Reviews for Fire Emblem Fates: Trainer's Revelation
Coral the Leviathan chapter 7 . 3/5/2020
Great chapter! Love it all!

Looks like Damon and his Scraggy meeting the group will have to wait in later chapters then, huh. I mean, he saw them for the first time, but not really met them. And I love what you did for Growlithe there. Certainly displayed a Pokemon's intelligence and their will with this little guy.

And so, the trainers had finally spoke of what Pokemon are and where they came from. I'm glad Queen Mikoto is open-minded and understanding in the situation. Then again, considering the truth of her... I said too much. In any case, now people know that the Pokemon's attacks and hostility are not what they think. When one is suddenly taken from their home, first thing they think of doing is surviving. The 'attack' on that guy's crops are probably hungry Pokemon wanting to take some food to eat. While it is a bad thing to do, since they're wild Pokemon I don't think that rule applies to them.

Evan spoke a little of the Pokemon world to Corrin and Kaze, mainly about the concept of magic. Yes, in the world of Fates, magic is real, whereas for in the Pokemon world and ours', it is usually just a trick done as entertainment. As for the girls' end, we see that Audino is indeed a hugger. I don't think I've seen or read of a person hugging a food they come to like. A bit surprised the princesses didn't ask about the bagpipe, though. Maybe next chapter.

I love the battles in this chapter! Really showed what it means for a Pokemon and trainer to fight together, how much trust the Pokemon has for their trainer, and the respect the trainers and their Pokemon have for each other. Especially love how some kids are already taken to Pokemon.

And now, Corrin has met a certain someone who is kind of in the same situation as him, a songstress who knows the truth of the pointless war going on. I wonder what she thinks of Pokemon, especially since the lake she sings at has some Water-type Pokemon swimming in it.

And yes, I am also quite angry that they took away Bubble, as well as several other moves... I hope they bring back some moves in next generation, if there will be a next generation.

That being said, looking forward to next chapter~!
Jalarious27 chapter 6 . 3/1/2020
I don’t blame Evan and Freya for hesitating to tell Corrin about the truth behind them being there. Considering how much of a shock it was to them, think about how he would react to it, especially given everything else probably going through his mind? Not only that but travelling over to a village they intend on helping isn’t exactly the best chance to talk about such important matters. Thankfully no Pokemon were harmed on the way, though. I’m sure Rinkha would’ve actually tried to eat them had she been given the chance, considering she doesn’t know the truth behind them.

I was curious as to how Evan and Freya would handle the fight coming up, and I do believe that they chose wisely. They didn’t really have much in the ways of fighting experience, and their Pokemon can only do much, so helping evacuate the villagers while the others fought made the most sense, even if Ryoma didn’t quite trust them completely. I get why he is being so skeptical towards them, but I still think he is being a bit too cautious. It isn’t like either of them have caused any harm to anyone.

I find it interesting that Freya ended up with the Goddess Icon. Judging by that, I can only assume that she will be the one to use it at some point. If I remember correctly, it allows you to change your class, so I wonder which class Freya will end up picking.

Keith is most certainly an…interesting individual. I do like him, though. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first when I realized that he was blind, but I was really surprised to find out that he was a member of the international police. Although, with how well he and his Pokemon work together, it isn’t too shocking. They work well together, and it makes up for his lack of sight. I was especially impressed with the usage of Ditto’s Transform. I knew that it could change into other Pokemon, but to be able to transform into one of the Faceless and a cane, that is definitely impressive.

I feel bad for Evan. After everything that has happened, I don’t blame him for being in shock after stabbing the Faceless. I don’t think he’d ever expected to have to wield a sword, before. Still, it was to protect himself, and it was a monster, so hopefully it won’t bother him for too much longer.

Everything is now finally in the air, and hopefully that means that some issues will be resolved. I am also glad to see that, from what it looks like, in addition to Freya getting a new member in Snom, Sakura might end up getting an Audino. Also, if I may add, Audino is absolutely ADORABLE! Just the fact that it loves hugging people so much makes me smile. She is the perfect partner for Sakura. Unfortunately, Keith isn’t going to be sticking around, but I’m sure he’ll be in touch. Possibly with more trainers in tow.

