Reviews for My Stubborn Mate
iggy2109 chapter 22 . 1/17/2020
love love this story hurry up with part two lol
Rita01tx chapter 22 . 1/17/2020
Lordamercy! Totally worth all the stubbornness on both their parts *phew!*
ma mih chapter 22 . 1/17/2020
Thank you for this story
Rebadams7 chapter 22 . 1/17/2020
Completion or death. I believe they chose wisely
bearygirl chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Really enjoyed reading this story, can't wait to read the next one.
Paula Anna chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Wow, this was great! I’m so glad Edward wasn’t going to let Bella leave.
Can’t wait for the second part. I’m really curious how they’ll be able to live with the rest of the pack after they pretty much banished Bella and why the imprint happened so early.
ashleycullen chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
tas62 chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
i am so happy they both let the bond take its course. I am sure it won't be easy but I think Bella will be far stronger then they think she will be.
UteW chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Wonderful story 3 Can’t wait for part II. HURRY, KRIDA, HURRY ;-)
Amber Energi chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Wow! Such a great job with this! You write in a way that truly makes words turn into pictures. Bravo! I super excited for the next book!
BrightEyes1990 chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Girl, you made my night with this update! It has been a long, exhausting day and I was so happy to come home to an awesome new chapter. Can’t wait for Book 2. Thank you and have a great night!
luv2knowdascoop chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
This is one of the most exciting stories I am reading right now. I can’t wait until book 2 begins. I’m hoping to see Bella grow as a witch and develop her powers. I’m loving that Aro and her mother’s side of the family are good people. It’s been such an interesting “twist”. I hope that her relationship with them also continues to be strengthened. Please post soon!
twilightlover127 chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
Loved it! Can't wait for book 2! I hope it comes soon!
Mayuri love cullens chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
love your story
Cieloluna chapter 22 . 1/16/2020
So good!
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