Reviews for Forgotten Remnants
Emeraldfireblade chapter 10 . 9/23
I just recently came across your story and I must say, it's fantastic! I love both the quiet akward emotional moments and the action scenes. I'm going to be devastated when the 'Next' button grays-out on me, but until that happens, I'm sure it's going to be a real rollercoaster.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/16
disjointed disconnected nonsensical inconsistent
top ten of these crossovers so ill give it a shot though
Geokit chapter 15 . 9/8
RVB reference, hit me right in the fucking feels man. Zero sucks ASS in my humble opinion.
sickboy398 chapter 27 . 9/7
Oh OHHHHH boy thinks getting packed in heat
Semar chapter 8 . 9/2
Alright. I'm shipping Shirou and Raven.
Even better if there will be a lemon scene.

Eh. I guess it'd be a miracle enough to see the story being continued after so many months of hiatus.
REYZERO chapter 24 . 9/1
dbzking939 chapter 8 . 8/16
love these story so far
Kodaking chapter 27 . 7/29
My "one more chapter" fervour has lead me to the end of chapters :( its 12:30 and i feel nothing but sadness.

Great fanfic, definitely my favourite RWBY fic by far, and ive read a lot of them lmao.
DoggoGod27 chapter 27 . 7/26
I want more pls!
meatloverspizza chapter 27 . 7/26
Good story hope theres an update soon
edoabb chapter 7 . 6/23
I really don't like how Shirou is being tormented, and knowing that Raven will be forgiven for all the suffering she is causing him in an instant. Yet I can't stop reading it because it's good writing.
NewMystery356 chapter 27 . 6/23
Wonder how much damage the Wyvern took… It was one hell of a ride getting caught up, a little sad too, but I’m eager to see what comes next. I’m especially eager to see how Conder reacts to Shirou still being alive after tanking a LITERAL headshot~
NewMystery356 chapter 26 . 6/22
Penny is now Best Girl~
NewMystery356 chapter 25 . 6/22
I wonder if Shirou could tell from the “history” of the ammo just who shot him, and with what~ LOVED the fight scenes, and I hope I get to see Cinder’s plan go to pieces.
NewMystery356 chapter 24 . 6/22
Wonder what the Ace Ops think of that stone slab… Also, I wonder if he’s copied Clover’s fishing rod…
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