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I am looking forward to the next one.
Jalarious27 chapter 5 . 3/1/2020
Sorry about taking so long to review. I'll hopefully be all caught up soon enough. In this chapter, we get a bit of story progression, as well as see more of a couple of different characters.

Talk about a wakeup call. I’m sure that the bagpipes are soothing to some people, but to most, I feel like bagpipes blaring in their ears first thing in the morning is far from being a pleasant experience. Either way, it brought Evan back to the land of the living, only to be in for an even bigger shock. Although, to be fair, waking up in a strange place and then encountering a weird, dragon-looking creature is probably very terrifying. Though, without Lilith, they would’ve died. I honestly really like Lilith. It makes me wish that they had done a bit more with her character.

I never even thought about that! Metapod doesn’t really have a mouth, so it can’t actually eat anything. I feel kind of bad for the little guy. Even if he doesn’t really need to eat in that form, it is still enjoyable to be able to eat, and I’m sure everyone else eating around him has got to suck.

Wow. You just outright say it, Evan. Sure, with everything going on, it is pretty obvious you are in another world, but you’ve gotta give the girl some warning before you go and shout that kind of stuff out. It’ll give anyone quite the shock. Although, what came next wasn’t a big surprise. Given what they’d been through in just a matter of days, I think it would be strange if he hadn’t been on the verge of a breakdown. He was prepared to go on a Pokemon journey, not to end up in a world where he’d have to fight for his life, multiple times in several days. Thankfully, we’ve got Freya’s bagpipes to save the day! Honestly, I feel like bagpipes are too often stereotyped as annoying. They aren’t my favorite instrument, mind you, but if played in the right way by the right person, they can definitely be soothing.

And, of course, right when Corrin was about to have his question answered, they all got knocked out. Although, it ended up just being Rinkha. I really enjoyed the interactions between the group as they were travelling towards Hoshido. We get to see a bit more of each character’s personality, and we also know a bit more about things that happened during travel.

I find this to be an interesting comparison. Whenever they ran into the Venipede, Kaze’s first reaction was to draw out his knife. Understandable, because he is used to having to fight for his life. However, I am glad that Evan stepped in and took care of the situation before Kaze could seriously harm the Venipede.

Meanwhile, back in Nohr, things aren’t looking too good. After they got back from dealing with the wild Pokemon, they brought back some with them, and after seeing what they are capable of, Garon intends on using them as a part of the Nohrian army. That definitely doesn’t mean very good things for Evan and the others, but it will definitely make Nohr more of a threat. Although, I have a feeling that Garon is going to regret doubting Wimpod. It may be weak right now, but it will become a real force to be reckoned with later on.

I don’t blame Evan and Freya for being surprised at the revelation back in Hoshido. After all, Corrin himself was pretty shocked. Although, what really shocked me was Ryoma’s reaction to Evan and Freya. In the games, he always came off like a pretty rational guy, but his reaction to those two seemed really stern. Then again, for all he knew, they could’ve been Norhian spies or soldiers. I don’t know. For whatever reason, his reaction surprised me.

Looks like someone else has made it to Hoshido already. Though, I wonder how he'll end up meeting up with the others. Considering that he is stealing food, I wonder if he is gonna get caught and that is how they'll end up meeting.

