Reviews for Going Native (Complete)
JustAngry chapter 88 . 1/18
Welp, i guess it is done. Feels like i just finished an overly long and drawn out tragic backstory prologue (but still very much enjoyable). But yeah most of my dissatisfaction comes from this having justice league crossover tag, but we never even made it to earth proper. Still, overall it was good anyway. Not sure if i want to start reading the sequel now though, because it seems to have either been dropped or is on a long time hiatus.
Thank you for the story.
Mando-Vet chapter 88 . 12/26/2023
An outstanding story from beginning to end!
Infinity819 chapter 88 . 12/25/2023
Truly an epic story. I had my doubts a few chapters ago that the ending would feel rushed, but they were false. Everything more or less ends satisfyingly especially Tarble's character arc.

It really does feel like an actual story, and not just a 'fanfic'. You rarely see so much character development, great world building, and simple writing quality in fanfics.

I feel like you could've finished the story here on such a note, but a sequel is still neat so as to see more characters from DC interact with Tarble. Might read it someday, once I have enough time.

Keep up the good work!
Infinity819 chapter 80 . 12/17/2023
Glad I came back to reading this fic. So much is happening - between Larfleeze introduction into this fic, SSJ4 existing and the cues the Saiyan is giving about the guardian. Not to mention of Frieza finally doing something! Great stuff.
Infinity819 chapter 73 . 11/3/2023
Great cliffhanger, as per usual :)
Infinity819 chapter 56 . 10/13/2023
Decent chapter. I do have one minor issue with it though - Green lanterns are certainly weaker than they're in canon. Even if you decided to change it, for the amount of build-up you had for them they didn't feel all that tough as I expected them to be.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/7/2023
"Children were carried in an artificial womb, so there was none of that paternal instinct from the mother's side. "

*'paternal instinct' should he 'maternal instinct'.
Cephas chapter 87 . 9/17/2023
The only problem I have is a super Saiyan got killed by a bullet, that is so stupid, someone that can survive a planet busting attack killed by a bullet from a gun.
Infinity819 chapter 47 . 9/17/2023
Every single line of dialogue, the build-up and planning, and everything in between was perfectly done. Bravo
Infinity819 chapter 40 . 9/11/2023
What a cliffhanger to end the chapter
Infinity819 chapter 34 . 9/10/2023
Fantastic chapter)
kharlsonn123 chapter 54 . 9/9/2023
Wait so what age is tarble now and his height exactly?
kharlsonn123 chapter 49 . 9/9/2023
Damn nc why on handling the memories shit I was waiting for this to hof you do it
Infinity819 chapter 28 . 9/8/2023
Really glad you nerfed zenkai boosts like that. It really broke the canon with just how unnecessarily overpowered they were.
Infinity819 chapter 27 . 9/8/2023
I did kind of think it was odd that a somewhat relevant character died off screen, so I'm happy with this plot twist.
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