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Trekker77 chapter 27 . 9/11
Oh no. Poor Anne and Johnnie. What will happen next? Glad you are writing again. Take as much time as you need to finish this story, I'm very patient. Hope your computer issues are solved now. Good luck!
ric castle chapter 20 . 9/8
I LOVE FELINA! I’m getting Terminator: Dark Fate Vibes from this chapter! Why couldn’t it‘ve been Steele?!
ElohimEditor chapter 26 . 8/27
t is good to know that you are well, and that you will not abandon the story, which in itself has enchanted me. I even thought the worst, sorry.

A shame what happened to your computer; I hope it was not spoiled. Take your time to write the story; don't worry, we'll have patience.

An advice; do not take it as a scolding: copy your writing to a USB device from time to time, and even to your cell phone if possible; so you will have a backup copy if something happens. I do this with my own fics -some of Swat Kats as well- as a security measure ... and read them from time to time.

It's all for now, greetings!
Trekker77 chapter 26 . 8/22
That was me who posted as a guest, I forgot to log in. Anyways, maybe you have a virus on your computer. If you take it to BestBuy, the Geek Squad can help you out, that's where I got my new computer. Good luck!
Guest chapter 26 . 8/21
That's ok dude. That really stinks. Hope you get those chapters salvaged.
ElohimEditor chapter 25 . 7/7
Well, I liked both chapters; Too bad they leave Steel behind, or that we don't see the human form of Chance and the others kats. Anyway.

What strikes me is that in Chap. 24 it is implied that there is a time difference in which 1 minute in the Human World equals approximately 1 hour 45 minutes in the Kat World (According to my estimated calculations); If so, how can they communicate live with Prof. Hackle? Why did Dr. Void specifically choose Dallas in 2019 and not 2021? And how the kats do not know the televisions in the charter buses if they already exist since the 90s? How did Max's stay in the Kat World affect him? How will it appear that you were not out of your home for two years when you see your family again? Two years of training and having lived far away will have made changes in him.

I was laughed at by those Enforcers so curious about the outside world, or the one who "robbed" a costume store.

It is surprising that Feral, even with almost terminal cancer, is ready for anything ... even driving a bus and crashing it.

Very good chapters; see you in the next one.

PS 1: I always wondered how he did to cut his hair, nails or shave. XD

PS 2: I imagine that when Max, Jake and Chance say goodbye, that time difference, if any, will be a huge obstacle acule to see each other again. Something sad to imagine.
Trekker77 chapter 24 . 5/22
Ok, the first thing they do is steal a bus, lol. Can't wait to see the fight that's coming up!
ElohimEditor chapter 23 . 4/22
The chapter was good. Every time I am surprised by the technology that hackle is capable of developing; several years ahead of its time. As for Feral ... it seems that not even a dying man softens his heart; I wonder if Jake and Chance will tell him the truth now that they know he will die of cancer.

Too bad Cybertron "died", but it helped fill in the data needed to create a new portal, and even more so not portable. Will you give Chance, Johnny and Ann some rings to look like humans? I wonder what they will look like ... Because there will be "them" the "aliens". And what about Callie?

Now Jake and Feral will be the weirdos in that world. What I'm wondering is ... Is it really Max's world? Couldn't it be another human-inhabited universe? And if it is your world, will it be the year 2019 or 2021? Taking into account that he spent two years away from home; If he gets to see his family, he would have to explain those two years of absence or why he looks somewhat "older." If it's 2012, I wonder if it's going through the same thing as us. (You know what I mean)

I wonder how Max's stay in the Kat world affected him, and whether it will negatively affect him.

Anyway; we will wait for the next chapter. See you.

PS: Don't worry, we respect all sanitary measures. Hopefully this will happen soon.
Trekker77 chapter 23 . 4/9
That was definitely worth the wait, I know you were busy with other stories, like the other one I'm following which involves the human teen being sent to the magical elf world. Wow, Max is home now, but can they all stop Dr. Void? What will other humans think of Razor and Commander Feral? Will they survive in Max' world? Can't wait to see what happens next!
ElohimEditor chapter 22 . 3/26
It was a short chapter, but it was pretty good

In the end, what I predicted happened, and Max was interviewed by Ann and Johnny to calm down the Megakat population. Although knowing how neurotic these people are ... Phew. At least Johhny and max are still friends; good for that.