I'm not sure whether to feel bad or happy for Nathan...On one hand, Camilla is definitely someone you don't want to make angry. On the other hand, he's got a beautiful woman chasing after him...Definitely a win lose situation there XD Still, I understand why he wouldn't want to help her, especially after seeing them attack those Pokémon earlier. I also enjoy how Wimpod is showing that he isn't useless like Garon assumed. By the looks of things, Nathan will probably end up adding him to his team at some point.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. I apologize for taking so long to review, but I’ve been really busy as of late. Anyways, I’m starting to catch up again, finally, so hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer for another review from me.
Kallerston chapter 6 . 2/29/2020
So, the next stop on this journey through the early chapters of Fates takes us to the snow-capped mountains of Chapter 4. Along the snow-covered hill tops, wild Pokémon frolicking about as Hoshidan military and Pokémon Trainer’s march to the site of Ryoma’s sisters. The two trainers naturally feel intimidated about the whole ordeal but can’t help but worry about Corrin who is having to take just as much as their feeling if not more. Realising this the two decide to postpone the revelation of the extra-terrestrial origins and decide to postpone the news until Corrin is in a much better place mentally speaking.

In time the reach the site near where the two should be and discover it overrun with a Fire Emblem Fates exclusive monster; Faceless. Artificial beings of Dark Magic created by Nohr as mindless soldiers that exist only to destroy. Corrin is shocked by the news believing that his country and his father would not do such a thing, but the evidence is right in front of him clear as day. Noticing a nearby village that may soon be under attack, Evan volunteers himself and Freya to warn the locals while giving them an excuse to stay of the action. Despite some reservations Ryoma approves and they make their exit while the Hoshidan army prepares to attack.

The two reach the village and Evan comes up with a plan to seal the entrance with Caterpie’s String Shot as a temporary measure until Freya can warn the villagers and close the gates. The two split up and go about their missions when Evan is spotted by a Faceless, making him prepare to counter-attack while a mysterious Pidgey flies overhead into the village, reporting to a shaggy haired man wearing sunglasses. Meanwhile Freya has managed to successfully reward the villagers about the oncoming threat and is shown gratitude by being given a Goddess Icon, an item in Fire Emblem that increases Luck which in Pokémon terms acts like a less reliable version of Lucky Chant that reduces the risk of critical hits while also increasing accuracy and evasion. Funny how now you have two OC Pokémon trainers with passive luck-based powers. After receiving the gift, the man from before greets Freya where it is revealed that he is blind and needs to use a white cane that “seems to have a mind of its own”. Freya insists that he goes back inside where it’s safe but flashes her a Pokéball revealing his arrival from their world as well.

Outside Ryoma’s sister’s; the Pegasus knight Hinoka and Sakura the healer, are hiding out waiting for help and dealing with Sakura’s injuries. Hinoka scouts the air on her Pegasus where she gets glimpses of the ongoing conflict. With Corrin taking advantage of the nearby Dragon Vein to unleash devastating phoenix shaped fire that burns up the Faceless and land to ashes. Evan isn’t so lucky as while he is able to slow and deal minor damage, the Faceless manages to get the drop on him and almost smashes him when the blind man’s Mightyena finishes it off with Snarl. Pretty cool seeing eye dog. After getting acquainted with him and re-uniting with Freya the three quickly make their way back to the others who are still in the midst of combat with the Faceless hoard. Things seem pretty even when a Faceless larger than others roars into battle. The blind man sends out his Pidgey before it suddenly transforms into a duplicate of the giant faceless. Not something you see every day. With the added Pokémon support the rest of the faceless go down in no time flat, with Ryoma rushing off to find his siblings and Freya finding TM 36: Whirlpool (clearly a sign that her good luck is already coming into effect).

Heading into the forest Ryoma and the others soon find Hinoka and Sakura leading to an emotional reunion between not just Ryoma but with their long-lost brother Corrin too. They attempt to leave but Sakura’s injuries are still too much for her to move on her own and with no medical supplies on hand it looks to be a big issue when conveniently a wild Audino appears from behind the trees and treats Hinoka’s injuries with Heal Pulse. Convenient. Upon seeing the Pokémon in action Ryoma turns to Evan and asks him more about the Pokémon having heard their capabilities from Kaze and Rinkah. The blind man breaks the tension and says that all will be explained back at the village with everyone following in suit. Except for Hinoka who is trapped by Audino’s hug much in the same way Ash’s Muk and recently caught Dragonite have knack for close embraces.

