Reviews for Happy Together (A Borderlands 3 Novelization)
odorsloth chapter 16 . 5/29
I like the story so far

And once again FL4K still manages to scares the ever living shit out of me
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 63 . 5/9
I *JUST* finished playing Borderlands 3, and this was a MAJOR treat for me! You really did this story well! You hit the plot, got rid of some of the disappointing stuff, and filled in plot holes as well. :-D

FL4K was amazing here. While his plans and actual executions were disturbing at times, he also was a very intriguing and well-rounded character, and I just LOVED how you took being able to insult back and made it grow!

The way you developed Ava into a well-rounded and likable character was very well done. You really made it work, and believably as well. Kudos to you!

The final battle was a real treat, and I love how you pulled in all their abilities like that! :-D

I was a little disappointed that Moze did not get as many awesome moments, but it was interesting seeing her be developed as the relative rookie of the group. Nothing 'bad,' just not as fun as the others. Developing her relationship with Amara went over very nicely. Despite this, you really did all the characters fabulously.

Oh, and if I had been reading this while you were still writing, I would have begged you to do a chapter where they help out Torque with something, and he brings himself and his boys to help out on the assault of the COV HQ as well :-P

Suggestions (I do NOT expect you to use them, I am hoping they at least spark some inspiration in you for sequel material):
-Individual chapters for the DLC's

-For "Bounty of Blood," Wainright Jacobs was going through his family records, only to discover his no-good uncle (or cousin or whatever had set up a big company project on Gehenna to 'diversify' their weapons business, except from what little he can find, they were up to some very nasty stuff there. So he calls the Vault Hunters, asking them to look into it. Best case scenario, all the shady stuff is still locked up tight, they get rid of it, and he pays them some hefty hush money, and promise of free room and board and access to alcohol on Eden 6 whenever they choose to come on by. If the experiments go loose though, then they are to clean up the mess as they see fit (for a larger sum), preferably keeping the Jacobs' name out of it. When they arrive they are asked by a local if they are the latest bounty hunters, and they roll with it and bluff to say they are. FL4K is enamoured by the possibility of getting his own devil to ride and fight with; Zane loves all the alcohol readily available; Moze snags a bunch of nasty upgrades for Iron Bear; Amara is just having fun fighting.

-The mission "Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite" is altered so that Rhys' growing spy network discovers that this base also has their confidential Vault info, and feasibly any clues to other Vaults. Wanting to continue the Vault Hunter legacy, and keep Maliwan out of it, and to generally mess with Maliwan, the four hit the place, and in the process discover it is also where they are developing experimental new war mechs. Rhys quickly coughs up a nice, all expenses covered stay at the fanciest Promethean hotel for overlooking that detail. Tina provides the explosives the four bring to level the place.

-Maya and her former team are the ones to help Krieg get his mind fixed up. He goes back and forth Athena to see Maya, and to Pandora where he watches over Ava (she finds him disturbing on multiple levels, and re-evaluating all of Maya's vague comments on her boyfriend) and being a chief enforcer of the Cult of the Firehawk. Salvador joins him at times.

-Vladof hit squad tries to kill Moze while they are on vacation at a luxury resort. She kills them all using what she has learnt as a Vault Hunter, and is then found by the others while trying to hide the bodies. The others are upset that she would try and hide this from them, until she reminds them that if the resort staff finds out, they will be kicked out.

-"Lucky Jackpot," they get the idea that if they can secure Jack's hidden loaderbot army there, they can use it to secure Pandora. Or at least clear out a large 'safe zone' for people. Yes, like Hyperion tried to do, but this time without the genocide. Or at least not HUMAN genocide, the wildlife is fair game.

-"Director's Cut," Ava is NOT doing that annoying podcast. Instead, the team is at Sanctuary, when Ava asks if they can look into what happened with Private Francis (yes, starting with the Pandora mission first). A Crimson Raider soldier is found dead in a weird way, but Ava does not really have anybody good at investigations, so asks them to look. They find it weird that somebody seemed to commit suicide for no reason, and then they find the recording and it gets weirder. They send a general inquiry to their contacts, and Clay and Lorelei had both done their missions themselves off-screen, and noted the similarities here, putting the pieces together. A more detailed, and higher priority, alert and briefing goes out to the Crimson Raiders and their allies, which leads them to the lead on the Eridian homeworld.
SUTENEKO KANOJO chapter 63 . 4/8
Had fun reading this, and with the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut for "Borderlands 3" now available (or depending on the timezones), fan-fiction writing is now all the more fruitful, once the multiverse gets involved (or the laws of space and time get turned upside-down).

Our four Vault Hunters now have TWO alternate selves from different realities — the "Final Forms" and the "Disciples of the Vault". Plus, the "Fallen Heroes" cosmetic heads pay a little nice tribute to Maya (hood), Roland (beret), Scooter (baseball cap) and Typhon DeLeon (aviator hat).

