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Geneevee chapter 9 . 6/28
Me: Same here Evan. Same here.
Kallerston chapter 9 . 6/29
So after a rather lengthy wait, this crossover has released another chapter concluding the events of FE Fates Chapter 5.

But before that we have a brief couple of scenes involving the rescue of Nathan, Bagon and Wimpod after the latter’s recently learned Screech alerts Keith to his presence. He convinces Nathan to come back with him to the snowy village from Chapter 4. He explains the situation to Nathan and per his request, gives him a Pokéball to officially capture Wimpod. However, the two are interrupted by a village elder grimly informing Keith of the sudden attack in Hoshido.

The attack in question being the main focus of this chapter. Continuing from the previous chapter the mysterious shadowy invaders have begun their attack on the city, in conjunction with Corrin losing control of himself and going on a draconic rampage. From here the chapter is pretty standard where in typical FE fashion each character goes around the battlefield taking down the enemy forces one by one.

The standout moment of this chapter though has to be the arrival of Damon…and his newly assembled gun.
Though I am slightly sceptical of Damon being able to create a firearm just as good as one assembled by a manufacturer from nothing but Hoshidan scraps. Along with the gunpowder and bullet casings needed to use it, and also be able to fire it off with perfect accuracy. Maybe he has a history with assembling and using guns but considering how the Pokémon world hasn’t really shown them (barring a banned episode of the anime), it seems unlikely.
Either way despite his gripes with being told what to do, and the grudge he still bears on Growlithe for stealing his food, Evan manages to reason with the wannabe gangster and joins the party. He quickly proves his worth, with his expert marksmanship skills being nothing to sneeze at as he’s able to kill any enemies in his sights with a single shot, and even manages to deal a serious injury to the leader of the shades, allowing Ryoma to get vengeance for his mother.

However despite the Pokémon trainer’s and Hoshidan Royal family taking down every last enemy, Corrin is still a mindless rampaging beast. Steel swords, bullets and Pokémon moves can only aggravate the dragon-blooded prince but Azura’s song manages to calm Corrin down…for a moment. Until Corrin swats her aside and pins Evan down, Evan pleads with what’s left of Corrin’s rational human side and asks for him to trust him giving Azura enough time to finish her song and restore Corrin to his human form.

Corrin’s transformation revealed a hidden truth though, a memory as an infant of Garon killing his birth father and stealing baby Corrin from his crib. He doesn’t have much time take it in though as Takumi finally decides to show up and immediately exclaim how all this death and destruction is all Corrin and the trainer’s fault. Granted while his suspicions are not entirely unfounded given Corrin grew up in Nohr, and it was his sword that blew up starting this whole mess. It’s very clear that Takumi isn’t in a rational mindset and is jumping the gun on this whole situation without considering all of the facts and possibilities.

Corrin starts believing that it would be best for everyone if he left Hoshido when Yukimara arrives and informs everyone that this isn’t what the Queen would have wanted, explaining that Mikoto knew in advance of her impending death and how a darker force is behind all that has occurred. Finally she directs everyone’s attention to a destroyed statue, that now reveals a hidden sword known as the Yato. A legendary weapon that can only be wielded by a chosen warrior to bring peace to the world, with that warrior in question being Corrin himself.

But the shocking news doesn’t stop there as scouts suddenly report in to disclose Nohr’s approaching army with the shocking inclusion of Pokémon in their ranks. Ryoma deciding enough is enough rallies his forces and orders them to bring any available Pokémon with them into battle, against the nearby trainer’s protests. Corrin believes that the answer to everything going on will be at the source of the upcoming battle and earns Azura and the trainer’s trust in him, and that no matter what happens they will follow him.

The scene in Hoshido ends with DK’s Farfetch’d freeing him from the wreckage of a torn-up stand. He comes to, to see the entire city in ruins and struggling to realise how something like this could have happened. He then notices Ryomo preparing to storm into battle with the other trainer’s, and noticing other people from his world he decides to follow them in hopes of finding some sort of explanation to what’s going on.

