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Guest chapter 24 . 3/17
Es una lástima que Shirou regrese a su auto sacrificio estúpido, se supone que lo dejó, este fanfic será mejor si le pones límites a la estupidez de Shirou y mientras mas cerca lo transformes a una persona normal mejor, dale algo de auto preservación, los autores se concentran demasiado en esa parte de su personalidad convirtiéndolo en un estúpido, porque la lógica de salvar a desconocidos matándote, lo que impide que salves a otros con más importancia en el futuro lo hace hipócrita, y hasta cae mal que alguien con problemas mentales te salve la vida a costa de la suya, en fate saber junto a Rin hace reconocer a Shirou su lugar en una lucha hasta el punto de no hacerlo ver como un retrasado mental, solo un altruista un poco estúpido, pero no tan estúpido.
Simyymis chapter 27 . 3/18
Welp nice Story Hope for more Updates
Teo Char chapter 27 . 3/18
A very good story. Mama Raven has a really good story. I also like the genesis of the story that it is a dark god that messes with the world.
Personally, I think that Kirei Kotomine was very well, if not better, fulfilled in the role of the messenger of the dark god. His twisted mentality would suit his dark brother's preference. In addition, he could search for the meaning of his life again. Did he start the church to carry the word of God as it used to? Would he succumb to his dark nature? Or maybe he found a solution, e.g. in the fight against sinners? Or would it become a very dangerous third faction? Surely a dark brother would be happy to have a pious servant praying to him. “What is better? to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? "
ChaMy0 chapter 27 . 3/18
Nesthor5000 chapter 27 . 3/4
Anyone else get a Dumbledore/McGonagall vibe from Ozpin/Goodwitch?
So I was re-watching all of RWBY today and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the characters. Ozpin has a very all knowing feel to him, always knows what is going on and feels he has to protect the children from the war even though we know they can handle themselves fairly well. I also get the feeling that he himself will only step in when things get really bad.

As for the Goodwitch and McGonagall comparison, they both have that very stern exterior but you can almost feel how much they actually care. I don't know maybe I am just grasping at straws here.

My Opinion on where Ozpin stands

Time and time again I've seen people be divisive about Ozpin - Either he's some monster manipulating people, or he's a goody two shoes and all his actions are justified.

Personally, I believe the following:

Ozpin has years of knowledge behind him. He has seen life pass and has no qualms about sending people into their death if it means humanity gets a fighting chance.

He knows exactly what to say and how to say it in order to convince people to follow his ways.

His teaching method at the academy was fairly brutal, allowing pimpsqueaks with minimal training and no aura like Jaune to get in. He doesn't exactly take the carebear approach and cherish all life.

He does not cherish all life, he has a cause and wants people to follow it so that the grimm can be defeated.

He's also a genuine idiot. He had all the relics at one point, but despite their power, didn't use them to stop Salem... To then decide to seal them away and give his power to 4 random mortals who can access the relics whose powers will randomly be passed on forever with no fail-safe should they fall into evil hands. Eventually, he chose three headmasters to guard the vaults and as far as we can see, one of them is a paranoid control freak who's far too confident with himself, and the other was an utter coward with no regard to killing off hundreds of huntsmen just to appease Salem. Terrible judge of character.

Despite his methods, all of the people he "coaxed" into saving the world were adults who willingly accepted one way or another. The ones bitter about it (Raven) are likely upset because he "keeps things close to the chest", only spit out a half truth before turning them into birds, and thus put a permanent mark on Raven's back who didn't want to be a part of it anymore after finding out the whole truth.

In the end, his goals are in favor of saving humanity and letting go of his curse. He keeps secrets because this way he has more control over who follows his agenda and to avoid secrets being unnecessarily revealed to the enemy.

He's an 'ends justify the means' type of good guy, while also being fairly dumb.

Oz’s a failed “Chosen One”. A paragon that’s gone through unimaginable grief and suffering yet still persists and is still mostly upright in terms of morals and ideals. Even when finding out that there was no way for him to destroy Salem he still tries to keep her back. He may have not had a plan to beat Salem, but I’m sure he was ready to stall her destroying humanity for as long as he could while still letting people enjoy themselves to their fullest. His experience is a great benefit but also shown to be his Achilles’ heel since it’s left him with a significant lack of trust in those closest to him due to all of the betrayal he’s gone through.

The way I see it, Oz is on the wrong foot of losing his war against his ex-wife Salem. Salem has brought the silver-eyed warriors to the brink of extinction, has made the Grimms have almost the entire territory of the planet to themselves, has developed a method to steal the magic of others (grimm parasite), has created hybrid eyed warriors Silver Plated-Grimm (Hound of volume 8), has cut communications between kingdoms, already has a plan to end the forces of Oz for good. Oz has made the following mistakes that have cost Remmant and his people too much, such as: -Gift most of his magical powers to 4 people without having a method to make sure whoever inherits them is trustworthy or get them back. -Hidden too much crucial information even from his closest allies -He has made Remmant too dependent on his guide and if something happens to him the line of command is almost broken. -He has been too focused on finding a way to destroy Salem that he has not thought of other ways to permanently defeat her such as sealing her, locking her in a pocket dimension (the vaults) or launching her into outer space. My theory of how the Dust originated are 3: -They are a fossil fuel that originated from the remnants of Remmant's first magical humanity. -They are the remains of the moon charged with the magical energy of the god of darkness -They are the crystallized accumulation of magic energy that is in the environment or Remmant's magic ley lines without using it. On the origin of the Aura it seems like a combination of reinforcement and protection spells plus a specialized spell (Semblance).

Oz as leader resembles a fusion of Dumbledore's (Harry Potter) manipulations and information concealment, Celestia's incompetence (MLP), treating others as replaceable chess pieces like Magneto (X-Men). For example, Oz did not place a single selection mechanism to the power of the maidens in dying (spoilers if each and every one of them appeared), he made Remnant dependent on the hunters and the atlas troops, he kept exaggeratedly secret information from Salem that he could have used for strategies, Beacon had a hideous computer security system and to top it all he entrusted the fate of the human and Faun race to kids with quirky fashion senses and weapons bigger than their own bodies.

I also don't know how Oz didn't think of sealing Salem, throwing her into space or better yet a black hole, locking her in a pocket dimension or a way to permanently eliminate the Grimms, had the relic of destruction could have used it to strip Salem of his army of Grimms but foolishly decided to hide it like the other relics. But the point is that I say, if I had a coin for every time ozpin wasted an opportunity to destroy salem and / or the grimms would have enough to buy me a pizza.
RyuuRaikou chapter 27 . 3/4
Please update
Guest chapter 27 . 2/23
I look forward for the next chapter!

I wonder if Shirou will ever find Artoria, if anything I feel like you’re setting up a bittersweet ending where he dies alone, realizing he’ll never find his green eyed girl.

Haha, whatever you plan on doing I look forward to read it regardless! I only hope my heart can take it
TheSlySage chapter 27 . 1/13
love this one!
TheSlySage chapter 15 . 1/12
damnit I love Raven and Vernal in this story. they are soooo damn cute.
Zero chapter 27 . 1/9

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