Back in his home the old man reveals that his shapeshifting cane/Pidgey is actually a Ditto. A personal favourite Pokémon of mine that sadly is hard to get in main playthrough’s and struggles online due to needing one turn to set up (unless it has Imposter but that’s a Hidden Ability so it isn’t easy to come by especially in a main playthrough). Still you’ve shown off Ditto’s transformation capabilities expertly here, this one able to transform into inanimate objects, a Pidgey from memory and now Fire Emblem monsters. I wonder if it can also transform into Pegasus and Wyvern? Maybe transformed Wolfskins and Kitsune’s? One will only learn in time. Either way it’s here that the blind man’s identity is revealed as Keith Harris; the international police member we saw in Johto during the prologue. Following his reveal Evan finally spills the beans on their otherworldly origins, the Hoshidan’s take the news relatively well with Ryoma asking if the Pokémon should be considered a threat. Keith explains that Pokémon are basically wild animals, however just like any other animal they can be trained and made docile, leading to peace and mutual growth. With this information in hand Ryoma requests Evan and Freya to return to him with Hoshido to provide further information, Keith on the other hand will stay behind in an attempt to find more wayward trainer’s promising to send Ditto anything newsworthy happened. With everything sorted the Hoshidans begin to leave taking with them the wild Audino clinging onto Sakura still, and a wild Snom Freya finds on the windowsill that she chooses to catch.

So overall this chapter was pretty good. Unlike this chapter this one followed the story beats of Fire Emblem Fates but introduced new scenarios and conversations to keep it original. The fight scenes were good and well described, and the Pokémon interactions were pretty cute. I guess the only thing I have a slight problem with is that Audino and Snom’s arrivals feel too…added in. As in you knew these Pokémon had to join in at some point, you knew this was the best place to do it, but you couldn’t really find a good opportunity to implement them into the story so you just threw em’ in there. This is more a problem for Snom, rather than Audino since at least with her you flushed out her personality a bit. But considering how you set up the area to be full of ice and bug types, to have a normal type like Audino show up right when someone is injured and needs medical attention seems a bit too convenient. It’s not a major issue that detracts from the story, but it did pull me out of it a bit when I read it the first time.

But overall, it’s another good chapter that prepares for chapter five of Fates…and ooh boy that’s gonna be an interesting one.
Coral the Leviathan chapter 6 . 2/19/2020
It is adorable how Audino came and gave Sakura a big hug after healing her. Even more so, she started hugging many other people. I see she loves hugs a lot, and is definitely Sakura's partner Pokemon, or soon to be.

Revelation is finally out! Corrin and his Hoshidan family now know the truth of the trainers and Pokemon! Not only that, but we have an International Police joining the mix! ... Well, not exactly, but he made his appearance and will be helping out however he could from the village he'll be staying in.

Congratulations! Freya has caught a Snom! An adorable Ice/Bug-type Pokemon that just loves the snow and ice. I can see it being an asset in a certain battle that is to come later.

Now we wait for next chapter, which may be THE chapter, of A certain event. I do wonder what will happen in that chapter and look forward to it
54godamora chapter 6 . 2/18/2020
So we have Sakura with a pokemon now. Makes me wonder who else will have one.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 6 . 2/18/2020
Whoohoo! Great chapter! Loved this. Ya did good writing my OC. I also liked how you had Freya catch such an adorable Snom! I must say that I was laughing a gasket when Audino began hugging everyone with so much affection! Cute!

I look forward to the next chapter! Keep up the good work!
Kallerston chapter 5 . 2/2/2020
Following on from the literal cliff-hanger last chapter we find our heroes not at the bottom of a canyon, nor dead (though they do consider the option) and instead are in the Astral Plane, a secluded pocket dimension of sorts that was home to the First Dragons. After Freya uses her bagpipes to wake Evan up out of his deep slumber, Corrin reveals that they arrived here thanks to Lilith who has revealed her true identity as a dragon herself (albeit a small cute one).Lilith explains how in this realm she has control over reality with one days not even lasting one second back in Hoshido and Nohr, and being able to create structures like treehouses out of thin air. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that the Pokémon still aren’t understood by the humans, considering how you’ve translated them for the reader you’d think the realm would bend the laws of language but it doesn’t really matter.

