is really intriging. And yes the IDW portrayl of the war has a lot of gravity to it, which is actually a bit sickening but has elements of truth in it that war and fighting isn't a grandoise exciting thing. It gets nitty, it gets gritty and dark, very dark sometimes. Having said that in darkness light shines very clearly and so lay your life down friendship shines, kindness blazes, big and little good things people do for someone else or even a town, city nation things are suddenly life changing events that alter and change hearts, history and destinies.
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