Reviews for When I Kissed The Teacher
sarge1130 chapter 3 . 10/26/2019
Well, a three year age gap is not that huge, the only problem is the so-called teacher-student relationship. It had a vague ending - whether Law will pursue his true dream to become a doctor (leaving teaching behind) or never mind the rules and continue his teaching - in order to continue this relationship with Skylar. Well, as the ending states that all seems right, what the point of this story is the growing relationship between Law and Skylar.
Hehehe, it's quite hard to concentrate if you have an attractive teacher especially when he is that close, especially when you have a crush on him. Usually, it makes you feel shy but if you have certain feelings towards him, then it is a different story. Hell, you might have perverted thoughts on him if you're brain is hyperactive (lol).
I enjoyed reading Law's reactions throughout this story - how he tried to remain cool in every situation but still fails every time. I quite agree with Skylar that he is still just a young man, a youth, not a matured old man Law is trying to portray. Thanks for this story :).