However, the three rest up for the night with food and warmth. In the trainer’s treehouse Evan and Freya talk about how they must be in another world, and start talking to each other on a more personal level. Evan expresses his dreamer-like nature and Frey explains how she first learnt the bagpipes. It’s a nice moment to flesh out the characters more and the two agree that they should tell Corrin of their otherworldly status.

Waking up the next day, Lilith returns them back to the Hoshidan border where before they can tell Corrin their secret, they are swiftly taken down by the Flame Tribe. They wake up to Rinkah who offers them food and reveals that despite their history she still needs to hand them over to the Hoshidan military, being escorted by another familiar face Kaze. On their way to the kingdom Kaze reveals that Pokémon just like Evan’s have been showing up and just on cue a wild Venipede appears. Evan steps in front of Kaze to deal with it and sends out Squirtle takes it out with ease, making Kaze raise a brow at the unorthodox method of fighting.

Having arrived in the capital they reunite with Rinkah who apparently took a shortcut and are introduced to Ryoma who’s image sparks a memory from Corrin and Evan’s dreams. Their introduction is brief however when in comes the Queen of Hoshido Mikoto. She sees Corrin and begins to cry at the sight of Corrin revealing that she is in fact his birth mother and Ryoma is his older brother. Corrin struggles to accept the truth when the reunion is caught short by a message that the North is under attack alerting Ryoma who charges immediately into action with Corrin, Evan and Freya in tow. And on their way out to battle we see a certain Alola trainer and his Scraggy have taken up residence in Hoshido as local thieves.

And in Nohr another story is unfolding. In Garon’s main chamber he is in a meeting with his remaining children about the recent Pokémon sightings. Leo reports on their ability to cast “magic” and how one human was able to tame them to fight on his behalf. Bringing in a wild Houndour and Wimpod to showcase their abilities, Leo takes the two out though Wimpod manages to escape. Garon is impressed by the display of power shown by them and orders Camilla to find this individual who managed to tame them. The Wimpod meanwhile has managed to flee deep into the Nohrian wilds making sure he wasn’t followed by Nohrian forces, only to immediately be spotted by a ravenous Fearow. The poor Bug type looks to be a mid-day snack when Nathan comes in with Bagon to save the day, warding it off with Hydro Pump it doesn’t get much to fight back when Camilla comes in on her Wyvern ready to roast the bird. Choosing to retreat, Camilla introduces herself to Nathan and orders him to follow her back to Nohr. Nathan realises that she is part of the forces that attacked the Pokémon earlier and quite frankly doesn’t like her “my way or the highway” method of ordering Nathan around. Wimpod uses Sand-Attack to blind Camilla, giving itself time to flee which Nathan and Bagon follow in quick pursuit, leaving Camilla to begin her hunt.

So overall this chapter introduced a lot of new characters, new locations and new Pokémon while expanding on some previously set up characters to give them more depth. I’d say that the scenes focusing primarily with Corrin were the weakest but that’s more to do with having to go through major story beats of FE: Fates, where Evan and Freya couldn’t do much but add a couple of words to remind the reader that they’re here to, though with a story like this events like those are bound to happen every now and again.

But primarily another good chapter that sets up the stakes high for next time.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 5 . 1/28/2020
Whoohoo! Great chapter! Here’s hoping for more soon!
Coral the Leviathan chapter 5 . 1/28/2020
I've been waiting for this update! After this, I promise I will get to the Bakugan story and send my review(s)!

To start, we find our two trainers and prince in the Astral Plane, spending the night there as peacefully as they can, with the trainers coming to realize they were indeed in another world and must find out a way to return to their home. I've a feeling Corrin had overheard their conversation, with his window open, and him not really asleep as he should be at the time.

