Reviews for Going Native (Complete)
majikss chapter 1 . 1/20
I think this is a fun concept I just disagree with a lot of how you chose to structure the story.
majikss chapter 2 . 1/20
chapter 2 and I dont know the mcs name not real great
roderickdiaz chapter 5 . 1/17
why is he acting like a little kid all the time ? and I'm still not sure if he knows he's in dbc or not because you haven't confirmed it
Fuck Names chapter 2 . 1/10
It took my 3-4 days to finish this bruh. I need to get a life.
Fuck Names chapter 88 . 1/10
Goofy ahh last chapter, I can't image Tarble would spill out his heart to anyone, ever lol.
Fuck Names chapter 87 . 1/10
Imma just firstly state that canon Goku is very clear of Tarble and Bardock, as much as I love them. Bro managed to kill Frieza himself. It's only now that I realise how fucking impressive that is.

What a story. It feels like I've burned through it in what feels like no time at all. It was a slow start at first, to the point I left this story at eight chapters and went and read another story of around 300k words and then came back to this because it just wouldn't leave my mind. And that's what being a fantastic writer is, writing something so good that it compels the reader to read it. I really loved it all. So much fucking action, in the purest form. I encountered so many things that I didn't know and so many things I did, but really didn't. Thank you for writing this. I'm really grateful.

Rest in peace, 501st and all the salves that died fighting in this war from any front. RIP Vegeta 1 and 2 but honestly, don't really care, one was an ass and the other is literally a huge protag. Rest in peace, Technician, Avery, Canda, Vas, I'll miss you all. Rest in peace, Fasha, Sugesh, Tora, Borgos and finally my favourite character in this story, Bardock. I really loved him.

Thank you once again for writing such amazing characters. I'll really miss them.
Fuck Names chapter 86 . 1/10
Wow. Bruh. Fucking hell. I complained about a lot of things in the past couple of chapters; Goku should have been more involved and should have been the first super saiyan, frieza should have been killed, more people close to him should have been killed, he should have become SS. Now, all complaints except Goku and Frieza dying have culminated in this one chapter. Fucking hell, that was one hell of a fucking brutal way to kill King Vegeta and to kill such a major character like Vegeta, just as when he had reached the cusp of glory. All for naught. Frieza better die.
Fuck Names chapter 85 . 1/10
Prideful fool.
Fuck Names chapter 83 . 1/10
I really don't want him to be with Blackfire. So meh. I'm pissed Frieza didn't die and that Tarble STILL hasn't achieved Super Saiyan.
Fuck Names chapter 81 . 1/10
Only thing missing is Broly and Goku and this would have been the best battle of all time.
Fuck Names chapter 80 . 1/10
so much chaos
Fuck Names chapter 76 . 1/9
Damn, there are mysteries within mysteries within mysteries. With Virl being chief amongst them. He's probably gonna be important in Earth Saga.
Fuck Names chapter 75 . 1/9
Umm so the SI is dead now? Or the human version of SI dead and the Saiyan version of SI left?
Fuck Names chapter 72 . 1/9
Celebration seemed promising? Is that an innuendo?
Fuck Names chapter 70 . 1/9
It's like Tarble had a monumental post nut clarity and became a chad as a result.
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