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Kallerston chapter 4 . 12/17/2019
So moving along from last time, this chapter starts off in Nohr where Garon tasks Corrin with investigating an abandoned fortress on the border between Hoshido and Nohr as a way to make up for his insolence. Doing so with the accompaniment of Gunter, Felicia and ex-criminal and totally not shady guy Hans. So far, the same as Fates however before the meeting is over Garon is interrupted and informed of more Pokémon appearances outside the capital’s walls attacking nearby soldiers.
It is here that our third trainer is given a partial introduction; Nathan the Hoenn trainer and his Bagon. Personality wise Nathan seems to be the crudest character we’ve seen so far but seems to care a lot about Pokémon especially the anger he felt at seeing them being attacked. This section is small and is mostly meant for humour considering the three Pokémon: Stunky, Raticate and Misdreavus all have simple one note personalities made to have us laugh at Nohrians expense… but I don’t know it just didn’t do it for me. Raticate eating the Nohrian’s weapon was clever but that was about all. Still it looks like Nathan is going to be very anti-Nohrian at this point, reminding me of a certain stubborn archer but who knows if he’ll pan out exactly like that.

After that we join with Evan and Freya for the rest of the chapter. They start out having some nice character moments, chatting about the differences between Kanto and Galar when they come face to face with some ground types. Similar to the previous section this kinda didn’t do much for me. The battles are short, don’t do anything too impressive and don’t have any lasting impact except from Evan being reminded of speed and timing again which was already a theme last time.
But then we come to the main act at the sight of The Bottomless Canyon the sight that Corrin was seem to investigate. The occupation of Hoshidan’s at the base complicates things and Corrin suggests a sound retreat before things escalate… only for Hans to Leeroy Jenkins his way forward with a craving for blood. If it were me, I would have just left the guy to face it alone but Corrin is too nice for that and the group is forced to fight. Evan and Freya are shocked at the ensuing violence and death and are left at a crossroads on what to do. Eventually Evan makes the decision to help Corrin as he’s the only ally that they’ve got in this war-torn world. Evan shows off his education by coming up with effective strategies utilising Smokescreen and Electroweb that lead to victory and Caterpie’s evolution into Metapod.
After saving Corrin, Evan and reconvenes with him and introduce Freya. Everything seems swell and good when guess who messes things up again. Hans attempts to kill Evan only for Gunter to parry his axe and take the blow himself. In rage Corrin uses Dragon Fang to take Hans down demanding he tell him why he’s betrayed them. Hans answers that he was ordered by Garon to do it which should surprise no one at this point. Breaking free and running off Hans leaves the others on the bridge, to be sent falling to their deaths once its been cut ending the chapter.

As far as action was concerned this was probably the most packed so far, with the battle at The Bottomless Canyon showcasing a lot of what the Fates and Pokémon cast have to offer. Other than that, it was okay, some parts didn’t hit the mark for me as much as they should have but it wasn’t anything to jarring or annoying to really mark the chapter down.
All in all, another good chapter. Keep it up.
Coral the Leviathan chapter 4 . 12/6/2019
*tapping fingers together* Hmm... Hmmmmm... Hmmmmmmmmm...

Overall, I do love this chapter. I love the screen time you gave Nathan and his Bagon, some bonding time between Evan and Freya, and their Pokemon, and I love the action you gave them against the Hoshidans. Now that is what I call an ambush right there. A bit brutal for Pokemon, as Sobble had proven, but a perfect definition of an ambush.

What I don't like... is what Nathan doesn't like... What you did here, with the Nohrians to the Pokemon, (not overall; from when the siblings came in), what you did there... I am just as disgusted as Nathan. Those Pokemon were only minding their own business, and yet those royals are hurting them like they're exterminating bugs. I would think the royal siblings would have at least half a mind to see that the Pokemon were living their lives in peace, without causing much of a scene! Then again, in the canon game, Leo and Xander were the last to figure out the truth in the Relevation route and did not at all believe in Corrin in the games, and there was that scene with a certain skunk Pokemon (Which by the way I love what you did there with that Stunky. Those Nohrians deserved it for going in weapon first instead of just approaching the bush with caution. And as the Stunky said, someone could've been asleep in there; what if they accidentally do more than just hurt them?) Now I wonder how this will go in this story.

Speaking of loving the funny parts, that Raticate was quite funny! It was only looking for food (mainly pizza), only to get himself in two different battles! And an 'appetizing' snack from one of them. Something tells me that Raticate is going to join Nathan's group at some point. Or than barbecue sauce guy, whose name I have forgotten.

