Reviews for Crash and Burn
sandycub chapter 16 . 10/19
Just read this from the beginning and I love it so much! So worried with the crash and sitting on the edge of my seat with how bad Sammy was hurt! I love the inclusion of folks like Ellen and Missouri!
KKBELVIS chapter 16 . 10/18
Such precision by Ellen. So realistic I was cringing. The painful, uncomfortablness so palpable.

But Dean is right there for 'his kid'.

Dean wishing he could take Sam's place and do it for him...guh! Totally could feel how scared Sam was! But again...Dean sees him through!

By staying strong ...'Kick this ventilator's ass." Love that part! It even motivates Ellen! Awesome!

And how Dean is not even phased by the 'yuck' splattered on him. It's all about Sammy and he could care less.

Just love AU Winchesters! You keep them in line with their true characters on the show...yet they are placed in a whole new world. Amazing Work!

Thank you!
lenail125 chapter 16 . 10/18
Perfect chapter! Glad Sammy is doing better
Sammyscougar chapter 16 . 10/17
Really loving the story so far. Protective Dean and Hurt Sam always a favourite.
Looking forward to the next update.
Thanks for sharing
SPN Mum chapter 16 . 10/17
So far, Sam seems to be reacting to things within the normal parameters. I hope he will continue to improve at a consistent rate, without any complications.
SPN Mum chapter 15 . 10/17
Yay! Sam is awake and fairly cognizant of his surroundings, even though he has to learn to breathe on his own again. I'm sure he'll manage, with Dean there to encourage him.
Kathy chapter 16 . 10/16
great details, felt very realistic, and once again we see Dean's closeness to 'his kid', nice that Ellen feels something for the two boys now too,
Natasha Walker chapter 16 . 10/16
I’m so happy that there is another chapter. I wish this could go on forever! I loved how you said that Sam is Dean’s kid. I knew I fell in love with this story when you said that. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Stay safe!
Victoria chapter 16 . 10/16
OMG! Poor Sammy is so sick, but big brother Dean is right there taking care of everything he needs! You have written every aspect of this story and this hospital scene so well - detailed and exactly to the point of how Dean would handle things. Love all of the little easter eggs you have hidden throughout the story. Love the interaction between Dean and both Missouri and Ellen. Don't you just know both of these nurses are now in love with this 'kid' and his potty mouth brother! :) Surely hope Sammy is on the road to recovery and things will be good again. Thank you for your time and effort in writing these stories! Love them all and love how much you love the boys!
EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester chapter 16 . 10/16
Great chapter! I'm so glad Sammy is doing better and I'm with Ellen here, definitely paternal. I hope she and Missouri can work things out, too. Can't wait to read more!
livjoanarc chapter 16 . 10/16
This is literally the highlight of my week! Keep up the great work!
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 16 . 10/16
Always, always thrilled to see Sam making progress! And of course Dean is there every step of the way. I continue to love Ellen, your AU version of her in this is perfect :) she and Missouri should totally get joint custody haha.
KKBELVIS chapter 15 . 10/11
LOL...Ellen such a smarty pants! Love it! Using Missouri's words against her.

Sam waking up so slowly and the whole processes of true to life. Just can see and feel it all playing out as if we were there! That's the bomb!

Best part in this chapter...Just adored when Dean asked Sam to give the thumbs up or the thumbs down and instead Sammy Rallies and flips Dean the bird! LMFAO! Dude! Brilliant and so Sammy and so Dean!


Thank you so much for writing in all the little bits and bobs. You create a story that truly is more then a story 'cause we actually get to live inside the world you create!
perish-the-thoughtless chapter 15 . 10/10
Thanks for updating! Glad Sam finally woke up
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 15 . 10/9
So happy that Sam is making progress! Having him awake is a definitely relief, and I'm really glad you're taking it slow and showing everything as a process. More time for emotions and little bits of dialogue and the always wonderful protective big brother Dean ;)
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