Doubt they’ll fully redeem "Borderlands 3" anytime sooner or later for its story, but at least the entertainment value seems to be going steady for longtime fans…
Moony1212 chapter 63 . 1/15
Hey I love this fanfic, do you have any plans to do the dlcs, if so please release them soon because I want more of this.
Le055Li0n chapter 63 . 1/13
Great Chapter. Great Story. Hope to see the next one whenever you're ready.
DEATHLESS chapter 63 . 1/2
'BOOK-ENDS' (The beginning and ending of a story are tied together somehow.)
When this story first started, it was titled after the Borderlands 3 "So Happy Together" Trailer… now, 60-plus chapters later, and said song is used to end the story!

("Wouldn't It Be Nice" — The Beach Boys, "Fallout 76" Live Action Trailer)

All in all, it’s rather fitting (especially in journal format) — a nice break from all the mayhem they’ve had to endure 'going above and beyond the call of duty' when facing the 'Calypso C*nts'!

Otherwise, I wished you could have 'elaborated' a bit more details in Ava’s diary, based on the closing credits — like Clay ("Smuggler, Gunslinger, People Person") becoming some sort of sheriff on Eden-6 or Rhys and Vaughn reuniting with their 'bro-fist' at Atlas HQ…

Other than that, congratulations on finally ending your story, M Knightium! Happy New Year!
Guest chapter 62 . 1/1
When you do the dlcs specifically the handsome jackpot is there going to be any story changes because when you first head to the station non of the characters has a reaction to it not even clap trap jack fucked with all of them even with the other dlcs there isn’t any reaction to the places you go I get they have zero reasons to be in the dlcs but at least all the main characters on sanctuary should’ve been in the gun love and tentacles dlc b-team understandable they stayed on Pandora even tho it seems like mordo,brick and tina had their own ship dlc 3 you head to a factory that make nukes that own by jakobs and nothing about it from wainwright or hammerlock dlc 4 should’ve had all past vhs comment on what happens because they knew him or them if you count both as two different people and you see what made him what he is and they don’t say anything
darklegendarysoldier chapter 63 . 1/3
Thank you good knight for making this fanfic, it was a enjoyable ride from the beginning now to it’s end. I truely mean it when i wish you good luck and to be well when you create more fics or books for all to read in the future have a good new year compared to last year.
Matt22152 chapter 63 . 1/2
Thanks for doing this great story, M Knightium, and let us know when you plan to do the DLCs, but more importantly enjoy yourself this new year, same for all of us
lordoftentacle chapter 63 . 1/2
Ey man I've been reading this since the beginning and I gotta say, that this is the absolute hands down best Borderlands fic ever. No lie, no tricks, if anyone tries to say different I'll kick their asses. Thanks for writing it and I can't wait to see what you do next.
LoneTaker chapter 63 . 1/2
And now, the journey continues...
... Been through with it since it came out, and well, thanks for the ride.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 63 . 1/2
This has been one incredible story I've been happy to read for the past months it's been made. You changed so many parts for the better, did the comedy very well, and gave us some very dramatic moments. I can't wait to see whatever stories you work on next. Until next time, have a great day/night and stay safe.
Guest chapter 62 . 12/28/2020
Absolutely incredible piece of work you've accomplished here; in some ways far exceeding the game itself. Sure, I'd like to have seen it spread out a good deal longer with attention to almost all of the side-quests (for comedic relief, if no other logical reason), but the end result I cannot argue with even if I had the desire to attempt such. And maybe it's just me and the way I like to play the game, since I can see a few areas where the DLC material could have been inserted, even if in doing so it may have temporarily stunted the pacing of the main story itself. Also I would have liked to see times where all abilities from everyone be used at one point or another, even if less than half of Moze's arsensal was used, as well as Amara's astral projection. Don't take that last bit personally, it's just my preferences speaking, because otherwise you definitely get a 10/10 on this one hands down in my opinion. May life go well for you and the stories keep flowing freely, godspeed dear author.
O.P.Q. SYSTEM chapter 62 . 12/26/2020
A bomb. An extremely powerful one. And it was charging. All she needed was to buy enough time and get the bitch close enough to ensure she didn't get away unharmed… even if it cost her Iron Bear.
["Auto Bear" is a 'Tier 3-Passive' Skill in Moze's "Demolition Woman" Skill Tree, allowing Iron Bear to automatically attack enemies for a short time after Moze exits it. At the end of the duration, Iron Bear charges at an enemy and self-destructs.]

Several explosive rounds struck Tyreen's immobile head, splattering it open. FL4K stood nearby, holding a Torgue pistol. / "Double tap. I don't want this bitch getting up." / She fully agreed. Last thing they needed was a repeat of the earlier incident.

"Well, what can we do? Blow up the moon? Cause… I really feel like that's gon' fuck up the oceans or some shite." Zane coughed.
[Zane apparently shot down a moon once, as evidenced in "Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck". Looks like he learned from past experience…]

Rather excellent work on the boss fight, M Knightium! The 'Explosive Overclocking' of the Vault Hunters' equipment REALLY emphasised the 'high stakes' nature of their final battle with 'Tyreen the Destroyer'.
Aardvark123 chapter 62 . 12/27/2020
That was a great final battle. Having all the Vault Hunters leverage their action skills against Tyreen in inventive ways was a nice touch.
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