Speaking of pizza, I wonder if you're going to introduce food from the Pokemon world to the Fates world. I was considering doing that myself in my own story, but I wonder if you will be doing that as well. I mean, it could work out, plus if you consider the amount of time the trainers will be in this world, they may feel homesick and want to do a little something from their world. Either that, or for the trainers we have yet to see again, you could have had them do some kind of work to live by wherever they are and they introduce something 'new' and have their work place become more famous for the thing.

All in all, lovable chapter~ Can't wait for the next one~
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 4 . 12/6/2019
Awesome chapter! Loved it. Although I saw an error where you used Evan’s name when it was supposed to be Nathan’s.

Please update again ASAP!
pyrojack25 chapter 3 . 12/1/2019
This should be interesting.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/26/2019
Isane Dom, HOLY FUCK!
IHev9Sun chapter 3 . 11/28/2019
So many good fe fics this month. It's like an early chistmas present.
Jalarious27 chapter 3 . 11/27/2019
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday! Talk about a nice surprise. A chapter right before the holidays.

And after getting hit in the head yet again, Evan wakes up in Xander's room. I really do feel bad for him and his Pokémon. Talk about a rough start to his adventure. I don't blame Rinkah and Kaze for being curious about Evan and his Pokémon either. After all, they aren't exactly used to them. Though, I think it'll be funny to see their reaction once they realize he is from a totally different world.

Evan, it is probably not wise to piss off the people who just spared your life. Best not look for any handouts after that even if you didn't really do anything wrong in the first place XD Though, a map definitely would've been useful in this situation, given that he doesn't really know where he is. It would've been especially helpful in getting the heck out of Nohr, since he doesn't actually know where the borders are.

I also find it interesting how you are using 8th gen Pokémon in this. I honestly haven't been paying much attention to the new Pokemon that have been announced to keep it all a surprise for me, so it is definitely neat seeing new Pokémon. Though, in the instance with the Bunnelby, I feel like Evan could've probably just stayed out of its way and everything would've been fine. Plus, his Pokémon were still probably tired from everything that had happened, so he shouldn't be pushing them too hard.

Poor Evan. I hate bologna, too. Still, in this situation, its better than nothing XD

Man, talk about good look with that TM. I'm sure he would've preferred it not hit him in the face, but I doubt he would've noticed it otherwise. I was honestly surprised to learn Caterpie could learn Electroweb. Though, it'll definitely prove useful. I know it definitely caught Freya by surprise.

Speaking of Freya, we run into yet another person from PokeEarth. I'm happy it was Freya, because I absolutely love Sobble. Though, she'll definitely have some work cut out for her, to battle more effectively. Freya won't always be able to play her bagpipes in the middle of a battle to calm her down. Still, I do find that to be really adorable. And, like the chapter says, when two eyes meet, a trainer must do battle. The two of them are still very much still beginners in terms of battling, but they aren't shabby at all. Evan is definitely starting to get the hang of it, incorporating some neat tricks into his battle style. The added surprise of Electroweb also helped aid in his victory, a lot.

Oh boy. Hopefully they'll be able to get some better food, soon. I know that I'd be disappointed to be stuck with nothing but bologna sandwiches XD

Anyways, I really enjoyed that chapter. Not much happened as far as plot goes, but we were introduced to yet another one of the new characters, and we got a couple of good battles to boot. I look forward to what happens next on this adventure of theirs. Also, once more, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday! Take the time to enjoy the time with your family. You deserve it.
Kallerston chapter 3 . 11/27/2019
Another chapter has been released and while the stakes have been lowered the progress has only sped up, let’s just see how.

This chapter begins in the aftermath of Leo’s transportation spell where Evan, Kaze and Rinkah have all been transported to Xander’s quarters. The three are soon visited by the man himself along with Corrin who under the cover of night during the kingdom’s curfew escort the three outside the capital’s borders. Kaze quickly flees giving Corrin and Evan notable looks, while Rinkah and Corrin share a brief exchange with Corrin wanting to become friends and Rinkah holding a grudge for getting captured and almost executed. With her departure Evan and Corrin briefly introduce themselves to one another in slight remembrance of their shared dream before Evan makes his departure.

The rest of the chapter is solely Evan based as he makes his way through the barren Nohrian countryside. In doing so his Squirtle defeats a wild Rookidee and Bunnelby learning Bubble, and discovers Galar TM 82: Electroweb which is taught to Caterpie. This makes it very clear at this point that this story will focus more on the game universe than the anime, and suggests more elements to be included such as Held Items (like the one seen on a certain Zorua), special EV training and who knows what else.