I still find it extremely strange that being Dr. Void the ONLY person in Megakat who experimented with dimensional portals, NO ONE has suspected him as the one who brought Max to that universe, or that he is the famous "Benefactor". On the other hand, it seems that Feral took the Felina lod in silence. Now that he's a prisoner ... Will he tell T-Bone and Razor about his condition, and they about their identity, or will they keep it for him?

Now it's up to Max to rescue them ... and get help from Johnny and Ann. What can go wrong?

Until the next chapter.

PS: Be very careful with this issue of the pandemic, wherever you are, and take your time.
Trekker77 chapter 22 . 3/14
Oh, no. Max and company will be walking into a death trap. Can't wait to see the fight!
ElohimEditor chapter 21 . 3/8
Very good chapter indeed.

I'm glad to know that on the one hand, it was not necessary to blow up the Enforcer building. On the other hand, the reaction of the characters to Felina's death - except Ann - seemed to me ... strange, as she lacked some emotion; especially from Feral, from whom an explosion of rage awaited me that would eventually blame Max for the loss of his niece. Although it is implied that the Enforcers saw the threat of "Father" as a priority, it still seems strange to me the calm way the news takes; At least Max doesn't have to have a bad time with Feral ... although Steel is another story.

From what is implied in the end, Johnny does not betray Max, and quite possibly he finally has the happy interview with the human, which I believe will calm the population of Megakat. And I think it's part of Callie's plan. Now, what will happen to Feral, T-Bone and Razor when I go to see Void? No one knows that Feral is dying? Will T-Bone and Razor end up going to the Human World in 2019? I guess we'll know soon.

PD: I noticed a possible error in the chapter. Here Jake mentions that they have been Swat Kats for six years; however, in the first chapters they say they have been doing it for two years. As these last chapters occur two years after Max's arrival, then they should be four, not six.

It's all, see you.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/4
write more
Trekker77 chapter 21 . 2/22
Now the plot thickens. Maybe Max can get back home after all, and stop Dr. Void.
ElohimEditor chapter 20 . 2/17
Well, I must say that I liked the chapter.

That violent facet of Johnny was somewhat unexpected and at the same time understandable, given his concern for Ann; but I think it got a little out of line. And even more so in his attempt to "hero" in the restaurant.

Poor Jake; First time he has a date with Callie and a gross mutant kat ruins him. Gorgan seems to me a villain who wants me to hate him: seriously, I hate him, and a lot, and I don't even consider Felina's death.

Felina's death did not wait for me, but it is not that I was too shocked, because it is not exactly among my favorite characters. I don't hate her, but I never liked her so forced inclusion in the series to overshadow Callie; anyway, she will be missed.

Does that mean Steel will be in command of the Enforcers?

Max was ... brave and stupid too: I understand why he did it, but he made a fatal mistake that will eventually drag his friends. Now Feral will blame Max for the death of his niece, Callie and Ann may not take long to suspect Jake, Chance and Johnny about Max's identity, and quite possibly the true identity of the Swat Kats, since Jake showed to know about the human.

And I suspect that this situation would put Johnny in a bind with Ann. How will she take it that her boyfriend kept a secret like this for two years? Will he end up confessing everything, or will he defend Max and Jake and Chance by risking his relationship with the woman he loves? Or Ann, remembering the effects of Halloween will be in favor of the human? Same with Callie.
Most likely, Jake and Chance's secret will end up knowing the two girls.

Finally: I'm worried about how Chance will react when I know that Max is captive by the Enforcers. Knowing the close relationship he has with him, to the point of considering him a younger brother, and after reading that flashback in which he sees that drawing where he is as a prisoner, I imagine it as a beast piloting the Turbokat and attacking the same Enforcers HQ and facing Feral in order to rescue his "little brother."

I don't know: by now, everything can happen.

I will wait for the next chapter. Good luck
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