Reviews for Borne of Caution
TigerCat chapter 66 . 5h
Now I have to start digging out a pool, thanks.

Just tears dripping down my face.
TigerCat chapter 62 . 13h
Lee has such a big heart.

And honestly? Those are the most terrifying people to piss off. The caregivers and nurturers... also know how to hurt you the worst and have the undying fury of a newborn black hole. Tempered with patience.
TigerCat chapter 58 . 14h
Ash and a THUNDERBOLT from God-Pikachu would be nice.
TigerCat chapter 55 . 15h
And now I need a kiddie pool. Geebis.
TigerCat chapter 54 . 18h
Good Swellow. Loyal bird. Obviously the fuckwit Maxie planted more than safeguards, otherwise why would a powerful psychic like Ninetales scare him so?
TigerCat chapter 53 . 18h
I need a bigger bucket.

I had guessed most of Corvi's story, but the pulling of the plug. Oof.
TigerCat chapter 42 . 6/13
I just have a bucket for the tears now, thanks.

At least this one was a beautiful joyous thing.
TigerCat chapter 38 . 6/12

I see a lot of paths and some strange possibilities.
TigerCat chapter 33 . 6/11
Stop. Making. Me. Cry.

Honestly, you've taken the displacement trope and made it real. Congratulations on that.
TigerCat chapter 24 . 6/10
Stop making me cry.

At least these were happy.

Arceus ignore whenever Lee comes across a shitty, scummy breeder. Because he won't need the Pokemon to rip walls down.
D chapter 76 . 6/6
Its all good man, you deserve much more than just getting out of a sucky job. Thanks for such an amazing story though!
GGuestt chapter 1 . 6/6
Just throwing out a random thought of a potential perk of B-Bond.

Would each use of this gimmick led to the chosen pokemon gaining a 100-110 BST to "IV & EV, leading up to becoming the peak of it's species after the 6 or less attempt?
Just stopping by chapter 76 . 6/2
Take your time! Absolutely god tier character development! Hope you keep enjoying writing this story!
Rogue Survivor chapter 2 . 6/3
I'd like to imagine Steve Irwin wound up doing something similar to this.
Regreme chapter 76 . 5/30
It's fine. Thanks for the head's up.

Honestly, been eagerly awaiting both this and your other Borne of Desire fic. And if it takes time to get the great quality you produce? So be it. Take your time. And if you need a break now and then, do what you need to do. Better late than never, after all. Not like there's a rush, eh?
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