Reviews for Summoned
Nananen Gurai chapter 75 . 5/19
So far, I like this story so much that twice a week, I go here and reload the site for updates. Anyways, I have some questions. Is Naier genuinely just a commoner? And if he’s not, then are his parents going to be looking for him? Maybe, just maybe the mercenaries are connected to his parents or something? Anyways, the thing is I like this story to the point that I can come up with these theories whether it is far-fetched or not. Thank you as usual.
Mau160 chapter 75 . 5/19
I love it one of the best fics I wish it would be finished so I could bench read it
Guest chapter 75 . 5/18
love it
joebruhgat chapter 75 . 5/18
Thank you for another amazing update .
OechsnerC chapter 75 . 5/17
Awesome update. Really looking forward to reading more. Really excited to see how things go next chapter.
ShikiRyougi chapter 75 . 5/17
Thanks for the chapter and keep up with the good work! So are you going to write any R-18 content or you just don't like them/don't know how to write them?
REYZERO chapter 75 . 5/17
Sereo, a question, at some point saeko, saya oh will someone from the group question naier for his meta-knowledge? That naier blurts out something regarding an event that he should be unaware of and is questioned by some character oh at some point saya and saeko will find out the truth?
HectorFenyx chapter 75 . 5/17
No puedo creer que me hayas mencionado en el capítulo, estaré esperando para leer tus próximas actualizaciones y como siempre, gracias por el cap.
derethl2 chapter 75 . 5/17
Solid chapter. Nice Project Zomboid reference there. Now that I think about it, you should probably take inspiration from it for worldbuilding and how certain scenarios can develop. Maybe you are already doing so?
The Commissar 13 chapter 75 . 5/17
Yay, into the woods they go! Hope the bush zombies aren't a thing.
Darkcore42 chapter 74 . 5/16
This is probably the best HOTD fanfic I've ever read. I'm wondering how the mercs will tie in later. It's obvious they're Umbrella in this situation but they haven't come up again. Neither did the egghead, so ik expecting chekcovs gun. Somehow, some way that base won't be safe.
IncognitMan chapter 74 . 5/15
I never comment on a fanfic, but this story is amazing. greetings from argentina and please dont leave this
Notableword chapter 59 . 5/15
honestly I'm getting tired of Saya, se basically has lie three lines that she repeats all the time. why does the MC even like her? I really don't understand it.
joebruhgat chapter 74 . 5/12
I've been reading this story for almost 3 years now and I swear to god, if you drop this story, I will hunt you down and make you write it plus 3 more stories.
atchoum35 chapter 74 . 5/11
Nice chapter, thanks. Continue
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