Reviews for Borne of Caution
Scoolio chapter 43 . 9h
I shed some tears. Damn you Bee-man. For giving me such a joy.
Guest chapter 43 . 8/14
vivilion10 chapter 42 . 10h
No mention about alolan ninetails at all?
OshiroNai chapter 43 . 15h
What an unexpected but incredibly fun worldbuilding chapter! I always wondered what went on in the pokenet.
Skyking99 chapter 43 . 15h
I loved this chapter
Arya970 chapter 42 . 19h
Heart warming and excellent work. Keep it up
cerathebel chapter 42 . 8/16
Kabu sliding into Lees DMs lol
paper Phoenix 7115 chapter 43 . 8/15
ah shit didn't even think that the evolution would paint an even bigger target on lees back. looking forward to the next chapter as always!
SpicyArbiter chapter 43 . 8/15
It still kinda shocks me how often I see PHO-style things everywhere. Not that it’s a bad thing; I’m just surprised
SmartCookie0 chapter 42 . 8/15
"I don't want to outlive everyone."

I don't understand. Wouldn't this prevent everyone else from feeling the pain of outliving her?

This seems like an equal trade. But Vulpix seems to think this would be bad.

What am I missing?
FosterFarms chapter 43 . 8/15
so much has been happening in this story lately and I'm loving it. Honestly right now I can only hope corvisquire sees that evolution video through Wally somehow.

That story arc is the one that I'm most excited to see come to a close, though what move you might come up with for flannery is also really intriguing
Nonsense67 chapter 43 . 8/15
Woo new update, I wonder how he’ll receive the attention.
Dabber2121 chapter 43 . 8/15
It seems Lee is now famous. Still hoping corvisquire will actually rejoin lee, though if he approached him at this point he might spontaneously combust under mysterious circumstances. Great chapter, can't wait for the next. Seems getting a Ninetales is an even bigger deal than I thought it seemed.
Siblings Grimm chapter 43 . 8/15
Really looking forward to your take on legendaries! Hope Lee can catch at least one, nothing too flashy, but cool.
Eland chapter 43 . 8/14
I'm currently in chapter 23 and I have a question
Zinnia will be such a bitch all the time?
Because if so, I probably give up this story without any problems
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