Reviews for Big Hero 7: The Series
RedsterTheGamer chapter 16 . 6/11
Fanfiction within a fanfiction. Nuff said.
NeverLander852 chapter 84 . 3/2
sorry, Angelxoxo8, but even you can't make a bullshit series finale better.
Jenny chapter 84 . 2/23
Congratulations on finishing this story Angel. I can’t wait to see the next new stories you’ll create.
Matt chapter 84 . 2/23
When did they see an alternative universe?
Gr8White8395 chapter 84 . 2/22
I’m one of those people who didn’t like that the BH6 series got shortened/cancelled. I really had high hopes for the show, not saying that it wasn’t bad, just that it was dealt a really bad disservice. But now we can only hope the spinoff will be jjst as good, if not better.

I’m so proud of you for sticking it out to the end of this story. I know it wasn’t easy with all the stuff you were going through (home life, bad reviews, etc.). You are an incredibly strong person and an amazing writer. Don’t ever let people tell you otherwise.

Anyway, I can’t wait to read your new stories and see you get back to your Tangled fanfics. Good luck, and keep up the good work!
AlphaGodzilla19 chapter 84 . 2/22
Nice, what if the characters watch the show?
Tori chapter 83 . 2/22
Wow I was not expecting that song at the end with Gogo and Hana omg it was hilarious I wish I could have seen it animated I think I’m going to read that part again tho I still can’t believe the next chapter is going to be the last one ughh I hate how the show ended
Guest chapter 83 . 2/21
I have the old VHS tape of Sonic of Hedgehog. I kept them all those years and saved them.
Guest chapter 83 . 2/21
Oh my gosh!
BallerinaLOVER chapter 83 . 2/20
I disappoint with Disney. When I watch the last episode that makes so sad and bad. I have to say to Disney.

Disney why did you stopped that episode BH6 series? And did you gave up that cartoon.
Stargirl13 chapter 83 . 2/20
I can’t wait to see the final chapter of this story Angel. I like how you write your stories and your own character, Amy Smith. A few weeks I was watching an old tv show with my four year old little brother Handy Manny. Have you ever watched or seen that show? Every time I watch it I always imagine Amy is in it since I think Manny is a good man and he would be a great father for her. Maybe you should write one about it in the future. I’m not pressuring you like the others Angel, it’s your choice to create your own stories. Anyway, can’t wait to see the next chapter.
Freezer900 chapter 83 . 2/20
I wish the BH6 series continue the episodes so badly.
Tom chapter 83 . 2/18
I’m just going to tell you what stuff you misheard. Hiring a monkey actually firing a flunky, this song is on fire actually was this song is a pop.
Matt chapter 83 . 2/18
I blame whoever decided to make it two short episodes instead of one.
TheSparklyKitten chapter 83 . 2/18
Hiro singing the Noodle Burger jingle cracked me up XD
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