After recharging his batteries (both with and without electricity) Evan comes across Sobble and its appropriate trainer Freya, our Galar trainer and Pokémon from the Prologue. The two quickly get acquainted with one another and Evan suggests a 2 on 2 battle, the first battle the two trainers have ever had.
Round 1 is Squirtle vs Rolycoly. Squirtle has type advantage but Rolycoly’s ability and Gen VIII Rapid Spin buffs allow him to outpace the tiny turtle Pokémon to gain the advantage. However, before Squirtle is finished off Torrent is activated and with a strategic use of Bubble reminding me of how Ash’s Squirtle used Hydro Pump in the anime, Rolycoly is knocked out.
Round 2 follows it up with Water starter vs Water starter as Sobble is brought out. Squirtle’s extra power makes up for his lowered HP as the battle is pretty even and at one-point Sobble is brought to tears. However, one shift bagpipe concert later Sobble gets back on her feet and manages to finish Squirtle off.
Round 3 is the final with Caterpie vs Sobble. At first Caterpie gets the advantage by minimising Sobble’s movements with String Shot and dealing super-effective damage with the newly learned Electroweb. Sobble is bashed with thread-based moves when her Torrent is activated allowing her to deal some serious damage. It was a close match but with some quick thinking by Evan to seal Sobble’s mouth shut with String Shot to prevent Water Gun, he’s able to deal the final blow.

With the battle over the two compliment each other and prepare to move forward, glad that neither of them were alone anymore.

So, all in all this was a pretty good chapter. The plot continued along quite nicely, we got a pretty decent Pokémon battle for wild Pokémon and teams that were under double digits and it provided important character interactions and meetups. With Evan freed and meeting other trainer’s already it’s exciting to anticipate what will happen next.
Coral the Leviathan chapter 3 . 11/26/2019
Nice to see this story has been updated! And Happy Thanksgiving and birthday to you, friend!

So to start off, we see Evan and his team had recovered from their battle against Corrin, and live to see the next day thanks to him, but we also see that... he had split up with Kaze and Rinkah. Honestly speaking, I was kind of expecting him to go with the possibly more friendly duo to see what Hoshido was like, but then again he did leave last, and stayed a little longer to ask for a map he had not received. Yeah, maps would've been wonderful in all situations.

On another note, we saw some good Pokemon battling in this chapter. First was against a Rookidee, who I thought was going to get captured next, but maybe in later chapters, and then a Bunnelby, who may or may not have escaped from being Fearow's next meal. RIP Nincada.

Not only that, we also witnessed the meeting between two trainers! One of the Kanto Region, and the other of the Galar Region! And like the former, the latter also caught her second Pokemon while she was in Nohr. Practically shortly after their first meet and greet, they both were having their very first trainer battle, and a close one at that. But alas, thanks to Caterpie's newly 'taught' Electroweb, Evan was the one to be victorious. And yeah, seeing that Sobble for the first time made me want to care for it too. And I don't just mean in this story.

And now, we wait for the next chapter, which may feature either Evan meeting with Corrin at Bottomless Canyon by some twist of fate, or he and Freya ending up walking to Hoshido... and then get captured like before. I mean, they're not as bad as Nohr, but people like a certain red-head, scar-faced ninja makes me wonder, as you may have already known in my own Pokemon and Fire Emblem Fates story.

Can't wait to see more~! And before you think of sending me a message after this, don't worry; I will get to reading and reviewing the Bakugan story shortly! Promise!
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 3 . 11/26/2019
Whoohoo! Great chapter buddy! I truly hope you have an awesome B-Day on Thanksgiving and getting a Switch with Pokémon Sword!

Update again when you can!
Jalarious27 chapter 2 . 11/7/2019
Sorry for the wait, yet again, but I'm finally getting around to it. With this chapter, the story is officially started off. I am a big fan of Fates, so reading this gave me a good sense of nostalgia. I am also impressed with a lot of your descriptions, especially with the introduction of this chapter. Very well done. I can definitely tell that you've improved a lot in that regard, especially recently.

Starting off, we get a brief look at quite possibly my favorite character from Fire Emblem Fates. Not only is she beautiful, but her voice is incredible, and her character has always just interested me a lot. I look forward to seeing what you do with her once she is properly introduced.

Once again, brilliant job with the descriptions. It definitely does a good job of drawing you into the scene. It was almost like I was actually playing the game. Although, we also get your own twist to it, as well. It definitely makes me curious to see what exactly brings about that battle. Considering the somewhat brief time between events, it makes me wonder what causes the Pokémon to all gather like that, and it especially makes me wonder what Pokémon it is that is staring at Corrin like that.

