Reviews for Summoned
Jub-erth chapter 86 . 9/9
It was an amazing read, I think the best HOTD fanfic there is, read it like 3 times jaja. There was stuff preventing me from doing fanarts but I'll do them.

I'll keep reading the rest of your stories because I think you are a great writer!

Thanks for so much
Guest chapter 35 . 9/2
What a fucking joke, even some simple search and replace could make this readable. Publishing lazy nonsense and then refusing to fix it like this is not a good look.
CMdkelley chapter 86 . 8/30
This was well written and enjoyable. I loved how you ket away from the "lemons" rather you expanded upon a story that was cut short. It tok me years to learn the og author died rather than the maga/anime just being dropped.
ThousandMastery chapter 86 . 8/12
You forgot to get something very very VERY important.
Oh right, unless MC wants to be eating fish for the rest of his life he better go visit a farm to grab some livestock before it’s too late… cows, sheep, pigs and chickens are worth their weight in gold now. Who’d have thought.
Naier: Saya, do you really want to eat fish for the rest of your life?
Saya: No!
Saeko: Naier, do you want a baby?
Naier: No! Too soon!
Oh yeah, condoms. I can see a black market going for them. Sanitary pads too…
Rika: I’d never thought the day I would kill for a sanitary pad would come!
Did you know fluoride in toothpaste expires… and you can only realistically obtain it from boiling tea leaves?
Shizuka: I never thought the day I would cry over no toothpaste would come!
Yeah, the zombie apocalypse really, really sucks. Naier has to cross his fingers and hope the world doesn’t turn into a lasting dystopia in a few years of they’ll come knocking on his door too.
Kuro chapter 81 . 8/6
Not gonna lie, I'm salty about the ommision. Been loving the story, but damm...
Halo chapter 86 . 8/2
The only potential sequel that could occur is if there is word that a nuke might drop, causing the main gang to return to the camp or meet up with them at some point when evacuating. There would be opportunities to tie loose ends.

The loose ends there might be is Takeshi and Rei’s development from annoying horny emotionally confused (or unstable, looking at you Rei) teenagers to mature and more wise near adults. The couple finally tying the bond with no loose traits, Rei stops being self centered, and Takeshi lets go of wanting Saeko.

Then the General, i imagine things are getting more tense at the camps, more rumors of harassment and eventually someone will snap against this way of life of being victim to this and fight back. A civil war might happen between Naier’s future relative in laws, and the NTR General. A situation where Saeko and Saya will want to return and help their surviving relatives. the Threesome trio gets the chance to beat the shit out of the bastard.
bass30655 chapter 86 . 8/2
What a ride, this is still one of the best zombie story I read. And like the ending, doesn't book-end and leave it open to continue as well as being the best kind of ending for these kind of stories. See you in your other work, can't wait for the kill la kill story
Indian otako chapter 86 . 7/27
Been a wild ride but thanks for one of my most favorite fics on this site my friend.
Ps this ending reminded me how walking dead series finally ended with everyone just settling down in the old school and waiting for the shitty world to not be shitty anymore.
Blaze1992 chapter 86 . 7/26
It was good story, was honestly surprised to finally find a HOTD fic that actually had kept going after the showing up at the mall. For some reason most of the HOTD fic's end up "dying" once the estate part of the plot is over.

My only real issues with it was how most of the romance was centered around one part of the 3-way relationship but considering that part was the only one who could handle field work with him makes sense in way.

Don't get why you think people would kill your character when he has saved a lot more lives than other insert characters in this. Hell not even the naruto crossovers had this many people being saved.

I do have a question since you did such a great job on this would you be willing to write about other zombie based verses? Such as the Dying light games or the walking dead show?
Blaze1992 chapter 84 . 7/26
Just a normal black friday event.
Blaze1992 chapter 79 . 7/26
There's the fireaxe.
Blaze1992 chapter 76 . 7/26
If they can't infect or eat animals I surprised, we didn't see cats and dogs everywhere
DrackNath chapter 86 . 7/26
ty for all the wonderful time ;3 i enjoyed ur story immensely and hope to see u again bye bye take care
Blaze1992 chapter 72 . 7/26
. . . I would've killed the one that actually touched her.
Blaze1992 chapter 67 . 7/25
That was too close.
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