So all in all a pretty good return. You finished up what was set up and set the stakes accordingly for the upcoming conflict and the all-important decision of fate on the horizon.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 9 . 6/28
HOORAY YOU’RE BACK! Missed this! Loved how it all went down and can’t wait for more! Also, is Nate your character? I find it funny in a way seeing as he’s traveling with my OC. Kinda makes it as if us two are the ones traveling together.
Geneevee chapter 8 . 8/27/2020
Me: I knew I had a bad feeling about this.
My pokemon and Hoopa: Yep, agreed.
Geneevee chapter 7 . 8/27/2020
Me: I have a bad feeling.
Evan: A bad feeling about what?
Me: A bad feeling something terrible is going to happen.
Geneevee chapter 6 . 8/27/2020
Me: Alright, now that's done, let's go get some rest
Geneevee chapter 5 . 8/27/2020
Me: He's right, we better hurry!
My pokemon and Hoopa: Right!
Geneevee chapter 4 . 8/27/2020
Me: Oh no! Not again!
Geneevee chapter 3 . 8/27/2020
Me: Don't worry Evan, if it makes you feel any better, I know a few curry recipes that you may love.
Evan: Really Gen?!
Me: Of course! Just follow me, and I'll show you how I make them.
(We went to make a fire so that I can cook curry for me, Evan, Freya, their pokemon, and my pokemon. While my pokemon are sitting with Evan's and Freya's pokemon.)
Greninja: As Gen would say, this is going to be a bizarre adventure, don't you think so guys?
Squirtle: (Yeah, your right.)
Caterpie: (Mmhm.)
Sobble: (Uh, I guess.)
Rolycoly: (Remained silent but nodded his head in agreement.)
Charizard, Sceptile, Staraptor, Lucario, Garchomp and Hoopa: Yep, agreed.
Greninja: Now that's what I would like to hear, especially you Rolycoly.
Rolycoly: (...)
Geneevee chapter 2 . 8/27/2020
Me: Okay! This is bad!
Geneevee chapter 1 . 8/27/2020
(A portal opened up and we stepped out of it before it closed.)
Me: So this is the world Arceus told us about?
Lucario: Yes, this world fits the description Arceus told us.
Sceptile: Hey, look guys! Something's coming out from the portal!
(Another portal opened up, and Evan came out from it bedore it closed.)
Charizard: Woah! Isn't that the boy Evan Arceus told us about?!
Staraptor: Yes, he seems to fit the description Arceus told us about.
Garchomp: You think we should approach him?
Greninja: No, he might see us as enemies due to the world he is in right now.
Me: Then let's find a safe place to hide before he regains consciousness and spots us. Hoopa, you know what to do.
Hoopa: Right, you can count on me!
(Hoopa then used one of his rings to open up a portal, and we went through it before Evan regained consciousness.)
joeyginise chapter 1 . 7/11/2020
I can tell that this was written during the peak of the Scottish Pokémon trainer meme.
pichufan101 chapter 8 . 6/7/2020
Good chapter! I like dynamic between the chef and Farfetched, hope someone tells him what his Pokémon is really saying ; besides that, poor Corrin..

Also, I think I have a good trainer if you allow that.
Kallerston chapter 8 . 5/18/2020
It’s been a while but now this story has been updated and there is a lot that happens this time. This chapter focuses on two sides. The end of Chapter 4 and the beginning of Chapter 5 of Fates, and an original story that continues from a couple of chapters ago that focuses on Nathan and Camilla. Let’s start of with Nathan’s story first.

We start off with Nathan, Bagon and a wild Wimpod in the middle of being chased by Camilla after her refusal to follow her to Nohr. While Nathan and Bagon aren’t strong enough to defeat Camilla, they instead use their acrobatic training from the first chapter to outmanoeuvre her. Unfortunately, Nathan didn’t take into account that her dragon can fly while his cannot. Nathan struggles in its claws and Bagon manages to knock it out of the sky, only to not prepare accordingly for a landing, leading to Nathan, Bagon, Camilla and her Wyvern to fall deep into a gorge. Wimpod panickily watches them fall but reluctantly joins them when the Fearow that has been stalking the Nohr wastelands for quite some time tries to eat the Bug type for lunch.
Nathan wakes up after the drop to discover he is alive thanks to landing in a rather compromising position on top of Camilla. I suppose that chest of hers is good for more than just attracting the eyes. Unfortunately, Camilla was injured by the fall, leaving her at Nathan’s mercy which thankfully he’s in abundance of. Nathan uses the opportunity to ask Camilla why she’s coming after him and she explains the situation with the ongoing war and wishing to use Pokémon trainers to make wild Pokémon obey the kingdom. Nathan explains his stance on the matter that, the kingdom really shouldn’t involve outside help when it doesn’t concern them and demonstrates what a real trainer-Pokémon bond is with Bagon.
The sweet moment is interrupted though by Wimpod running for his life as Fearow descends from the sky, angry and itching for a fight. The fight is mainly Bagon vs Fearow with Camilla stuck on in the background unable to assist. Bagon struggles to land ranged attacks until Wimpod bucks up the courage to use itself as a distraction for Bagon land Dragon Breath and knock it out.
Camilla then gets aboard her Wyvern and takes the defeated Fearow with her to compensate for her failure in bringing in a trainer. She decides not to tell Garon about Nathan and lets him know that this makes them even, so the next time they meet on the battlefield they’re back to being enemies…albeit in a playful way.
She flies up leaving Nathan alone and trapped in the gorge with seemingly no way out, until he discovers the Galar TM for Screech hatching an idea to teach it to Wimpod. It takes a day of screaming but it appears he’ll be getting recused soon thanks to Keith’s patrol and his Mightyena hearing.
So this section had some good character insight into Nathan and character growth Camilla. Given how FE Fates features relationship mechanics and even children units via some weird timey wimey pocket dimension nonsense I don’t understand, I think it’s fair to say that this may be a future couple attaining C-Rank or something…look my FE lingo is a little shallow. We also have a chance to finally see Bagon do some work and are given some new info on Wimpod. Overall, pretty good.