Back in Nohr, we see the Nohrians are learning about the Pokemon's existence and the power they possess. While Houndour was practically forced to stay, Wimpod (whom I honestly thought was a shy Anorith from your description of the little guy) fled away as quickly as he could. This led to Camilla to finding Nathan and Bagon. The Nohrian Princess tried to get the guy to come with her to the castle, but thanks to Wimpod, the boy and his Bagon managed to escape. ... Somewhat. I've a feeling something bad will happen next chapter for him, and worry greatly.

As for the Hoshidan end, speaking of learning about Pokemon, Kaze and Corrin had been introduced to the concept of Pokemon Battle by Evan. ... Okay, not really, as all they saw was a boy using his 'pet' to do battle for him. As Camilla had said, this would be seen as a cowardly act, but these people don't know how things work in the Pokemon world, which may be revealed by Freya and Evan next chapter after they save a certain pair of princesses from a certain danger.

On another note, we also have ourselves a sneak peek of another trainer and his Pokemon in the world of Fire Emblem. Just did a small act of thievery for survival, I suppose, but other than that, nothing else about the boy. I do wonder how he will be meeting Corrin and the others, though. I imagine a Pokemon battle will occur for his thieving act(s), with some ninjas holding the thief down upon seeing how distracted he was. Or something like that.

Can't wait to see more~!
ray.sphere99 chapter 5 . 1/28/2020
Great chapter on this story keep it up they excellent work here
54godamora chapter 5 . 1/28/2020
I definitely prefer this over the contender trilogy. A lot easier to understand
BlitztheWolf chapter 4 . 1/7/2020
I love your Pokemon crossovers, I'm curious on what would be the next crossover after this and Contender's Ascent. Sword Art Online or Shield Hero would be one's I'd like to see.
Jalarious27 chapter 4 . 12/21/2019
I apologize for such a long wait, yet again. After my break from college started, I took a few days to just relax, but now I'm getting around to reviewing. Anyways, I enjoyed how this chapter was done. I can see that you are sticking to roughly the same dialogue and plot as from the games, but adding your own twists with the Pokémon. Though, you have definitely captured the feel of the games, which I appreciate.

First, we get the exchange between Garon and Corrin. He still has his mission like usual, but it seems as though there is more going on. Instead of simply not being allowed to help Corrin on his mission, his siblings are actually given their own mission, dealing with some Pokémon that have been making people sick. I wasn't entirely sure of how you were going to introduce Pokémon to the people of this world. They've already witnessed Evan and his Pokémon, but it makes sense that there would be some Pokémon causing trouble elsewhere, and so having them encounter them on a mission is a good idea.

Oh man. Despite not liking the Nohrian soldiers very much, I feel sort of bad for them for being on the receiving end of Stunky's foul stench XD Although, there screams lead us to finding Nathan, who has a quick run in with a pizza craving Ratticate, as well as the same annoying soldiers from before. Apparently it is Nohr's belief to ask questions, then attack without listening for a proper answer. Though, I doubt they were expecting such a little guy like Bagon to pack such a punch. He also gets some help from a wild Misdrevous, which is when the Nohrian family shows up. Overall, I think this was a good first encounter. Although, I noticed that for the first couple of paragraphs where you put in Nathan, you kept referring to him as Ethan. It had me confused a bit at first, though I understand that it is probably something that you just didn't notice. Other than that, there weren't any other real issues with this section.

Despite being an odd time to learn about each other's lives, I think it is good that Freya and Ethan are learning a bit about each other. Seeing as though they are going to be with each other for quite some time, it would be smart to get to know each other better so they can work together properly. I also see why Freya would be curious. Ethan is just starting out as a trainer, but his knowledge of battling wouldn't make him appear that way, but that is simply because of his schooling and how much practice he did. I also enjoyed the mention of the different cultures. Considering how different the gyms in Galar are from the other regions, it makes sense that Ethan would have a bit of a culture shock. Although, their conversation was quickly ended by a battle with a Geodude and a Drilbur, neither of which were too much trouble, considering they each have a water-type on their teams.