And now Evan has quite possibly the worst start to a Pokémon journey as possible. On the plus side, he caught his first Pokémon. Caterpie is definitely an interesting choice, and Buterfree is one of my favorite Bug-types, so I'm definitely looking forward to see how it will do on Evan's team in the future. After catching Caterpie; however, Evan finds himself face to face with some Nohrian soldiers before getting knocked out by who I assume is going to be Hans, and then finding himself imprisoned. I definitely wouldn't consider that to be a good start to an adventure. Still, while imprisoned he meets Kaze and Rinkah, who definitely think he is crazy at first with everything he says. I don't blame them for that, though, considering that it is probably pretty confusing for Evan at the moment, as well. Still, I am glad to see Rinkah show off her gentle/kind side once Evan calmed down a bit. She can be pretty hot-headed, but she is still a nice girl.

The battle between Evan and Corrin was definitely something I was looking forward to. To everyone else, it was strange that Evan was using his Pokémon to fight, and Evan was just straight up surprised to suddenly be in a fight for his life. I was a little surprised with how well Squirtle and Caterpie did against Corrin. Considering how little experience they had, I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Though, Corrin was also fighting creature he had never seen before, so he was definitely caught off-guard, as well. Still, like expected, they couldn't beat Corrin, and Leo used his magic to "take care of them." Overall, I thought the fight was really well done, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I really enjoyed this chapter. The action was pretty good, and I thought that your descriptions were also really good. I am looking forward to the next chapter, very much.
Kallerston chapter 2 . 11/7/2019
So, going on from the prologue last chapter, the ball is finally starting to get rolling. Let’s see if this adaptation gets going well.

Primarily this chapter acts as a retelling of the beginning of FE Fates, specifically Prologue – Chapter 2. From Azura walking into a lake towards a lost kingdom, to Corrin’s vision of the ‘Branch of Fate’ in Chapter 6, his waking up and early morning training with Xander and finally his arrival at the capital and Garon’s test to fight against the prisoners. However not everything is the same as in the original game: some bits of dialogue are changed, the sparring session with Xander is significantly shortened and there is of course the inclusion of Pokémon. From the very start we see Pokémon shaping the story since from what I can guess from the ‘Branch of Fate’, the Pokémon have already been enlisted into both kingdom’s armies with what I can guess as Hinoka gaining a Pokémon of her own instead of using her traditional Pegasus but at the moment this is just speculation. Most importantly however is that at the so-called Branch of Fate moment the Pokémon charge in to form a third army for Corrin to join, perhaps an extra route other than Birthright, Conquest or Revelation?
In all this section I feel does its job very well. It trims the fat on any necessary information to veterans of Fates while including enough to keep the plot going and not alienating those who are unfamiliar with the original game.

Outside of the game portion a large chunk of this chapter is actually focused on solely Evan with no mention of the other trainers mentioned previously. My guess is that in Fire Emblem fashion they will be found one by one on the battlefield at a later date where they will then be recruited. Focusing on the current chapter Evan is slowly making his way through Nohr’s harsh wastelands where he catches his first Pokémon; Caterpie. As a team member Caterpie is a pretty safe choice, while not the best battler its wide array of Status moves when it evolves into Butterfree makes it pretty strong as a support, there’s also Butterfree’s Gigantamax form in SwSh but its unknown if that will appear in this story. Shortly after Caterpie’s capture Evan stumbles across the borders to Nohr’s capital where he is stopped by border guards. Evan still believing he is still in his world challenges them to a Pokémon battle only to be knocked out and sent to the dungeons where he meets up with the ninja Hoshidan scout Kaze and the Flame Tribe princess Rinkah. Kaze explains where Evan is before a guard brings them up to meet with Garon himself to face off against Corrin, Gunter and Felicia. Evan and Corrin share a brief moment of recollection with each of them remembering seeing the other in their vision but alas the two must fight and it is very one sided in Corrin’s favour. Pokémon may be near insurmountably strong when raised to their full potential, but a Level 6 Squirtle and a Level 4 Caterpie… not so much. The best Evan can do is lower Corrin’s stats and deal some light damage before Corrin easily knocks his team down and strikes Evan to the ground without breaking a sweat. And just like in the game Garon orders Corrin to kill the prisoners, a task that he will not perform resulting in his brother Leo transporting them away, ending the chapter.
Similar to the cannon game elements this one also succeeded. We get some new developments with Evan’s team and the way he slowly comes to grips with the situation he has now found himself in. Overall a decent chapter all around. Not much to say other than that, keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/30/2019
Keep it up m8 You've earned urself a regular!
Arie Draconoid chapter 2 . 10/31/2019
Finally we're seeing the FE Fates cast! Kinda surprised to see you're using Male Corrin, but hey! It's really good so far, keep it up!
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 2 . 10/30/2019
Awesome work! I enjoyed this! Oooh! Looks like Evan went straight from a life of normalcy to a nightmare that is actually reality! Crazy! I enjoyed this a TON. What’ll happen next? Update again soon!
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