Reviews for A Young Girl's Delinquency Record
Uruguay Wolf chapter 37 . 12/3
Binged the whole thing, beautiful. This story felt like a Forrest Gump, what with Tanya rivetingly stumbling from success to success. As for ch 36? Let's just say I did NOT expect that after a whole lotta delicious teasing ughhhhh i love tanya visha so much (Tasha?) I want to read them sparring, getting into the throes of passion, then *REDACTED* but I also wanna see them stroll a peaceful countryside, walk the cliffs and beaches of the Mediterraneans, feed each other cake
2121ljk chapter 9 . 12/2
Haha yeah the true final boss the IRS
Meliodas el Dragon chapter 37 . 11/30
next chapter please, even if it's one a month
SpicyArbiter chapter 36 . 11/28
Look forward to more!
Guest chapter 13 . 11/27
Tanya should clap Mary Sue
Guest chapter 8 . 11/27
Wanted Tanya to become a Mafia boss with a cat on her lap going, “Look what they did to my poor girl.”
Reza Gray chapter 13 . 11/24
elya and mary interaction is amusing
to turn devote to deviant is enjoying
evilstatistic19 chapter 37 . 11/23
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. If I remember correctly, fast food should be in its infancy so Tanya could take advantage of the situation to set up the future big shots like Mcdonalds and KFC early.
Rtu.8888 chapter 37 . 11/22
I am very glad that the sequel came out
therevanchist71 chapter 37 . 11/22
I juts happened to be re reading this story when i saw the chapeter update. Thank being x
Jemmos chapter 37 . 11/20
Huzza! The long wait is over, and we are once again provided with drink to soothe our thirst! But seriously, glad to see you are still around. Dual cores eh? Makes me wonder why the sudden firepower increase after so recently receiving the imperial single core flagship, just what is Strugal up too?
zakan chapter 37 . 11/20
Great chapter!
I wasted my life chapter 37 . 11/20
The fic lives!
neogoki chapter 37 . 11/19
White Robes with red lining...
Maybe move production of these to the local version of Florence?
Assassin's Creed!Tanya, the new Mentor of the Brotherhood XD
SpicyArbiter chapter 37 . 11/19
Ayy, update! Also, fluff. Always makes me happy
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