Reviews for Swat Kats: Worlds Collide
Guest chapter 20 . 2/3
Damn you did Felina dirty. Didn’t even go down fighting. Good stuff.
Trekker77 chapter 20 . 2/1
How heartbreaking. What will happen to Max now? Commander Feral might blame his niece's death on the poor human. Great chapter as always.
ElohimEditor chapter 19 . 1/27
I liked the chapter, and the way you are narrating it: it helps to discover what happened between chapter 17 and 18, as well as to keep moving forward in the current era.

I would like to know where Max is going to get his dose of vitamin "Sun and fresh air", and if Hackle already knows who Jake and Chance are. Something tells me that Ann will not accept Johnny's proposal, and that he will get angry when he knows that he took that role with such compromising information. Seriously: Ann fell really bad here, and more about how she treated Callie.

I assumed Johnny would bother the three of them by hiding their secret. He must have thought that his recent friendship was a cover to keep him under surveillance or something like that: poor guy. At least he took it well and did not go to tell the gossip to his girlfriend.

After years of waiting, and two seasons with nothing, FINALLY! Jake and Callie have a date ... and someone spoils it with a grenade. What a bad luck.

I will wait for the next chapter. See you!

PS: I don't know what, but I think Callie DOES KNOW that Jake and Chance were pilots before; I do not remember if they make it clear in the series or on some official page.
Trekker77 chapter 19 . 1/17
OH NO. What a cliffhanger, I'm on the edge of my seat. Great chapter as always.
Drago pirate chapter 19 . 1/17
This is getting good.
ElohimEditor chapter 18 . 1/12
Well, I must say that although I liked the chapter, it was not exactly my favorite.

The time jump makes one feel that there is a great emptiness, something missing between chapter 17 and 18. It is almost two years of time jump and we do not see many transcendent things, such as: Jake and Chance's first reaction to traumatized Max and the first steps in his recovery - remember that the poor man dreamed that his friends "devoured him" - or how the almost fraternal relationship between Chance and Max almost broke, or how Johnny takes to know the identities of the Swat Kats - I don't think it's that easy - or how the city of Megakat assumes that his third watchman disappears from nowhere.

Among other things: Do Jake and Callie finally come out? Does Feral have cancer? Too bad, Johnny is about to propose to Ann while she is about to discover Max? Will the Girls Club know?
Does Dr. Void plan to go to the Human World? Oh, this doesn't look good at all.

In any case, I will wait for the next chapter. Don't take my criticism wrong, and again, I apologize for my English.

PD: Finally they appoint Steel; They have almost forgotten.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/8
Glad to have found Swat Kats FFs. Keep up the good work.
Trekker77 chapter 18 . 1/5
Poor Max. Living that nightmare over and over again. But at least his friends are trying to give him support. I think maybe Anne will discover what Johnny is hiding very soon...
Drago pirate chapter 18 . 1/3
What a cool chapter the is suspenseful.
ElohimEditor chapter 17 . 12/24/2019
A criminal is a criminal; regardless of sex, race, species, etc., so he deserves the punishment they give him.

Returning to the topic: what a good chapter. I was sorry for Max for the Silent Hill nightmare cycle that this b * tch has put him through: trust in his friends will be terribly diminished, not to mention the fight he will have to carry out with such trauma. Now Johnny knows the GREAT SECRET too. Isn't it dangerous for me to know now that she is dating Ann and she is the "Girls Club"?

I didn't understand the end: Is Turmoil dead or just unconscious?

Keep it up; we will wait for the next cap. I wish you Happy Holidays, and until next year!
Drago pirate chapter 17 . 12/20/2019
This was a great and shocking chapter.
Trekker77 chapter 17 . 12/20/2019
Ok, that was scary. Pardon my earlier description of Turmoil, she didn't deserve to be cut to pieces. I had a feeling Johnny would discover that Jake and Chance were the SWAT Kats at some point in this story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend, and looking forward to the next chapter in 2020!
leopardstar412 chapter 17 . 12/20/2019
Boy you ROCK XD
some rando guyo chapter 16 . 12/18/2019
rad story so far keep it up
Trekker77 chapter 16 . 12/18/2019
Turmoil, you evil b####! I hope they throw her into the deepest hole possible. Poor Max, I hope the SWAT Kats can save him. Go ahead and post the next chapter that you've written. I'm anxious to see what happens!
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