Evan and Freya’s section primarily focuses on the cannon with not too much deviation, primarily with them just commenting their two cents on what’s happening. They eavesdrop on Corrin’s conversation with Azura where she reveals that her situation is an inverse of Corrin’s; a princess from Nohr that was kidnapped and raised in Hoshido. She gives Corrin some perspective on how she has been warmly accepted by Queen Mikoto and the people of Hoshido and expresses that given the option, she would much rather stay in Hoshido then return to Nohr. Corrin thanks her but is still feeling overwhelmed given how his world has been rocked more times than a cavern of Graveller’s using Magnitude all at once.
The next morning Mikoto invites Corrin and the trainer’s to the throne room to let them know that she is holding a festival to announce Corrin’s return to help ease rumours of Nohrian spies and instil hope and security amongst the people. In the capital, preparations are being made and some time is spent showing just how well Hoshidan’s and Pokémon are co-existing. To be honest given how its only been a couple of days since they’ve arrived it is a little weird seeing just how well both sides are accustoming, although it is suggested multiple times in the games that Pokémon are naturally drawn to humans for companionship and since most of the Pokémon are rather docile such as Wooloo and Starly, instead of aggressive types like Mankey or Sneasel I can get behind it. However, one person who can’t get behind it is Takumi, an archer that is another member of the royal family who is highly suspicious of both Corrin and the Pokémon influences believing them to be ill signs.
However it appears there are more Pokémon sources than he realises since not only has Damon finished building his own personal firearm, another trainer’s location has been revealed; DK the Kalos chef. Somehow finding the resources to manage his own stall the cook tries his best to create a good chicken tomato soup, only to literally butcher the ingredients and add more spice than a traditional hot sauce, all to his Farfetch’d’s chagrin.
Eventually the announcement does arrive and all seems to be going well. Evan and Freya are praised for helping show off Pokémon relations with Growlithe and Sobble and Mikoto announces her son’s return. However, Growlithe’s nose twitches sin response to a strange cloaked individual. Before Evan can act on it, the figure stretches out their hand and causes Corrin’s sword to suddenly explode like a bomb, sending shrapnel flying everywhere. A piece heads straight for him when his mother uses her body as a shield, being thankful that Corrin is unharmed before succumbing to the wound and passing away in front of him. The tragedy of losing his mother just after meeting her pushes Corrin’s mental health past the breaking point, making him undergo a transformation into a white dragon hell-bent on destroying everything in sight in a blind rampage with Evan struggling to take everything in as the section comes to a dramatic end.
Similar to other sections in this story, here you let the plot of the games take up the driving force with not a lot of added content. However, given the dramatic weight and the significance of the story the scene’s here are I think in this chapter its excusable. There is also a nice friendly interaction between Evan and Freya after Azura’s chat with Corrin that I also enjoyed, the two playoff themselves well together.

So this chapter delivered a satisfying conclusion to Nathan’s own little story, re-introduced another OC trainer, and continued the plot of Fates to one of its most shocking events before the branch of fate. There’s a lot coming up and I’m looking forward to it.
Coral the Leviathan chapter 8 . 5/17/2020
Finally it is up! Nice going!

So, to start with, we got Nathan somewhat getting along with Camilla and somewhat getting through to her a thing or two about Pokemon. A bit cold, though, how the woman went and left the guy behind in that cavern with seemingly no way out. But, he'll think of something.

Meanwhile on the Hoshdan's side, we see Corrin, Evan, and Freya getting another tour around the plaza. This time, we see the people getting along very well with the Pokemon. The children's interactions with them were especially adorable~ Not only that, but we also see the return of a certain chef, whose skills are not just questionable in terms of that barbecue moment. Seriously... does he not have a cookbook? Does he not know the terror of a Tamato Berry when eaten in a big bite? His Farfetch'd especially was trying to tell the guy that the stew looks too much, but he didn't listen at all and thought it was all okay, so long as things went his way. Well, bozo. Look where that got that sad customer.

Audino is truly getting along with Sakura, considering how the thing went and kept her in a hug earlier. Truly is a hugging type, isn't it? And of course... there's Takumi... He who has a strong distrust for non-Hoshidans, especially, clearly, Pokemon. I can't wait to see one save his life and make him realize that he was wrong about Pokemon.

So now! We made it to the point where Corrin turns for the first time, and we see the soon-to-be return of a blind officer. Looking forward to the next chapter
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