Reviews for Chloes Curse Part 2
Thatreader2003 chapter 158 . 2/17
You could round out this story by having them go to school/ college for a few chapters, and then maybe do a time skip to see where they all end up. It would be a satisfying way to show how their characters grew and how they integrate their powers into normal life.
Thatreader2003 chapter 157 . 2/17
Yay! I loved getting to see the other characters again! Matt really did take a beating, I hope it doesn’t effect his powers at all. I really liked how it was in Kyle’s POV, it’s been a long while since he got to narrate.
Thatreader2003 chapter 156 . 2/17
Ah the new story idea makes more sense now. I wonder what is going to go down in the fight with Jeremy, I feel like Emma would be mad at him for jumping in.
HeyItsShaylakae chapter 158 . 2/16
I love this story and would like to read more but for you as the author's sake, maybe once they're all together you can tie up any loose ends and do kind of an epilog and say what happened with everyone. I wish you still had your 'family's story up si you could reference it for readers to go to after.
Thatreader2003 chapter 155 . 1/30
I think that new story idea sounds cool! Would Derek and her still be together? Or would you be almost rewriting the story in a new way? I think going based off the end of the book but making it as if she never knew could be pretty challenging, but it sounds really interesting!

I think seeing some of Chloe’s inner turmoil at the end and her want to see the rest of the group was good. It shows that she is still thinking of them and they are still important characters. It also shows how she is changing
Thatreader2003 chapter 154 . 1/30
Maybe you could start doing split perspective? One chapter focuses on Chloe, Derek, Emma, and everyone at the pack and the next chapter focuses on the other half of the group? At least until they leave the pack territory.
Derek taking care of Chloe at the end was so sweet. I’m a sucker for that type of stuff. This was a really good, well thought out chapter. Though I did expect Tess to have more of a reaction to what Chloe had done
Thatreader2003 chapter 153 . 1/30
I really liked getting to see Ashe and Tess interact with each other in a familial way. Also, I’m glad that you’re showing Chloe’s healing process. I think too often people tend to skip over it, even if they are fast healers like Chloe. I wonder if the boys (as in Derek and Jeremy) will ever establish who is alpha. I have a feeling it will be Derek, as he is supernaturally enhanced by the Edison group.
Thatreader2003 chapter 152 . 1/17
Oh wow. That was amazing! We got to see how much her power has grown and how composed she is now. Also, it gives room for some sickness as she already wasnt feeling great and now she just exhausted a lot of power. Maybe they will get to relax for a few days, or at least she will, and I think that’s awesome!
Thatreader2003 chapter 151 . 1/17
Awe, Derek helping Chloe when she felt sick was sweet. It made me happy! And Ej and Tess’ smug bantering was great!
Thatreader2003 chapter 150 . 1/17
It doesn’t really seem like Elijah did anything too wrong. Sure, he shouldn’t of removed it, but he could’ve been afraid that the stake was going to reach the baby if it hadn’t already. He has also done some crazy Majorca with blood type stuff and probably knew something he could do to help with blood loss. Also, will we get to see Chloe and Derek alone soon? Maybe on a walk? I feel like they haven’t had time to be a couple.
Thatreader2003 chapter 149 . 1/17
Also getting to see some necromancy was great!
Thatreader2003 chapter 149 . 1/17
I’m not sure about the account hacking. Your username on my end still says Vamp712. Also, the incident with Tess would be great to see from Ashe’s POV so we could see why she so strongly thinks it is Elijah’s fault. I wonder if she really believes it or has ulterior motives.
Thatreader2003 chapter 148 . 1/11
I definitely like Ashe! I’m not sure with this new stuff about Elijah, but I really like that she is pack leader. It shows that women can be in charge, which is something most supernatural stories don’t have in terms of werewolves. Also, does this mean the baby is gone? That is so sad, Tess must be heartbroken. Are we going to see what happened from Ashe’s perspective since Tess blacked out?
Thatreader2003 chapter 147 . 1/11
Okay, I figured it was them but wanted to make sure I was following the reading right. I’ve been doing way too many interpretive readings in my classes. I really love how Elijah supported Chloe’s quick-thinking, anyone else would’ve been mad for her stepping in. I’m tired of her being treated like she is still 15 and new to her powers. Also, will we get to see her grow her necromancy more? I feel like there is so much power she has that isn’t being used. Maybe when she gets back to lessons with Matt?
marienoelle124 chapter 139 . 1/2
Thank you for the summary! It was really useful sorry for not commenting sooner, my app has bugs and doesn’t tell me when you update the story
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