I wasn't expecting Evan and Corrin to reunite so quickly, but I suppose it makes sense, since they'll end up together again at some point. Although, it makes sense why Evan would want to meet up with Corrin again. After all, he recognized him from that dream, and he was one of them only people he knew that wasn't going to try and kill him. Although, I most certainly wasn't expecting Ethan to have Caterpie lay that trap for the Hoshidan. Though, I suppose there wasn't any other choice. On the bright side, though, Caterpie evolved, which means that pretty soon Ethan will have a cool Butterfree on his team. I know a lot of people think bug-types are weak, but I really love Buterfree. It can also be a force to be reckoned with if trained correctly.

Seeing the events that followed, I wonder where Corrin and the others will end up. Ethan attacked Saizo to help Corrin escape, but that makes me wonder if they will end up in Hoshido, or back in Nohr. It makes me curious if you are going off of Birthright, Conquest, or Revelations. Either way, Ethan and Freya are definitely in for a surprise when they get out of those canyons.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. I will be getting around to reviewing your other story soon.
Kallerston chapter 4 . 12/17/2019
So moving along from last time, this chapter starts off in Nohr where Garon tasks Corrin with investigating an abandoned fortress on the border between Hoshido and Nohr as a way to make up for his insolence. Doing so with the accompaniment of Gunter, Felicia and ex-criminal and totally not shady guy Hans. So far, the same as Fates however before the meeting is over Garon is interrupted and informed of more Pokémon appearances outside the capital’s walls attacking nearby soldiers.
It is here that our third trainer is given a partial introduction; Nathan the Hoenn trainer and his Bagon. Personality wise Nathan seems to be the crudest character we’ve seen so far but seems to care a lot about Pokémon especially the anger he felt at seeing them being attacked. This section is small and is mostly meant for humour considering the three Pokémon: Stunky, Raticate and Misdreavus all have simple one note personalities made to have us laugh at Nohrians expense… but I don’t know it just didn’t do it for me. Raticate eating the Nohrian’s weapon was clever but that was about all. Still it looks like Nathan is going to be very anti-Nohrian at this point, reminding me of a certain stubborn archer but who knows if he’ll pan out exactly like that.

After that we join with Evan and Freya for the rest of the chapter. They start out having some nice character moments, chatting about the differences between Kanto and Galar when they come face to face with some ground types. Similar to the previous section this kinda didn’t do much for me. The battles are short, don’t do anything too impressive and don’t have any lasting impact except from Evan being reminded of speed and timing again which was already a theme last time.
But then we come to the main act at the sight of The Bottomless Canyon the sight that Corrin was seem to investigate. The occupation of Hoshidan’s at the base complicates things and Corrin suggests a sound retreat before things escalate… only for Hans to Leeroy Jenkins his way forward with a craving for blood. If it were me, I would have just left the guy to face it alone but Corrin is too nice for that and the group is forced to fight. Evan and Freya are shocked at the ensuing violence and death and are left at a crossroads on what to do. Eventually Evan makes the decision to help Corrin as he’s the only ally that they’ve got in this war-torn world. Evan shows off his education by coming up with effective strategies utilising Smokescreen and Electroweb that lead to victory and Caterpie’s evolution into Metapod.
After saving Corrin, Evan and reconvenes with him and introduce Freya. Everything seems swell and good when guess who messes things up again. Hans attempts to kill Evan only for Gunter to parry his axe and take the blow himself. In rage Corrin uses Dragon Fang to take Hans down demanding he tell him why he’s betrayed them. Hans answers that he was ordered by Garon to do it which should surprise no one at this point. Breaking free and running off Hans leaves the others on the bridge, to be sent falling to their deaths once its been cut ending the chapter.

As far as action was concerned this was probably the most packed so far, with the battle at The Bottomless Canyon showcasing a lot of what the Fates and Pokémon cast have to offer. Other than that, it was okay, some parts didn’t hit the mark for me as much as they should have but it wasn’t anything to jarring or annoying to really mark the chapter down.
All in all, another good chapter. Keep it up.
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