Reviews for Only Looking Forward
Dragonsrule18 chapter 1 . 10/12
Oh my gosh, this is so absolutely sweet!
FountainPenguin chapter 1 . 9/22
Woo, another great one-shot from you! I love the concept here. I never thought about Mama Cosma allowing Cosmo to become a godparent (AKA leave her someday) and how that conflicts with her wanting to keep him away from Wanda who "stole him away." You really delved into that in a fascinating way, bringing up and answering questions. For a character you don't like, you played her very well! I love conflict in relationships, especially when you know there is, after all, truly some love underneath. Mama Cosma and Big Daddy can be harsh at times, but it's interesting to see them interact with their kids. I like the way Blonda played a role in this piece too. I've actually been itching for Big Daddy content lately, so this was a delight!

I loved Cosmo's reassurance to Wanda that she isn't "just Wanda" and I really loved Cosmo planning to propose with his father's wedding ring, if I understood that right. That's such a cute detail, just imagining him holding onto that his whole life in the hopes of giving it to his wife one day... Ahhh, that made me melt! Again, I think you played everybody in character. You really have a knack for that, and for dialogue, and carrying a plot all the way through, and referencing small episode details, and I love your writing style in general. Thank you for this awesome one-shot! I love it!

As for me, I'm biased, but I'd love to see you do anything with the pixies. H.P. and Sanderson are my favorites, heh heh. Anything with the anti-family would be nice too, since we don't see much of Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, and Foop all together in the show. I'd love to see Foop at a stuffy formal event where he has to play nice for some reason or another... Poor boy.

Anyhow, expect more reviews from me soon! Thanks for writing! I've loved what you've posted so far and look forward to more in the future!
CRS0915 chapter 1 . 9/22
First off, thank you for the shout out. Second, I love the way you included both Mama Cosma and Big Daddy. I agree that Mama Cosma is rude and Big Daddy is definitely associated with the mafia. You’re work is by far one of my favorites in this fandom.

As far as other story ideas, are you interested in stories that solely evolve around Cosmo and Wanda as a couple? Or anything with the series in general? I do have an idea, but it depends what you’re interested in writing about. :)